Young Master Lu’s Lovely New Bride Chapter 601

Chapter 601 He Will Definitely Be A Good Father

Lu Boyan firmly tucked Su Jianan in the quilt and laid down beside her.

Considering the wound on Su Jianans lower abdomen, Lu Boyan did not dare to hold her in his arms like he used to. He just gently held her hand and closed his eyes.

This was the second time that Lu Boyan had fallen asleep with such satisfaction in the 15 years since he lost his father.

The first time was the day he married Su Jianan.

Time passed faster than expected. They had been married for two years and the two little ones had also come to this world.

His new life with Su Jianan had begun, hadnt it?

What Lu Boyan didnt expect was that he couldnt keep up with the speed of this new life.

He slept until three oclock in the morning when he vaguely heard a cry and thought that he had heard it wrong. After two seconds, he realized

It was a Xiangyis voice!

Lu Boyan suddenly opened his eyes, got up, and walked to the side of the cradles.

Xiangyi had somehow woken up. She was kicking her little hands and feet in the cradle and crying sadly. She looked very pitiful.

Lu Boyans heart ached for her as he picked her up. He caressed her tiny face and asked, "When did you wake up?"

Of course, Little Xiangyi would not answer, she just leaned her head on Lu Boyans chest and rubbed on it a few times. After a few seconds, she began to wail without warning.

This time, no matter how much Lu Boyan coaxed her, she refused to stop.

Lu Boyan frowned.

He could easily win over projects that others thought to be impossible, and he could constantly expand Lu Enterprisess territory But at this moment, holding his crying daughter, he was feeling helpless.

In the end, Lu Boyan had no choice but to hold her with one hand and pat her on the back with the other. "Honey, dont cry. Daddy is here."

Little Xiangyi seemed to have felt her fathers tenderness. She blinked her beautiful eyes and stopped crying for a moment. But soon, she pouted her mouth with grievance, looking like she was about to start crying again. Her expression was exactly the same as her brothers.

Lu Boyan suddenly thought of something and asked "Are you hungry?"

Xiao Xiangyi seemed to have heard something saddening. With a cry of "Waaa", she burst into tears, again.

Lu Boyan should have felt sorry for her but when he looked at the little girl in his arms, he inexplicably wanted to laugh.

At this time, Su Jianans voice came from behind. "Whats wrong with Xiangyi?"

Su Jianan had been sleeping soundly but she was woken up by the crying Xiangyi.

Lu Boyan held his daughter towards Su Jianan and said, "She should be hungry."

Su Jianan looked at the time. The two little fellows should indeed be hungry.

She held Xiangyi in her arms and said, "Go and take a look at Xiyu. He should have woken up as well."

Lu Boyan heard the sound and went towards Xiyus cradle. Su Jianan was right. The little baby had already woken up and was sucking his fist with relish.

Seeing Lu Boyan come over, Xiyu stopped for a moment, but soon he continued to suck his own hand as if nothing had happened. It looked like he had a chicken leg in his hand.

Lu Boyan deliberately didnt hug him, and Xiyu just glanced at Lu Boyan from time to time, as if saying "Im cool, I dont cry", but he didnt make any sounds all this while.

In the end, Lu Boyans heart softened first as he picked up Xiyu from the cradle and pulled his hand from his mouth, not letting him suck his fist.

The little guy blinked his eyes while looking at Lu Boyan for a while, and then raised his hand without hesitation. But this time, before he could open his mouth, he was stopped by Lu Boyan.

The little guy hummed twice as if he was protesting. Lu Boyan shook his head at him. "No."

In the end, Lil Xiyu still compromised. He put down his hands and lay in Lu Boyans arms with his head down idly.

Lu Boyan looked down at him. Perhaps it was because the little guy was close to his heart, but his heart seemed to be stuffed with something soft and he had an indescribable sense of satisfaction.

Tang Yulan had told him that after he was born, his fathers way of handling cases had become much gentler.

Now, he seemed to be able to understand his fathers feelings at the time.

After Su Jianan fed her daughter breast milk, she looked up and saw Lu Boyan playing with their son.

Even she had never seen such an expression on Lu Boyans face. It was so soft and gentle, and the love and care in his eyes were almost overflowing. People could not imagine that he was the cold-and-tough Lu Boyan of Lu Enterprises.

"Well, hell definitely be a good father!"

Su Jianan put down her daughter and called Lu Boyan, "Bring Xiyu here."

Lu Boyan handed Xiyu to Su Jianan and picked up his daughter.

After being fed, Xiangyi finally stopped crying and became quiet and well-behaved again. When Lu Boyan picked her up, she seemed to know who he was and smiled at him, like a warm and beautiful little angel.

Lu Boyan was stunned and the corners of his mouth rose slightly. He couldnt help lowering his head and kissing her face.

He could almost foresee the future that no matter what this little angel asked of him, he might not be able to refuse.

The babies needed to sleep for a long time and they soon fell asleep after being fed. Lu Boyan carried them back and tucked them in before lying back on the bed.

Su Jianan tilted her head and looked at Lu Boyan. "Are you tired?"

During the day, Lu Boyan was busy all the time, and now he was woken up by his daughter in the middle of the night. Su Jianan thought that he would be very tired.

But if you looked closely, there was only a satisfied smile on Lu Boyans face and he was not tired at all.

He leaned over and kissed Su Jianans lips. "Im not tired. Im very happy to be able to take care of them like this. Lets go to sleep."

Su Jianan smiled, closed her eyes, and soon fell asleep.

It wasnt long before dawn broke.

A brand new day began. The city also slowly woke up from its slumber, recovering its clamoring noises from the peacefulness.

But for some people, this morning was darker than the darkest night

In a residential area in the city center.

The developer of this residential area was Lu Enterprises Property Agency. Although the residential area was not big, it was of high-valued design and the location was excellent. In addition, its service center had an extremely dependable secrecy system, thats why many celebrities who didnt like to live in rural villas chose to buy a house here.

One of the houses here was registered under Han Ruoxis name.

However, Han Ruoxi had not been in possession of this property for long.

If she remembered correctly, it should be when Lu Boyan and Su Jianan married and she was so disheartened that she accepted the apartment given to her by a wealthy businessman.

She could not remember who the businessman was or what he looked like.

The only thing she remembered was that she accepted the house in order to prove that she had the same social status as Lu Boyan and that she was not worse than Su Jianan.

However, she did not expect that even though she tried so hard to prove herself, she still lost to Su Jianan; completely and awkwardly.

What was even more ironic was that on the day she was released from prison, Su Jianan gave birth to a pair of twins. The whole of City A was celebrating for Su Jianan.

Thinking of this, Han Ruoxi raised her head and drank the wine in the cup, falling into her fantasy.

She had waited for a long time for the day her sentence ended to be released. She had long been fed up with the iron windows of the prison and the boring daily life.

When she stepped out of the huge iron gate, she thought that there would be the domestic major media reporters waiting for her. She thought that there would be fans to pick her up and encourage her to stand up again. After all, she was used to being surrounded by reporters and fans.

However, there was no such thing. The sun was shining brightly outside the metal door and the world was still the same.

It was just the few vehicles on the spacious road and no one could be seen within a few kilometers. It was so desolate that it was frightening.

Han Ruoxi finally understood the feeling of falling from heaven to hell.

However, there was something wrong.

She had been released from prison. Shouldnt there be a lot of journalists coming to interview her?

Even if she was sent to prison, she was Han Ruoxi after all!

After returning to the residence, Han Ruoxi turned on the computer and connected to the network. It was then that Han Ruoxi knew that Lu Boyan had just become a father. Su Jianan gave birth to a pair of twins and all the journalists were waiting at the hospital.

In her impression, Lu Boyan never liked to smile and even more so in front of the media. But in the face of so many reporters yesterday, he smiled and admitted that he had just became a father.

In just a few hours, the news "Su Jianan gave birth to a boy and a girl, and Lu Boyan became a father" swept across the headlines of major news websites, and the comments area was full of blessings.

In the evening, the news that Han Ruoxi was released from prison finally spread on the Internet.

There were only a few words in the news report and the reporters did not dare to reveal their support for her among the lines. They just expressed their pity for her.

Someone on a gossip website had opened up a post to discuss her release from prison, but the replies in the post were not friendly.

Some even commented: "No matter whether Han Ruoxi was released from prison or is still in jail, it was the fact that she was involved in drugs. As a public figure, since she enjoyed the honor and popularity that the public had brought to her, she should have set a good example. But she became a bad artiste.

"No matter how good her acting is or how glorious she used to be, she is not worthy of our support unless she has completely turned over a new leaf!"

There were more than 20,000 likes to this post and there were many similar comments in it.

Han Ruoxi finally realized that she had lost her popularity.

She was no longer the "Han Ruoxi" who had people to cheer for her no matter what she did. She was no longer the queen in everyones eyes and she could no longer easily occupy the headlines by doing something casually.

There were cracks that could not be repaired in her almost perfect image.

Everything that she had achieved by trying her best was destroyed because of Su Jianans sudden appearance two years ago.

If it werent for Su Jianan then she wouldnt have ended up like this!

Han Ruoxi poured the last bit of wine from the bottom of the bottom into the cup and drank it.

During her time in prison, she struggled in despair and hatred every day, and her life was bleak without daylight.

On the first day of her imprisonment, she swore that she would try her best to get out of prison as soon as possible and take back everything that belonged to her but by bit!

"Bang" Han Ruoxi slammed the wine glass, turned on the computer, and entered her name on the search. She thought that after one night, the media and the public would pay more attention to her getting out of prison, but she did not expect to see an even more heart-wrenching headline.

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