Young Master Lu’s Lovely New Bride Chapter 602

Chapter 602 Im A Baby With Temper

"Han Ruoxi Left the Prison Alone: Why did Lu Boyan choose Su Jianan, who he hadnt seen for 14 years?"

The first section of the report helped everyone recall what had happened before Han Ruoxi was sent to prison.

Firstly, Lu Boyan and Su Jianan had met 15 years ago. And then, 15 years later, Han Ruoxi tried her best to create rumors about her and Lu Boyan, trying to keep him with her using the rumors?

Unfortunately, Han Ruoxi miscalculated.

She never thought that Lu Boyan would marry Su Jianan so quickly.

At that time, Lu Boyan and Su Jianan had not seen each other for 14 years. Su Jianan was just a normal medical examiner specially hired by the police office. Her life was simple and transparent. She either worked overtime or stayed in her apartment. Even if she had a best friend like Luo Xiaoxi, she never attended a gathering of socialites.

As for Han Ruoxi, no matter what her temper was like, her acting skills were really remarkable. She was praised by many domestic and international directors and had a deep-rooted "Queen" image in the fans hearts. She had a profound impression among the folks.

The most important thing was that Han Ruoxi had almost stepped into Hollywood at that time.

In this way, no matter how one looked at it, Han Ruoxi was more dazzling. Everyone thought that Lu Boyan would definitely be with Han Ruoxi.

However, the results were that Han Ruoxi ruined her own future after Lu Boyan got married, and her image was in a disastrous state.

According to the report and analysis, all of this was a result of Han Ruoxis character. She was used to winning and subconsciously thought that Lu Boyan should be hers.

Therefore, after Lu Boyan and Su Jianan got married, she slowly lost herself because of jealousy and resentment. Her ferocious face gradually showed, and her queen image gradually collapsed. Finally, she embarked on a road of no return and ruined her originally bright future.

On the other hand, Su Jianans feelings for Lu Boyan were no less than Han Ruoxis. However, even when the rumors about Lu Boyan and Han Ruoxi seemed so real, she did not do anything excessive. She even achieved better results at work.

Most importantly, Su Jianan kept a low profile.

When Han Ruoxi was popular, she was also keen on charity. Her public relations team did not miss any opportunity to make a hot topic. Each time, they prepared a detailed notice and sent it to the media.

Popularity equaled justice. At that time, Han Ruoxi was famous enough and it seemed that everything she did was natural, so no one thought that she was hyping it up.

But in contrast, Su Jianan kept a really low profile.

After returning to China, Su Jianan anonymously sponsored several college students studies. During her pregnancy, she donated plenty of money to support primary education in remote areas. What she did at once was more than what Han Ruoxi had done in several times.

Su Jianan did not appear in front of the media often but every time she did she was gentle and modest. She was not a good Young Miss with no bottom line. In the face of the medias harassment, she had never been weak or compromised.

When Lu Enterprises was in a crisis and Lu Boyan was in trouble, she did not hesitate to take the blame and almost lose Lu Boyan forever to help him tide through the difficulties.

As for Han Ruoxi, she took advantage of Lu Boyans reputation and gained both fame and fortune, but she had never done anything for Lu Boyan.

Therefore, it was not surprising that Lu Boyan would choose Su Jianan.

And Han Ruoxi, she was released from prison on the day Su Jianan gave birth to the twins, which was more like irony from fate.

It was because of the spread of this report that the public opinion completely tilted towards Su Jianan. Han Ruoxi completely lost all support. She didnt get much attention when she was released from prison and no one cared about her future or whether or not she would return to the entertainment circle.

With a "Bang", Han Ruoxi closed the computer and swept away everything on the table.

For a moment, the sound of objects colliding with the solid wooden floor kept ringing, just like Han Ruoxis messy thoughts at the moment.

She had already guessed that according to the usual style of the media, at this moment, they would be surely comparing Su Jianans fate with hers.

But she didnt expect that the media would compare more in terms of her character with Su Jianans. They also dug up the matter of Su Jianans donation and completely guided the public opinion.

Not only did she not occupy any part of the page but the focus of the public discussion was also transferred towards Su Jianan.

It was the biggest irony for her who had always been on the front page.

Just when Han Ruoxis anger was at its peak, her mobile phone rang.

She was extremely familiar with the number displayed on the screen.

It was this numbers owner who made her connected with something that disgraced her name and destroyed her original bright future as a star.

When she was serving her sentence, she swore that she would never have anything to do with this person after she came out.

But now, it seemed that no one could compete with Lu Boyan except for this person.

Moreover, this person regarded Lu Boyan as a thorn in his flesh. If she wanted to take revenge on Su Jianan, making use of this persons strength would be the quickest way.

In the end, Han Ruoxi still picked up Kang Ruichengs call.

A long time later, when Han Ruoxi would think of this moment, she realized that the first time she agreed to cooperate with Kang Ruicheng was a mistake. But even after she bore the consequences of the mistake she had made, she still made the same mistake again.

The media was right. In the face of jealousy and resentment, she couldnt control her emotions at all.

However, at the moment, Han Ruoxi not only did not realize how stupid her decision was but also treated Kang Ruicheng who was on the other end of the phone as her savior.

"Youre finally out." Kang Ruichengs voice came through the phone. "You must be having a hard time these days, right?"

"What do you think?" Han Ruoxi sneered and said, "Well, its all thanks to you."

"It cant all be blamed on me," Kang Ruicheng said. "Dont forget that later on, you were the one who asked me to help you."

Han Ruoxis beautiful eyes dimmed. After a long time, she asked, "Why are you looking for me?"

"I want to tell you something that you would absolutely want to participate in." Kang Ruicheng didnt continue the topic deliberately. "Are you interested in meeting and talking in detail? I will send someone to pick you up."

Han Ruoxi was surprised. "Do you know where I am?"

"Not only me but Lu Boyan also knows." After a pause, Kang Ruicheng said, "Forget it, Id better tell you directly. Since you just came out, Lu Boyan has sent someone to keep an eye on you."

"He" Han Ruoxi knew it was impossible. But at the moment a glimmer of hope arose in her heart.

"Dont suppose that he cares about you." Kang Ruicheng burst Han Ruoxis fantasy mercilessly. "Its just that Su Jianan delivered yesterday. He was afraid that you would do something bad to Su Jianan or the children, so he sent people to watch you."

Han Ruoxis beautiful face suddenly turned grim. "Dont say anything more."

Kang Ruicheng laughed. "My people will arrive in about half an hour. You can go out through the basement to avoid being discovered by Lu Boyans people."

Han Ruoxi hung up the phone and took a set of new clothes into the bathroom.

The bathroom was very big and a minor part of the wall-sized mirror was placed on the washstand. Han Ruoxi saw herself as soon as she came in. She couldnt help touching her own cheek.

This face had once been praised by a well-known magazine as one of the top hundred of the most beautiful ones in the East. Her face had once been a thing of peerless beauty and countless people were obsessed with it.

Her face used to be bright and beautiful, shining with brightness.

But after a year of living by the iron window, her skin had lost its luster due to the lack of maintenance, and her eyes had lost the glamour. In addition to that, her skin showed a kind of lifeless gloom since she hadnt basked in the sun for a whole year.

If it werent for the fact that her facial features hadnt changed, she wouldnt have believed that she was still Han Ruoxi.

In a panic, Han Ruoxi took out the cosmetics that had not expired and made up the face bit by bit.

But she found out that no matter what she did, she could not bring her face back to the way it used to be.

"Thats good. Every time I look at myself in the mirror, itll always be a bloody reminder."

Half an hour later, Han Ruoxi went downstairs wearing sunglasses, got in a black business car, and went out to see Kang Ruicheng.

In the hospital.

Lu Boyan had not slept well last night but he woke up earlier than usual.

When he opened his eyes, Su Jianan was right beside him, sleeping soundly.

He uncovered the quilt, got up quietly, and walked to the babies cradle.

Little Xiangyi was still sleeping. She was clenching her fists and putting them to her lips, breathing shallowly. She looked so obedient and lovable.

No one knew when Lil Xiyu had woken up. He yawned in the cradle as Lu Boyan reached out and tapped on his face.

He looked at Lu Boyan for a while and seemed to recognize who he was. He waved his little hand and Lu Boyan responded to his movement to pick him up. The little guy grinned and his smile was like a lamp that lit up Lu Boyans whole world in an instant.

Lu Boyan carried the little guy to the bed and put him beside Su Jianan. The little guy suddenly cried, "Uh-huh", as if he was protesting and looked at Lu Boyan eagerly.

Lu Boyans heart softened and he kissed the little guys face. "Good boy, dont cry. It will disturb your mom. Ill get you some water."

It seemed that Xiyu understood Lu Boyans words. He blinked his eyes and returned to his usual cool look. He just looked at Lu Boyan and did not make a single sound.

Lu Boyan took a bottle that had been sterilized and filled it with warm water. Then, he went back to the bedside and fed it to Xiyu.

The little fellow must have been thirsty. He took a few deep sips before loosening on the bottle.

Lu Boyan did not know if he didnt want to drink anymore or if he was temporarily tired. He used his pacifier to tease him, and Su Jianan woke up at the moment.

After having been married for so long, Su Jianan was used to seeing Lu Boyan when she woke up. But when she saw Lu Boyan playing with their newborn baby, she couldnt help feeling surprised.

His handsome eyebrows were soft in the morning light. He supported Xiyus head with one hand and held a bottle with the other hand. Every once in a while, the pacifier passed by Xiyus mouth. The little fellow opened his mouth subconsciously, but Lu Boyan would move his hand away. In the end, the little fellow wouldnt get anything.

The baby also had a temper. After being teased by Lu Boyan many times, he was completely unwilling to go on. He tilted his head and ignored the pacifier Lu Boyan brought near his mouth.

Lu Boyan frowned and when he was thinking about how to coax the little guy, Su Jianans voice suddenly sounded out.

"He probably doesnt want to drink anymore. If you continue to tease him, hell cry."

"Youre awake?"

Putting down the bottle, Lu Boyan bypassed the end of the bed and walked to Su Jianans side.

After a nap, Su Jianans face looked much better than yesterday and her cheeks had more or less regained some color.

Looking at her face bathed in the morning light, Lu Boyans heart moved and he lowered his head to kiss her lips.

Right at this moment

"Waaa" Lil Xiyus cry broke the silence of the morning

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