What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes? Chapter 221

Chapter 221: This Is A Date, Isn't It?

(Lian Li POV)

We kind of figured out that Brendan had no idea his family was actually serving Master all this while last night, so we all agreed that we'd keep this quiet for now and see what he does.

He might have proclaimed his admiration for Master, but he might also harbour some form of resentment towards us for his family.

Yes, we could have used the truth Spell of Diao Chan's to find out his standing easily, but that would also mean we were revealing our hands to him right from the start.

Not to mention the fact that he is one of Master's disciples now, we shouldn't create too much of an animosity between us if we can help it.

This small kidnapping thing was necessary since we needed to know his standing and to convert him, but beyond that, we shouldn't mess around too much.

I would most definitely not want Master to hate us.

No, it is a better idea to just let him think we don't know what he knows for now, especially since we weren't there when he first met Master.

This could be our chance to also figure out the real reason why that Vera Family kept insisting on keeping him a secret.

Maybe he has something special about him?

Seeing as how he caught Master's eye and the fact that every one of us has special circumstances so far, that possibility isn't exactly that far off either.

Still, I have to admit though, seeing Brendan kneel with his head pressed to the ground this morning was a rather amusing sight.

"So You just want me to go to your family's dinner right?" Master asked, sipping the cup of tea that Manami had made for him this morning.

Cai Hong was seated on Master's lap, drinking her own, smaller cup of tea.

"Yes, Master," Brendan replied without moving his head. "It would honour me greatly if you were to join us tonight."

Master lowered his tea cup back to its saucer gently, the cup not even making a sound when it settled on its resting place.

I stood behind him, my fingers kneading into his shoulders to massage them. So firm and hard If I concentrated, I could even feel his heat travelling up my hands, reminding me of how we were just enjoying ourselves the previous night.

Ehehehe~ It was so wonderful to be embraced again!

Ah! Not good, I must not let such thoughts distract me from the moment! Yes! Master's shoulders are such a marvel~ I just want to lay myself on him~

"For such a simple request, you don't need to do this just to ask that," Master commented, tilting his head slightly to give me a delicious view of his collarbone.

"No, it is precisely because it is such a simple thing that I have to do this!"

"Why don't you get up first? This really is a small matter."

Brendan looked up, "Does that mean?"

"Well yes, I don't mind. It would be a good time to tell them you are my disciple now as well. You might not be able to take over your Family's business after all."

"Oh That's right... I hadn't thought about that."

Master chuckled, "In that case, would you mind the girls coming along as well? I think they really hate the idea of separating from me again."

Master~~ What have we done to deserve you?!

Brendan stole a glance at me and I narrowed my eyes in response.

He got the message and nodded quickly, "Of course! That's no problem at all!"

"Really? Alright then. Do you need to check with your family first? I'd hate to impose on you."

Brendan shook his head furiously, "No, no, no! It really isn't a problem! Such a thing is natural! Please allow my family to host tonight's dinner for everyone!"

"If you insist," Master shrugged before turning his head to look back at us. "What do you girls think?"

I paused my fingers, leaning forward to press myself against Master's back, "If Master does not mind, I would very much like to accompany Master."

"Ufufufu~ I do not mind as well, it is much better to be together~" Manami agreed, refilling Master's cup with tea.

"Cai Hong go with Papa!" our little loli dragon cheered, hugging Master's neck.

Eris nodded, "This one would like to go as well."

"Kukuku~ I would like to see what his family is like too~" Diao Chan giggled, obviously remembering that she had just visited his house not too long ago.

"I would not mind following along," Kiyomi stated plainly.

Master clapped his hands together, "It's decided then. Why don't you go back and inform your family then? We'll meet at the centre of the Merchant district around dinner time?"

Brendan nodded his head, "That's great! I will go tell them the great news immediately!"

He quickly disappeared through the door of the inn, leaving us all alone with our dear Master.

Master pushed himself out of his chair, lifting Cai Hong up before placing her back on the ground, "No time to waste girls. We need to bring a gift to his family if we're going there and I know just the thing to get them."

I tilted my head quizzically, "A gift? What is Master planning to give them?"

Master wagged his finger at me, "That's a surprise. Come on, everyone gather around me now, I'll teleport us over to the Merchant's Guild."

All of us dropped whatever we were doing and obeyed. How could we resist? This definitely sounds like a date no matter how you look at it!

Of course, I took the opportunity to hug him from his front before anyone else can claim it.

Manami settled for Master's left arm since his right hand was already occupied by Cai Hong.

Eris, Diao Chan and Kiyomi had to make do with just holding on to the hem of his shirt, not that it looked like they were complaining either.

Not the least perturbed by our actions, Master simply snapped his fingers and the world spun around us.

It took less than a second before my sight was cleared. It took another second before I realised we were now standing at the gates of a rather large building that could rival even the Vera Family's estate.

No, it seems to be even larger than the Vera Family's house.

"This is the Merchant's Guild?" Kiyomi asked, poking her head out from behind Master. "Seems unnecessarily grand to me."

Master chuckled, "They do have a lot of money after all. They need to at least show it off somehow. Come on then."

Master led the way to the gate while we followed behind, stopping near the guard house where a well dressed man flanked by two guards wearing armour that looked more ceremonial than practical stood.

"Good day," The well dressed man greeted, though I sensed a bit of arrogance in his voice. "Can I help you?"

Master nodded to him, "Yes, I'm here to purchase a few storage rings."

That man tilted his chin upwards rather noticeably, "Oh? May I know which Major House you hail from, sir?"

"Oh, I'm not a merchant, I'm just purchasing them as gifts for a few friends."

That little trash tilted his head upwards again, "Hmph I'm not sure if you are aware but The rings are not cheap gifts young man."

"Oh, don't worry about it. Money is not an issue."

The man made an exaggerated sighing motion before gesturing towards the building, "Very well then, follow me."

He turned on his heel and strutted off with the two guards, not even bothering to see if we were following him.

"Master Permission to teach this rude tra-- man his place?" I seethed.

Master patted me on the head, "It's fine, it is true I do not hail from a Major House so it's normal for people like them to see me like this. I did cut off ties with my previous family after all."

Oh Master Even if you may have given up the Lyndulf name, your sisters already see you as its head even before your father's and brother's betrayal.

Eris fingered the clasp of her sword, "Does he not know who Master is?"

Master shrugged, "I've barely been a Master for three years and I've not actually been active in showing my face. Even if I'm known, it will be amongst the Practitioner community and not to the general masses."

That That is true No wonder that we always had to start from zero whenever we were converting new members! I had thought they were just ignorant and clueless but it seems that I was mistaken!

"Besides," Master gave us a mischievous smile. "None of you girls knew who I was before I introduced myself either."


I could feel my cheeks flushing from embarrassment and I didn't need to look at the others to know they were experiencing the same thing.

"A Apologies Master I was quite rude to you when we first met" Diao Chan bowed her head.

Master patted her head before pulling her back up, "It's fine, it's all in the past now. Besides, it's not like I was actively promoting myself anyway. I would be more surprised that someone recognised me than if they don't recognise me. It's not like my face is anything special anyway."

Oh Master If only you knew how much that isn't true.

Cai Hong hugged Master's leg, "Papa is the best! Cai Hong wuvs Papa!"

"Papa loves Cai Hong too," Master grinned, stroking her hair with that dazzling smile of his. "Now, let's go, I think our guides are being rather impatient."

I looked up to see the man from before standing near the building's doorway, scowling at us.

My sisters and I all shared a look.

That piece of trash is definitely not going to see tomorrow's sunrise.

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