Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 1272

Chapter 1272 Courting Death

The Silver Mask King was Zhuzis idol and she was even present at the Silver Mask Kings conferment. When Silver Mask King walked under those bright lights, he exuded a kingly aura that made her heart race. From that day onwards, Silver Mask King would always appear in her erotic dreams.

Zhuzi held her head high as she said, "Xia Ling, have you heard of the Silver Mask King? Dont tell me that your boyfriend is the Silver Mask King."

"Ha ha ha," Madam helped support her daughter, "As if the Silver Mask King would even give this woman the time of day."

Silver Mask King?

Xia Ling wasnt familiar with the high society in Country A and at the same time, she wasnt interested in any of this at all. Hence, she didnt know who Silver Mask King was.

However, a face popped up in her mind. He also wore a silver mask.

"Xia Ling, why dont you get your boyfriend to come to prove your innocence then?"

Get him to come?

But he wasnt really her boyfriend

Xia Ling regretted her words, she shouldnt have claimed that he was her boyfriend. If he were to hear those words, the situation would be so awkward.

Right when she was thinking about it, her phone started ringing. Xia Ling took her phone out, answering the call, "Hello."

"Xia Ling, you didnt go to the Snow Mountain Residence?" An enigmatic voice was on the other end.

It was Xuan Ying.

She could recognize his voice almost instantly.

Before Xia Ling could even formulate a response, Zhuzi took the chance to announce loudly, "Look, that old man sponsoring her is on the phone with her. If hes really your boyfriend, get him to come!"

God, could it be any more awkward? Xia Ling knitted her brows, she could sense his breath sinking on the other end of the call.

"What happened?" he asked.

"Its nothing"

"Where are you now?" His voice was unusually low and he sounded cold and dangerous.


Before Xia Ling could even talk, he hung up the call.

This man!

Sighing in her head, Xia Ling put her phone away.

"Xia Ling, does that old man dare to come? Principal, you must expel Xia Ling today!" Zhuzi continued to put pressure on the principal.

The principal was caught in a difficult position.

Suddenly, there was a commotion outside. The legendary limited edition luxury car from the previous night drove into the campus.

Madam Shens luxury car was parked outside the Principals office. The limited-edition luxury car just collided into her car so overbearingly and Madam Shens luxury car crashed through the barricade, landing in the lake.

Oh God!

The students surrounding the place gasped. So this was how rich people acted, they simply had no regard for anything.

"My car! I just bought it recently, it cost me tens of millions!" Madam Shen screamed hysterically. Madam Shen was wealthy as her husband owned a jewelry company. But it still caused her a lot of pain when she saw her beloved car in such a state.

The limited-edition luxury car stopped and the door opened. Xuan Ying stepped out of the car.

Today he was dressed in a black commanders uniform, standing tall as he strode into the Principals office, stopping right in front of Xia Ling. He had a tall build, bringing with him a strong aura that would make him the center of attention anytime he appeared.

With his inky eyes on Xia Lings face, he asked, "Who bullied you?" His voice was slightly fierce, making the atmosphere in the Principals office tense and slightly stifling.

"Mister, are you Xia Lings boyfriend?" the Principal asked.


Xuan Ying glanced at Xia Ling and saw her cheeks flush a deep red, looking as if she wanted to find a hole and just crawl inside to hide.

Xuan Ying raised his brows. "Yes."

"You are?" Zhuzi blurted.

Zhuzi had seen Silver Mask King before. Although it was a brief glance, she would never forget it.

The limited-edition luxury car was still parked outside. It used a military car plate, enabling free access across the entire Country A.

Also, there was a silver button on the sleeve of Xuan Yings black uniform. An X symbol was embossed on the button.

X, it signified absolute power.

X, it was the Silver Mask Kings symbol.

That meant he was the Silver Mask King!

Zhuzi would never have expected that Xia Lings sponsor was actually the Silver Mask King!

"This Xia Ling is not a good person. She even has a three-year-old daughter, dont be fooled by her innocent appearance. Shes no longer clean!" Zhuzis face was red from righteous anger.

What did Xia Ling even do to deserve Silver Mask Kings doting?

In response, Xuan Ying merely lifted his eyes, giving Zhuzi an impassive glance as he said, "Mu Mu is my daughter!"

It was such a short and simple sentence.


Someone gasped and Zhuzis eyes widened in bewilderment. Xia Ling was also stupefied. She looked at the man in front of her in a daze. Why did he claim that Mu Mu was his daughter?

Xuan Yings gaze riveted from Zhuzi to Madam Shen. "How dare you two bully my woman and humiliate my daughter. Are you courting your own death? Kneel down now and apologize to my woman! Now!"

As Xuan Ying held Xia Lings hand, he pulled her over to stand beside him. His palm was massive and transmitted warmth to her, making her feel assured.

Thump, thump. Xia Lings heart beat loudly in her chest, she wanted to retract her hand. But she couldnt manage to do so, he held her hand so tightly.

He even squeezed her hand.

"Im not going to kneel down, why should I?!" Madam Shen didnt know who Xuan Ying was. "Whats your name? Do you dare to let me know your name? Im going to tell my husband and let him ruin you! Just you wait!"

The Shen family was slightly influential in A Country. Hearing this, Xia Ling looked at Xuan Ying worriedly, she didnt want to implicate him. Noticing that she was worried for him, Xuan Ying felt touched.

Suddenly, the ringtone sounded. Madam Shen had an incoming call.

"Its a call from my husband, you should watch yourself!" Madam Shen was conceited as she picked up the call. "Hello, husband, someone is bullying m"

"Shut your mouth! What did you two do to bring me such trouble! A few X military Jeeps came and wrecked our company, destroying everything. Did you offend the Silver Mask King? How dare you even provoke Silver Mask King?"

W-What?! S Silver Mask King? Madam Shen dropped her phone onto the ground, looking at Xuan Ying astonishingly. "Y-You are?"

Xuan Ying looked at her. "My surname is Xuan, given name is Ying."

Xuan Ying.

Those two words were just like a huge mountain that crashed onto her from above. Madam Shen and Zhuzis legs gave way, they both collapsed to their knees with a resounding thud.

The mother-daughter duo wouldnt stop kowtowing. "Miss Xia, we are sorry. We are in the wrong, please forgive us."

As Xuan Ying held Xia Lings hand, he looked at the principal. "Principal, Id like you to expel Shen Zhu and chase her out of A University. If anyone dares to talk bad about my woman, they will also receive these consequences.

"Understood." The principal wiped his cold sweat and nodded.

"Lingling, lets go back."

With that, Xia Ling took Xia Ling with him and left.

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