Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 1273

Chapter 1273 Dont Cry

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In the luxury car.

Xuan Ying looked at Xia Ling, who was beside him on the passengers seat. "Are you okay?"

Seemingly unconsciously, Xia Ling rubbed at the stinging pain on her neck. Zhuzi had wanted to scratch her face just now with those long fingernails, but she managed to dodge, ending up with an injury on her neck instead.

She covered her neck with her hand. "Im fine"

Xuan Ying leaned over, pulling her hand away. "Little liar"

Little liar?

He sounded somewhat helpless, yet it was a little doting at the same time. Xia Lings face flushed red.

After taking out a small medical kit, Xuan Ying said in a no-nonsense manner, "Take your coat off, Ill help you dress your wound."

Seeing that he wouldnt take no for an answer, Xia Ling took off her pink coat, she wore a pink lace-knit sweater inside.

Though her clothes werent from expensive brands, she still managed to put together beautiful outfits that accentuated her innocent charm. She could wear a coat that cost only hundreds of dollars and make it look high-class.

Xuan Ying took a cotton bud, applying some ointment on her wound. "Does it hurt?"

The wound was deep and tears welled up in Xia Lings eyes due to the pain.

A frosty glint appeared in Xuan Yings eyes and his lips pursed into a terse line. He was going to destroy the Shen family! In fact, he was going to chase the entire Shen family out of Country A!

After dressing her wound, he put on two plasters for her. "Are you injured anywhere else?"

Xia Ling subconsciously touched her chest. This Zhuzi was really vicious and had pinched her chest. It was womens most delicate and vulnerable part and now it really hurt.

But she would never tell Xuan Ying about it, it was a private matter.

"Nowhere else." She shook her head.


Xia Ling looked beside her, noticing that his gaze was on her hand.

When he spotted her looking in his direction, Xuan Ying lifted his head and their eyes met. His gaze was somewhat suggestive.

His Adams apple bobbed as he stretched his arm out towards her. "She hurt you"

With a loud smack, Xia Ling slapped his hand away as she wrapped her arms around her chest to protect herself. "What are you trying to do?"

Xuan Ying retracted his hand. "Dont worry, I wont hurt you. Ill turn around and not look at you. You can apply some ointment by yourself so it wont hurt that much."

He then turned around.

It really was painful. After some hesitation, she finally decided to turn around, stretching her hands into her shirt to unbuckle her bra and she applied some ointment on her delicate skin.

She didnt dare make any sound since there was a man beside her, but her face flushed red.

Xuan Ying really turned around, he didnt lie. But through the glistening windows, he could see the reflection and also her bare chest.

He saw it all.

He knew that he was despicable, but he just couldnt control himself, his eyes were on her.

Feeling as though his throat had been raked over hot charcoal, he felt really thirsty for her. She tried to keep her volume down, but she couldnt help but make soft, sensual sounds in the silent car. It was too seductive.

In the end, he was a normal, healthy and mature man. Those sounds were enough to make the blood in his body rush downwards.

Soon enough, Xia Ling buckled her bra and tidied her clothes up. "Im done."

Xuan Ying then turned around.

They didnt look at each other, but the atmosphere was really ambiguous.

"Here you go, thanks." Xia Ling handed him the ointment.

Xuan Ying looked straight, his voice fully hoarse and he reminded her, "You missed the last hook."


Lifting her eyes in shock, Xia Ling glared at him as her mouth formed a small o. Throwing the tube of ointment at him, she shrieked furiously. "Despicable!"

He peeped at her!

This man was well-dressed, from the expensive watch adorning his wrist to the limited edition luxury car. He wore a black uniform today with all the buttons done and a black coat. He was well put together and exuded a dignified aura.

All of it hinted at his powerful status.

But she had never anticipated that he would peep at her, he didnt seem like such a person.

What a pervert! He was really disgusting!

Xuan Ying didnt dodge, the tube just hitting his face. Slightly pursing his lips, his expression turned dark.

Enraged, Xia Ling pulled the door open, wanting to get down.

"Where are you going?"

Xuan Ying grasped her wrist, not letting her leave.

"Let go of me!" Xia Ling tried to fling his arm away.

Xuan Ying yanked her back, pulling her back in and he pressed her down on the seat. Leaning forward, he pressed himself against her.

They were so close to each other.

"Im sorry, Xia Ling," he apologized as he breathed into her ear.

He said sorry.

Since he seemed so fierce just now, Xia Ling thought that he was about to hit her. She didnt expect him to apologize to her.

Hmph! She turned her face away.

Her cheeks were puffed up and she bit down on her lower lips, she was obviously angry.

"I didnt do it on purpose, I really wasnt able to control myself."

He grit his teeth angrily. "How dare that Shen Zhu hurt you, she pinched your chest so hard its all red, Im going to teach them a good lesson!"

Right after he said that, Xia Ling lifted her hand, giving him a slap.

Slap! The crisp sound of the slap resounded in the car. Soon, he turned his face back, only to see Xia Ling with her teary eyes. She seemed really pitiful.

"Jerk!" she scolded him.

How much did this jerk see?

Xuan Yings heart was in pain, he really wanted to pull her into his arms and dote on her. He held her hand. "Slap me again, if its not enough, slap me twice. Please dont cry."

He really couldnt bear to see her cry.

He was going to break down once she cried.

Xia Ling hadnt cried, but once he said that, tears trickled down her face.

Now she really was crying.

Stunned, Xuan Ying kissed away the tears on her face. "Dont cry, dont cry, my heart aches when I see you cry. Its all my fault, Im sorry."

Xia Ling quickly shoved him away. "Dont kiss me!"

Although she meant to reject him, once she said it with that sensual voice of hers, it sounded like she was being coy.

Once Xuan Yings lips left her face, his gaze immediately traveled down and landed on those red lips

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