Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 1274

Chapter 1274 Running Towards Him

Now his gaze was on her red lips.

When Xia Ling looked at him, she saw his eyes slowly turn more passionate, almost like he wanted to kiss her.

He gradually approached her, leaning towards her lips.

Xia Lings pupils dilated, with her hands on his chest, she pushed him away forcibly.

Throwing open the car door, she quickly got off and ran away.

She ran away.


Xuan Ying was left in the car alone, his body completely stiff. He originally wanted to go chase after her, but he was afraid that he would scare her.

Now what would he do? It wasnt easy for him to get a chance to get close to her, but he always couldnt control himself.

After Xia Ling bolted from the car, she walked home, since her apartment was nearby.

But when she recalled the intimate acts with Xuan Ying in the car earlier, with him seeing her chest, her face turned beet red.

This man whom she had just known for a few days constantly disrupted her. She disliked him, she wanted to keep a distance away from him.

"Xia Ling." She heard a familiar voice.

Xia Ling stopped walking. Turning back to see, it was Yi Xiaorui.

Yi Xiaorui ran over, holding her arm affectionately. "Xia Ling, I heard about your fight in school, are you alright?"

Yi Xiaorui appeared innocent and acted like she was worried about Xia Ling. Retracting her arm, Xia Ling looked carefully at Yi Xiaorui. "You were behind it, werent you?"

Yi Xiaorui was stunned. "Xia Ling, how could you accuse me like that? Why would I do such a thing?"

"You overheard me calling Mu Mu, youre the only one who knows I have a daughter."

The smile on Yi Xiaoruis face was gone.

Tucking her hair behind her ears, Xia Ling exposed her without hiding anything. "I know exactly what kind of person you are, I just chose to say anything about it. I didnt expect you to target me."

Yi Xiaoruis face turned pale, her disguise had been exposed, but then she smirked. "Xia Ling, I really hate you. We come from the same background, but you act like youre such a dignified lady, snatching away the attention meant for me.

"I saw you getting off from a limited edition luxury car yesterday night. I thought that you had a rich old man as your sponsor, but I heard that man turned out to be Xuan Ying. Is that true?"

Xia Ling looked at Yi Xiaorui silently. No wonder she ran over enthusiastically, it was all because she was curious about the mans identity.

It was no surprise that Yi Xiaorui was curious. Yi Xiaorui had assumed that it was an old man, but news of Xia Lings boyfriend had spread all over A University. It turned out Xia Lings boyfriend was Silver Mask King, Xuan Ying!

It didnt go according to her plans and had caught her completely by surprise.

Who was Xuan Ying?

Once the West Duke ascended to the throne, Xuan Ying would be commissioned as the Commander of Country A, overseeing all of the armed forces. She would never have the chance to even meet a legendary person like him.

In fact, she didnt even dare to think about it.

But to think that goody-two-shoes Xia Ling was dating him? It was really mind-boggling and made her mad with jealousy!

Looking at Yi Xiaoruis expression, Xia Ling could only sneer, "Its my privacy and my life. Why do I have to let you know about it?"

After saying her piece, she turned around to leave.

Xia Ling didnt want to bother with Yi Xiaorui, she just wanted to quickly go home.

But after walking a few steps, she could notice something wrong with her body.

She felt so warm.

What was going on?

Xia Ling suddenly recalled that when Yi Xiaorui ran over to hold her arm just now, she seemed to have inhaled a strange fragrance from Yi Xiaoruis body.

Oh no Did Yi Xiaorui just drug her?

Xia Ling wanted to run but a black minivan appeared, two people alighting from it as they dragged her onto the minivan.

At the bar.

Xia Ling was thrown into a luxurious room and she could hear some people conversing outside.

It was Yi Xiaorui and Zhou Zhou.

Yi Xiaorui acted coquettishly. "Cousin, Ive already gotten Xia Ling over for you to have some fun. Shes been drugged and shes probably burning with desire now. Just head inside and enjoy."

"Xiaorui, youre really amazing."

The two hugged each other, with Zhou Zhou rewarding Yi Xiaorui with some sloppy kisses.

Meanwhile, Xia Ling bit down on the tip of her tongue to keep awake. She had to leave this place.

It seemed that they were on the second level. Wasting no time, she opened the window, jumping down without any hesitation.

Thud. She fell onto a grassy lawn, scraping her knees.

She could see Zhou Zhou sticking his head out of the window, shouting loudly at her, "Xia Ling, dont you dare run! Chase after her, dont let her escape!"

Xia Ling could only endure the pain on her knees, running as quickly as she could. She had to get out of here!

Sh*t!There were no exits in the backyard. She had to pass through the bars lobby to use the main entrance to leave.

In the lobby.

Xia Ling knocked into a few people, but she continued sprinting. Zhou Zhou already led his men over, chasing after her. "Seal off the bar, dont let her leave!"


Oh no, they sealed the bar.

What was she going to do?

She didnt want to let Zhou Zhou capture her, she didnt want to be hurt by him.

Raising her eyes to scan the room, Xia Ling noticed a familiar figure at the entrance of the lobby.

It was Xuan Ying.

Xuan Ying walked in from the entrance, taking off his coat and handing it to Ah Zhou. He undid the buttons of his black uniform, revealing the white shirt inside. He strode in confidently, the bright lights shining over his head. He was suave, masculine, sexy.


A few women started winking at Xuan Ying with obvious intent.

But Xuan Ying didnt spare them a single glance, not bothering with them as he walked past them.

Xia Lings eyes lit up. It was him!

That was great.

Xia Ling rushed over, shouting loudly, "Xuan Y Mmgh!"

Zhou Zhou had caught up to her, covering her mouth.

Xia Lings eyes widened in horror, she struggled, trying to run towards Xuan Ying, but it was of no use. Zhou Zhou held her in his arms, taking her away forcibly.

Xuan Ying!

Xia Ling looked at that tall figure in front, she could only watch as he walked away, disappearing before her eyes.

Then she was taken away by Zhou Zhou.

In the room.

Zhou Zhou threw Xia Ling onto the bed, pinning Xia Ling with a lustful gaze. He started taking off his clothes as he swallowed down his excitement. "Xia Ling, you cant escape from me. Be good and I promise you will enjoy it."

It was so hot. Xia Ling felt like there were many ants biting her all over, she started losing her rationality. Lifting her hands to pull her collar, her lips moved as she uttered someones name with a sensual voice, "Xuan Ying Xuan Ying"

By now, Zhou Zhou had already taken off his top, he couldnt wait at all. He came onto the bed and pulled at Xia Lings clothes. "Little beauty, Ive wanted to sleep with you from the moment I saw you. Im coming now, ha ha ha!"

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