What Comes Around Goes Around Chapter 105

Chapter 105:

Cheng Yao, Cheng Xi, and Wu Jun spent the whole afternoon collating materials, and finally rushed to send out Deng Ming's materials to the major media and marketing accounts that Wu Jun knew well before the broadcast of "Lawyer to Debate".

Everything is ready to go.

Cheng Yao finally picked up the on-site VIP ticket Qian Heng gave him.

There were more people at the scene than she had imagined, and there were obvious teamwork. Deng Mings fans had self-made uniforms for the support club, and Qian Hengs fans also had special support cards, but probably because the current public opinion is not very friendly to Qian Heng. Obviously, there are still slightly fewer people who use Qian Heng's fan logo than Deng Ming's fans.

The scene was noisy and crowded. Until the recording time was up, the lights dimmed and all the spotlights were on the stage. Qian Heng and Deng Ming slowly entered.

Regarding Qian Hengs failure to leave the stage, Deng was obviously stunned and a little flustered. Although his face was well concealed, his slightly dissociated eyes already explained everything, but in front of the audience, he still had to carry it. He has a prudent and elegant personality, so he pretends to be calm and composed.

Qian Heng has become more casual. His face is still full of coldness, and his thin and beautiful lips are slightly pursed. His expression looks indifferent and cold, but his aura is full, and the court is full.

Unlike Deng Ming who smiled and greeted the audience as soon as he appeared, Qian Heng didn't care about the audience at all. Even the fans holding the support card, he was too lazy to take a look. This posture is full of arrogance, but in him, It didn't seem to be a violation of peace at all, as if this man was born this way, and it should be. Ordinary people like it, even if he holds it in front of him, he doesn't bother it.

It was just that the host found that this noble and glamorous partner was a bit special tonight. He still did not comment on the crowds or criticisms, but he frequently looked at the corner of the VIP audience.

Cheng Yao wouldn't fail to feel the gaze that even the host felt, her face was a little red. The client in this issue is about to come on stage, but Qian Heng is still staring at herself like this. In the end, she was stared a little irritably. She could only stare at Qian Heng from such a long distance, and finally said two words by mouth. Word-"Come on".

Qian Heng on the stage finally retracted his gaze, and then he glanced in Cheng Yao's direction and smiled.

This laugh almost made the entire auditorium boil.

Behind Cheng Yao, the young female audience almost fell over.

"My God, Qian Heng is usually cold, and the effect of his laughter is almost at the level of a nuclear bomb!"

"Good Su! When he smiled just now, I only felt affectionate. He is totally different from the noble and indifferent in normal times!"

"The cold man's smile is really irresistible..."

Cheng Yao listened to these little girls' twittering discussions, but she had to agree with them in her heart. The more dangerous things have always been more beautiful, and the more poisonous things are more attractive. Qian Heng's temperament is so cold that people can't approach him. When he laughs, he is extremely charming.

And he quickly let everyone know that when he is not smiling, he is more charming.

The case in this issue is a family business estate planning dispute. The entrepreneurial couple had divorced a long time ago and reorganized their families. It was only because of the fetters of the business that they were partners in the same business, and they had two children together during their marriage. After divorcing and regrouping the family, they each gave birth to another child. Now that there are multiple heirs, in order not to affect the development of the enterprise in the future, I hereby seek legal help and want to have the most perfect estate planning.

Qian Heng was almost fully on this time, and the audience was shocked to find that, compared with him today, in the previous program, he almost only showed 60% of his strength.

He quickly made a clear, logical and rigorous estate plan for the cash and real estate, listing them one by one, what to do, what agreements to sign, and how to witness the will. There was almost no time for Deng Ming to respond. Qian Heng had already The plan was clearly given to the parties.

Qian Heng is really going to be ruthless. He believes in walking his own way and leaving others with nowhere to go. This time he is not only prepared to leave Deng Ming with nowhere to go, but he seems to be prepared to take him in one fell swoop. Sent to a dead end.

"In terms of dividing cash and real estate, I agree with money..."

Deng Ming finally wanted to make a speech to find a sense of existence, and was interrupted mercilessly by Qian Heng: "I haven't finished speaking yet, don't you know that it is a virtue for others to speak without interrupting?"


"In addition to the divisible properties of cash and real estate, the most important thing is the indivisible inheritance such as company shares. If forcibly realized and sold, it will cause unnecessary losses to the company and cause the companys valuation to shrink. You can introduce partners. In a mutual insurance agreement, all company partners insure each other and become the beneficiaries of each others policies. Once a partner dies, the remaining partners need to use life insurance compensation to purchase the equity acquired by the heir of the deceased partner, thereby preserving the enterprise The equity shall not fall into the hands of heirs who do not understand management, and maintain the management initiative of the business partners over the enterprise..."

"In addition to such insurance for family business shares, there are other options..."

Generally speaking, when facing a brand-new problem, when giving a plan or making a speech, it is impossible for people to be as detailed as there are no loopholes or nothing to add. They may even have a hasty answer due to short thinking time, and they are prone to many omissions and errors. Answer later The person can not only expand on the ideas of the first speaker, but also supplement and correct errors. However, Qian Heng is obviously not an ordinary person. He has an aura of "I will kill a hundred flowers after the flowers bloom." In response to the problem of this party, he talked about the problem from beginning to end. Various plans are listed one by one, specific operations, and explanations. Only let Deng Ming say that there is nothing to say, that is indistinguishable.

This is the first time that one of the guests of a professional debate program could not say a word.

The atmosphere at the scene was very embarrassing, but the instigator didn't realize it: "I'm done." He glanced at Deng Ming, "You must have nothing to say."


Suddenly, Deng Ming's face was simply blushing, embarrassing and humiliating, but completely powerless to resist. After this battle, his high professional level is probably no longer tenable. In contrast to Qian Heng, he is almost like a fledgling trainee lawyer. The other party is not elegant or gentle, and completely contrary to the traditional lawyers. He is sharp and sharp, harsh and aggressive, but with a strong self-control. The sense and the sense of control over the situation are dazzling and cannot be imitated and cannot be surpassed.

In front of the audience, Deng Ming seemed to be slapped a few times. Qian Heng's professionalism and rigorousness received fierce applause from the scene, but he was like a wall flower, doing the background wall without any sense of existence. .

Deng Mings face was cold and hot, but he was still comforting himself, at least he could make a fuss from the public opinion. Qian Heng and his image of passersby must be better for him. Wait for the popularity of this wave of programs. After that, I bought Hot Search and the navy for speculation, and after receiving a few legal aid cases, the public was so forgetful again, and their image soon improved.

At this time, Deng Ming did not expect that at the same time he was recording the show, the Internet was already brewing a round of upsets against him. Stuck at the time point, Cheng Xi stood up with his real name and published a large amount of evidence of Deng Mings derailment in his marriage through the media. How he used Cheng Xi and how to beautify his mistakes, including how he manipulated public opinion and even threatened the other party in order to win the lawsuit. The person involved tried to bribe the judge, chatted with the female client, cheated the tender model...

Cheng Xis evidence is clearly structured, rigorously worded, and neutral in text. Instead of resentment and revenge, he narrates the facts calmly and indifferently. However, this kind of rational statement without emotion has won everyones attention. trust.

"Justified and well-founded, ex-wife favors 1"

"Compared with the hammer brought out by his ex-wife, Deng Ming's previous evidence is really lonely and untenable."

"Large scum man kicks off the scene"

"It's amazing, what kind of garbage and scum can do this kind of thing? Besides, his tender model wife really smells like plastic"

"Too disgusting, real name vomiting"


Deng Ming is recording a program here, and on the other side, public opinion on the Internet is also exploding. Cheng Xis speech is like a small snowball. As more and more evidence is shown, it gets bigger and bigger, like a brewing event. Xue Beng, and as Cheng Xi bravely stood up, more and more people began to dare to speak.

"I am the son of a legal aid case party in Deng Ming. My dad lied to my mother that he was divorced to buy a house leave. After getting the divorce certificate, my dad married Xiaosan. Deng Ming said he could help my mother get justice. I was fighting for support for me. I used to promote it on TV for a long time, but when the publicity was over, my mother hoped that he would help us to sue. In the end, Deng Ming lost contact and couldnt find it. In the end, the support was gone. , We can only spend money to hire other lawyers."

"I dont know why Deng Ming has been promoted on the Internet as the conscience of the industry. To put it bluntly, he is a middle-aged greasy man who is opportunistic. I used to train at Dulwich Law Firm and the lawyer was him. The result was not very good. All kinds of verbal chatting secretly, anyway, it was disgusting enough that I finally gave up being a lawyer."

"Finally someone broke the news about him. I really tolerated him for a long time. What's the conscience of the industry, it's just a mouse **** in the industry. I fought him in a rival case before, and the indictment written by him was anything but impossible to read. , But the case has not yet started. The media has already begun to report this case overwhelmingly, and the facts in the media have been processed and screened to his benefit..."

In just a short period of time, Cheng Xis revelations have actually triggered the fermentation of the topic, and Qian Hengs relentless beating of Deng Ming in the "Lawyer to Debate" program once again fully confirmed how poor Deng Mings professionalism is. .

Cheng Yao casually flipped through Weibo and other media platforms, and finally made sure that Deng Ming could not stand up no matter how long-sleeved dance is this time. Except for the public opinion, she and Cheng Xi have sorted out the prosecution materials, and only waited for the court to file the case tomorrow. Sued Deng Ming for defamation infringement.

Cheng Yao just looked down at her phone for a while, only to feel that she was staring at her like a mans back. As soon as she raised her head, she ran into Qian Heng's eyes.

He stood on the stage, looking at her from a long distance away. Qian Heng's expression was very calm and composed, but Cheng Yao still felt the hidden meaning in that gaze for a moment-you should look at me, you should not. Cell phone.


Cheng Yao felt like a student who was captured on the spot during a business excursion in class. Under Qian Heng's death sight, she could only obediently put her phone away, tucked her hair together, and straightened her back to look at him.

Qian Heng looked at her, smiled lightly, then turned his head and looked at the host.

Because Qian Heng turned a two-person debate directly into a slaughter by one side against the other, and he listed all the solutions without thinking time. At this time, the recording time was only two-thirds past, and the original program will be left at the end of each program. Ten minutes for the audience to ask questions to the guests, now the host can only allocate the questioning session for the remaining 1/3 of the time.

For the entire show today, Deng Ming didn't have the opportunity to speak. The host was expecting Deng Ming to save some face, but it is a pity that the audience raised their hands one after another, almost all of them asked questions.

"You are called an'industry cancer' on the Internet. What do you think of this nickname?"

"Hello Attorney Qian, can you tell me the most impressive case you have ever handled?"

"What do you think is the relationship between law and morality?"

"Will the lawyer take those unjust cases for money?"


Qian Heng answered each question with clear logic and meticulous thoughts. He carefully and patiently explained his understanding and knowledge of the law.

"Hello Lawyer Qian, I am a law student. You said that most ordinary people do not have legal thinking, nor can they think about problems from the legal level. This is understandable, because morality and law, justice and injustice, such You can write a PhD thesis on a big subject, I understand that."

This time the question was a male student. He paused: "But many times, when I express my legal opinions on an incident, I will often be attacked by others. There are too many people in society, all I talk about blindness that is not reasonable. At the beginning, I explained each one patiently, but after a long time, I found it was useless. They would not listen to your explanation, they would only attack you and abuse you. You have always been my idol , Because so many people on the Internet criticized you for being a cancer tumor in the industry, you never bothered to explain it. I think its cool, but I dont know why you cant help but start to explain it. I dont think it is necessary. People who understand you naturally understand you. "The boy's words are very sharp," But now you are participating in a variety show and you are starting to rectify your name. How is it different from some lawyers standing next to you? I feel very disappointed!"

This issue is very controversial. As soon as the boy sat down, there was some commotion at the scene.

However, Qian Heng didn't panic, his expression was still calm and composed.

"I used to think like you too. I dont care about any false names. Others insults do not affect my business volume or my work. I dont care about explaining to people who have no legal thinking. The rate is 166.66 infinite. I dont think it's worth wasting time and money to popularize these things."

"But then someone changed my mind. She told me that lawyers should not only be responsible to their clients and do professional work, but also spread the faith in the law." Qian Heng lowered his eyes and said solemnly, "I think Its been a long time, but now I have to admit that this is right. Whether law students or legal practitioners, we should never have a sense of superiority and feel that we are more advanced than ordinary people who do not understand the law, and we should not criticize them for There are misunderstandings and conflicts in the legal profession. Our image is created by ourselves, and the belief in law should also be spread by our words and deeds. My original intention to participate in this program was to hope she was happy, but now, I am also I want to do more. I want to explain. I dont care if this makes me uncool. I just hope that I stand for the law and my career. I respect my career, respect the law, and believe in the law. I want to change other peoples misunderstandings about the law and the profession of lawyers, so I must act."

Almost as soon as Qian Hengs words fell, applause broke out at the scene. As the person who changed Qian Hengs thoughts, Cheng Yao had mixed feelings. She was touched and blushing. She only felt a heart, but nothing left. The rhythm that stopped beating, wrapped in throbbing and pride.

At this moment, she finally couldn't deny her feelings for Qian Heng. Even if she tried to restrain herself, likes were like the most viable seed. In the most difficult and dangerous situation, she would still find ways to break through.

And there was no moment when Cheng Yao was more proud than this moment. This is the image they should have as a legal person, a true legal person, and a man he still loves that he can't forget.

Qian Heng seemed to think that this was not enough. Between applause, he glanced in Cheng Yao's direction and spoke again.

"Of course, in addition to such a high-sounding reason, I also have selfishness." He paused, "I don't care what others think of me, but I don't want the one I love, because I am affected by any collateral, I hope Everyone knows what the person she loves is like. I hope everyone knows that her vision is correct."

Obviously this is a topic that has nothing to do with the law, but this time the applause is louder than before. Cheng Yao's face was also red in the endless applause.

At this moment, the question is still continuing.

"Lawyer Qian, I read all the cases you have done last night. I really want to ask, family lawyers like you, who are affected by struggle, human evil and selfishness every day, will feel a little bit married Doesn't mean it?"

After the applause, more audiences asked questions.

"Nowadays, women are still in a disadvantaged position because of their physical characteristics. On the Internet, there are many cases where marriages have unfortunately ruined their lives, including marital abuse, domestic violence, derailment, debts, and even fraudulent insurance. Wife killing has caused everyone to feel that they are not married and infertile. What do you think of this?"

Qian Heng's expression is still indifferent and calm, and his tone is still calm: "Not getting married, Dinking, and wanting to get married and wanting to have a child are two different but equally respectable choices, but I never agree with the statement that not getting married, not having children, and keeping safe. Without legal awareness, they will not take the initiative to take measures to protect themselves. For those who follow the trend in life, even if they are not married and infertile, they cannot be safe."

"Because there is nothing wrong with marriage, and there is nothing wrong with childbirth. The only problem is to find the wrong person. The happiness of life is not whether you are married or not, but what you have chosen and what kind of lover you have chosen. ."

Another girl stood up: "Lawyer Qian, I heard that you were originally determined not to marry DINK, but now you claim to have someone who wants to get married. What made you change your mind?"

"I'm very lucky. The person who changed my work style also changed my concept of marriage and childbirth and taught me equal love." Qian Heng pursed his lips, his handsome face was slightly nervous and solemn. "I want to marry her because during the long journey of life, I want to ignite each others warmth with her. I want to share my past, my present, and my future with her. I want to share all my worldly and Spiritual wealth, I want to live with her every day in the future."

Qian Heng's voice was as cold as ever, it almost didn't sound like a confession, but every word was like a blockbuster, and he hit Cheng Yao one after another without hesitation.

Speaking of this, Qian Heng paused, and then he spoke again: "What I want to say below has nothing to do with this program, and there is no prior consultation with the program team. If there is a loss to the program, I am willing to bear everything. Liability."


"I thought I would insist on not marrying DINK for the rest of my life, but Cheng Yao, I love you, you are all my rights and obligations."

As if crossing the space, the distance, and everything, Qian Heng looked towards Cheng Yao: "You are the only force majeure in my life. I have no chance of winning against you."

"I stand in the most humble position and ask you to be my partner for the rest of my life." Qian Heng pursed his lips, his handsome face even brought a bit of solemnity, and his calm voice had a fleeting meaning.

He is nervous.

This extremely powerful man was nervous.

He paused before continuing: "I will never propose to the public and ask you to give an answer on the spot. I will not give you any pressure. I don't want you to agree to me because of the enthusiasm of others. I want you. The calmest and most true answer, if you want, please tell me after the show, I will wait for you." Qian Heng's voice is calm and low, "Finally, please know that you are a very good lawyer. I have never opposed your career development. The legal market needs you, your clients need you, but I also need you."

After a hearty lawyer duel, you could still see such an explosive confession scene. The audience almost boiled. Applause, whistles, cheers, and roars all seemed to be huge in Cheng Yao's ears. The sound of the sea swallowed.

Qian Heng was always professional and nearly perfect. Even with such a high-profile marriage proposal, he never showed where Cheng Yao was, and he did not go along with the noise of those who wanted the parties to come on stage to propose marriage. He was unreserved in public. Exposing himself, but still carefully protecting everything about Cheng Yao.

This man was so good that he was so cunning that he almost blocked all his excuses for refusing, and he did nothing to find any flaws.

But at this moment Cheng Yao found desperately that she knew this, but she still couldn't resist.

In the last ten minutes of the shows recording, Cheng Yao could no longer listen to what she was talking about. Someone finally asked Deng Ming, who was almost forgotten, but it was not a question that allowed Deng Ming to save the situation. On the contrary, the audience began to question Deng Mings previous In the cases that have been handled, the problems are sharper and sharper than each, until the host has to intervene to ensure the effect of the program...

This was originally the situation that Cheng Yao liked the most, but at this moment, all of her heart was beating Qian Heng's melody. Until the end of the recording, her palms were still slightly damp.

She is also nervous. Very very nervous. The happy kind.

Qian Heng walked out of the background almost as soon as he finished recording. For the first time in his life, he was looking for someone so eagerly.

He wanted to see Cheng Yao, wanted to hug her, wanted to take all her eyes.

However, to his surprise, Cheng Yao was not in the background, Qian Heng pursed his lips and walked around. There was no her in the whole recording building. Instead, he saw many so-called fans of him. He was surrounded in the hall. Some people give flowers, some give gifts, some seek autographs, and some are taking pictures.

It's just that Qian Heng didn't care about it, because he finally saw Cheng Yao. She was standing on the road outside the hall with Gu Beiqing next to him. He was bending over and leaning over to say something to Cheng Yao.

At this moment, Qian Heng only felt that his adrenaline was not enough.

He could no longer care about the crowd surrounding him, and walked out of the hall to Cheng Yao.

I don't know when, Gu Beiqing has left Cheng Yao's side, but Qian Heng is not happy at all in his heart.

He looked at Cheng Yao silently.

Cheng Yao didn't speak, her face was calm and composed, and she also looked up at Qian Heng.

Qian Heng took a deep breath, but looked away, looking a little unnatural: "Cheng Yao, do you have anything to tell me?"

Cheng Yao tilted her head, she blinked, "Should I tell you something?"

With such an obvious pretending to be dumb, Qian Heng was stunned, followed by a huge disappointment and shock, but even so, he did not give up.

"Cheng Yao, I apologize for my previous superiority and self-feeling good. From now on, you decide my obedience. As long as you are willing to get married, we will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain a certificate. If you feel that you are not ready, then I will wait for you this time."

Qian Heng tried his best to speak in a calm and peaceful tone, but the pain in his heart was self-evident. Love is really troublesome. It makes people less like yourself, sour and painful, and makes people toss and turn. However, even so, Qian Heng still wants to experience this mixed flavor, which is like torture and like Kind of reward.

The value of marriage and love is probably because only in the intimate relationship between marriage and love, people have the opportunity to grow and reflect.

He Chengyao's journey was sweet, worried, nervous, happy, and painful, and all the ups and downs, Qian Heng found that he was happy.

At first he thought that this love brought Cheng Yao to grow up, but it was not until later that Qian Heng discovered that Cheng Yao also taught him to grow.

He stared at Cheng Yao, waiting for her final sentence, feeling uneasy and uneasy in his heart, if she no longer loves herself... if she has already treated Gu Beiqing...

Qian Heng didn't dare to think anymore.

"do not wait for me."

Cheng Yao looked into Qian Heng's eyes, with a calm tone of voice, as if he was sentenced to death: "Qian Heng, don't wait for me."

Qian Heng pursed his lips. He tried to control his emotions: "So you and Gu Beiqing..."

"You kneel down now."

Qian Heng frowned, but he couldn't react. "Kneel?"

What are you doing on your knees? Do you want to kneel down and apologize for your former superiority?

Qian Heng's face turned cold. It is okay to apologize, but kneeling is absolutely impossible. Qian Heng swears that he will not kneel. It is a matter of dignity...

"How can you propose marriage without kneeling down?"

For a moment, Qian Heng's mind was almost blank, and it was not until a minute later that he felt that his thinking continued to work. It was also at this time that he finally understood what Cheng Yao meant--

Don't wait, because there is no need.

Cheng Yao looked at the man in front of him from a blank face to ecstasy. It turned out that his face, which he usually held arrogantly and coldly, could flash such a rich expression in such a short time.

Finally, she couldn't hold the cold expression on her face just now, and she wanted to laugh.

Then she heard the man nervously saying, "It's okay to kneel, but I haven't bought a diamond ring yet."

Before Cheng Yao answered, he saw Qian Heng's face regained his composure again. He slowly knelt to Cheng Yao on one knee, then took out his wallet, and drew out a bank card in Cheng Yao's dumbfoundedness. ...

Qian Heng pursed his lips and said in a calm voice: "This is my salary card, and the password is my year of birth plus your birthday."

After he finished speaking, he took out another card: "This is the card I use for investment and financial management. The password is..."

"This is my overseas account, from the United States..."

"This is Swiss..."


One by one, Qian Heng calmly took out all the bank cards, told Cheng Yao the password one by one, and then handed it to her.

Cheng Yao was stunned. She stared at Qian Heng dumbly, not knowing whether she should accept or not accept this large number of bank cards.

Qian Heng looked at Cheng Yao and only saw her in his eyes. Although he tried to stay calm, his voice still contained tension that he could not control but tried hard to suppress: "I know that a proposal should bring at least a rose and a diamond ring, but I can't wait. I just want to confirm your identity as quickly as possible. I hope you will become my legal heir. From now on, it will be me in your spouse information column."

"Cheng Yao, please marry me."

Although Qian Heng felt that Cheng Yao loved herself, she couldn't help but look at her eyes, the nervousness when she found herself scratched by a cat, and watching her try to obstruct her when she was eating spicy food. The distress in my eyes when I had a fever... The details cannot be deceived. She loves him as much as he loves her.

However, when it came to the moment of marriage proposal, Qian Heng was still nervous, as if he was a little boy waiting for his grades after the first exam. He obviously felt that he was doing well in reviewing, but he really had his own self when he waited for the results to be announced. In doubt, did I really do well in the exam?

"You get up first." Cheng Yao didn't say whether it's good or not. She just squinted her eyes with a cunning look, "I'll tell you when you get up."

Qian Heng's mind is in confusion, Cheng Yao's reaction, isn't it? He was almost at a loss, with a huge loss in his heart, but he still stood up. In the news, the behavior of the courting woman who claimed to be kneeling until the other party said it was okay. Qian Heng has always been contemptuous. This is not pressure to force the other party Agree? This is not the ending he hopes, he will not force Cheng Yao to do anything.

Cheng Yao almost watched Qian Heng's face with undisguised loss and a huge blow. She felt a little painful and a little funny.

She couldn't hold back. Before Qian Heng could react, Cheng Yao jumped up, broke Qian Heng's face, and gave him a short and indiscriminate kiss. This was an undisguised sneak attack.

After the kiss, Cheng Yao actually blushed and ran across the road.

Qian Heng was completely confused by Cheng Yao's behavior of not playing cards according to the routine. He pressed his lips tightly and stared at Cheng Yao.

In the next scene, Qian Heng felt that he would never forget it for the rest of his life.

Cheng Yao panted and ran far across the street, then she waved at Qian Heng, and took out something from her bag. This thing looked like a banner. Cheng Yao held it in her hand and looked at it. Around, his face was a little blush, as if he was nervous and shy.

She glanced at Qian Heng again with bright eyes, and then finally went all out and unfolded what she was holding.

Only then did Qian Heng see that it was not a banner, but a foldable support card. Cheng Yao didn't know what switch he had pressed, but the light on the support card was so conspicuous that it attracted the attention of passers-by.

Cheng Yao bit her lip, her face flushed, but she still bravely held the support card. When passers-by kept looking at her, she stared back viciously.

Qian Heng's heart beat so violently that he almost jumped out of his chest.


Qian Heng's voice was still cold and his face was still calm and steady, but his eyes were full of bright smiles.

He couldn't wait any longer and ran across the road, hugging his girl tightly.

There is only one line on Cheng Yao's support card--

"Husband, I want to have a baby with you!"

Seeing Qian Heng approaching, Cheng Yao became shy and cowardly. She blushed, put away the support card, and tried to explain embarrassingly: "A female fan next to my seat fell. I just saw it. ..."

This time, Cheng Yao had no chance to finish her explanation. The second half of her sentence disappeared into Qian Heng's kiss. He leaned down, held Cheng Yao's face, and gave her a kiss.

Cheng Yao blushed and wanted to explain: "I didn't take it deliberately. I really didn't want to leave **** on the recording site with the idea of environmental protection at first. I don't want others to think that your fan quality is poor. It was totally a ghost to lift up like that just now..."

"it is good."

Cheng Yao was a little confused: "What?"

"The offer you made to me, I said okay." Qian looked at Cheng Yao steadily, then leaned close to her ear and kissed her earlobe lightly, "Have a baby with you, only with you."

From the earlobe to the neck of Cheng Yao, the red was spreading. However, Qian Heng hardly gave her time to react. He pulled Cheng Yao over and kissed her again.

At this time, no words are needed, just kissing.

This was a fierce kiss that brought too much emotion and desire. Cheng Yao blushed and his heart beats, almost until Qian Heng kissed her legs soft. However, she didn't hide. Like Qian Heng, she didn't care about the gaze around her. The two people just kissed like no one, and responded eagerly to each other.

The winter is bleak, but to warm one person, maybe only one kiss is needed, if not, then two.

Qian Heng used to think that seeing through the ugliness of human nature is a kind of maturity and thoroughness, but at this moment, kissing the person in his arms, he has a deep understanding of the words of Romain Roland. The true heroism is after seeing the truth of life. , Can still love it.

Even though he has experienced all the ugliness, scheming, scorching and conspiracy in this world, as long as Cheng Yao is there, he can still retain the softest and gentle part of his heart.

He wants to live with Cheng Yao, wants to share with her the endless dusk, the stretch of clear sky, the first rays of dawn, the wind in the wheat fields, the blooming roses, the ocean, the sun and the moon, the stars, spring, summer, autumn, and winter. For the rest of his life in the future, he wants to share all this with her. Walking through the streets together, seeing the scenery together, tasting the ups and downs of life together, he pulled her, and then it was a lifetime.

"There is a lot of personnel, for the rest of my life, I only want you."

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Note: "There is a lot of personnel, for the rest of my life, I only want you." This quote is from the lyrics of the song called "The rest of my life"

That's it~ See you guys!

Thank you very much for the more than a hundred days and nights with you! In my daily life, I have written so many 540,000 words, and I have insisted on changing daily!

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