What Comes Around Goes Around Chapter 104

Chapter 104:

Although she was very disappointed, Cheng Yao didn't sleep well this night, and Qian Heng's grievances lingered in her mind. When I got up the next day, no surprise, I had two dark circles under my eyes in the mirror. On the contrary, Qian Heng was a hundred times more energetic.

Fortunately, the two went to work in different law firms, and finally they could part ways. After Cheng Yao entered the BRIC, it seemed as if he had left the compass that interfered with the magnetic field and started to operate accurately again.

But soon, her mood was hung into the air again. When passing by the tea room of the law firm, Cheng Yao heard a conversation between several interns.

"Have you read that post?"

"Just pick up Qian Heng's post. The poster combed through the morally controversial cases he had done before, saying that he had no moral bottom line and was willing to do anything for money. Then his father was exposed as A The richest man in the city said that the cases that Qian Heng won in his early years were settled by the court by spending money at home..."

"Don't talk about Qian Heng, have you read the post about Lawyer Deng? Sure enough, people are afraid of being famous and afraid of being strong. When the two people appeared on "Lawyer to Debate", the heat went up, but the good guys picked up their privacy. "

"Deng Ming, what's the matter?"

"On the matter of his ex-wife cheating on him, his ex-wife really lost the face of our women. After reading it, I think it is not easy for Lawyer Deng. He comes from a poor family. While his ex-wife is in love and married with him, she feels that she is a tall man in the city. He waited, all kinds of despise Deng Ming, spent his money to support his lover, and because of his affection, he would rather be designed by his ex-wife to leave the house."

"So pitiful? It's really not easy. Especially after encountering this kind of thing, Lawyer Deng can still maintain this kind of refined temper and demeanor. This is a big man. When you say this, I suddenly have more and more impressions of Lawyer Deng. All right"

Several interns were chatting with a gossip mentality, but Cheng Yao was not at peace after listening. Her heart gradually sank. She took out her mobile phone with a bad feeling.

Naturally, Deng Ming would not lie down and let Qian Heng hang up. He could not win openly on the show, but just like Cheng Xi had reminded himself before, with his vengeance and vanity, he would definitely play secretly. Overcast, make some minor moves.

Although Deng Ming was defeated in the Lu Jian case, because of his sophistry and success, this case did not touch his vested interests at all. He was still the glamorous "conscience of the industry". On the other hand, Although Cheng Yao didn't want to admit it, in Deng Ming's eyes, he probably didn't even have the qualifications to be his opponent, so Deng Ming didn't even bother to avenge himself in the end.

However, Qian Heng is different. Qian Heng is too powerful and dazzling. He is like the most precious and gorgeous jasper. Deng Ming is like the dim, dead fisheye with fish eyes and pearls by his side. No one will oppress Qian Heng. Feel and feel. Especially this time when Qian Heng dismantled Deng Ming's station so mercilessly, Deng Ming really started to play with public opinion again.

Cheng Yao had to admit that Deng Ming really never fumbled when playing with public opinion and public mentality.

The so-called peeling stickers began to ferment in the early hours of the morning. First, an anonymous "informed person" half-concealed left in all the hot posts about Qian Heng with inexplicable revelations-"Qian Heng is a poor character. There is no morality, only to bend for money, and the rampant is still relying on a strong and terrifying family background."

Then there are all kinds of "informed people" who have sprung up after the rain, claiming to be Deng Mings neighbors; claiming to be Deng Ming and Cheng Xis alumni; claiming to be the Deng Ming brothers... But no matter what they are wearing The caliber of these "informed persons" is very uniform. That is how they have truly witnessed how the gentle and elegant Deng Ming was used and abandoned by his ex-wife. Although only a few words, the tipping point of these "informed people" public opinion was firmly stepped on: the poor boy fell in love with the Peacock Girl, and stayed up all night for the Peacock Girl until his body collapsed and was hospitalized. He bought an RV for the Peacock Girl and offered a salary card. I thought I could live a good life in the counterattack, but I was cheated by the Peacock girl...

This almost completely aroused the indignation of the common people. In this world, most of them are ordinary people who are neither rich nor expensive. These people can counterattack and support themselves to endure bad work with hard work. Deng Ming's story almost gave them an absolute sense of substitution. An honest man who had struggled for half his life was ruined by a sinister and scheming woman. This almost completely hit the people's anger. After Deng Ming suffered such great suffering, he did not become hysterical. Instead, he was able to maintain a gentle and refined career path and continue to develop. In the end, he reaped happiness again and had a new family and children. This is simply the standard for face-saving. The template only makes everyone feel the same.

Compared with Deng Ming, Qian Heng's situation is much worse. He is too good, he is excellent, he is excellent, his professional ability is excellent, his earning is excellent, and his family background is excellent. This completely hits many Chinese men. The pain points of netizens, and successfully attracted the enemies of the rich.

In this kind of public opinion, someone else inadvertently described the case that Qian Heng handled in a jealous manner: He represented the wealthy businessman who cheated and let the poor original partner go out; The **** won the estate; he represented the greasy old man of the chicken thieves and defeated the gentle ex-wife in the trust case...

At this time, "passing by the masses" took stock of the cases handled by Deng Ming: helping widows and widows demand alimony from the black-hearted son; helping the abandoned original spouse fight for the property hidden by the scumbag's ex-husband during the divorce; helping the legal spouse to recover the marriage Miscellaneous splurge's common property...

Most ordinary people lack a rational understanding of law and the profession of lawyers, and can only recognize justice and injustice from the moral level. In their eyes, the unjust and unethical is the dregs of the attack. And they are even less like Cheng Yao, who knew that Deng Mings cases were nothing more than a fig leaf he used to construct his personal set regularly. In fact, behind the use of these cases to win a reputation, he only looked at the size of the target when he took the case. In order to win, I will ignore the law and do whatever it takes.

As said in "The Crowd", what the group pursues and believes is never truth and reason, but blind obedience, cruelty, paranoia and fanaticism, only knowing simple and extreme feelings.

Deng Ming knew all about the psychology of public opinion, and he was almost hit by a hit.

Overnight, public opinion exploded in a completely different direction. With the obvious guidance and the navy, Qian Heng's reputation on the Internet was instantly discredited, and he became known as the "malignant tumor of the industry"; while Deng Ming relied on his "tragic past" to successfully counterattack by word of mouth and harvest a wave of mixed The sympathetic favor and cheering encouragement once again secured the throne of the "conscience of the industry". The sharp contrast between Qian Heng and Deng Ming's private lives suddenly overturned their reputation.

Cheng Yao looked at these posts with great anger. Deng Ming was too despicable and shameless. This was the case when handling the case, even as a variety show. He couldn't win, so he used the next trick to discredit his opponent.

"Qian Heng is really nauseous and vomiting. I wish he will have genital warts and AIDS after sterilization, and his face will be full of cauliflower!"

"Lawyer Dengs ex-wife Cheng Xi, she looks very dignified on the surface. This kind of woman actually has a strong inner desire, and when she gets to bed, she is very lustful. Show you a photo I picked up and compare it to my analysis. Let me show you the face."


Because of the Bai Xingmeng case, Cheng Yao has not experienced cyber violence, but at this moment, looking at these curses and malicious assumptions, she realized that this was more unacceptable than being scolded.

Qian Heng is not such a person, not even Cheng Xi.

Until this moment, she could no longer lie to herself. She cares about Chengxi, and she cares about Qian Heng as well. These two people are equally important to themselves.

For Cheng Xi and Qian Heng, Cheng Yao felt that she should also do something, not just wait and die.

But before she could figure out a solution, she learned a bad news from Li Chengxuan.

During the lunch break, Li Chengxuan mysteriously walked to Cheng Yao's side.

"Cheng Yao, do you think I should change my hair style? This hair style is too common on TV, right?"

"On TV?"

Li Chengxuan was very proud: "Do you know that "Lawyer to Debate"? The attention has been very hot recently. In tonight's issue, the program team invited me to confront Deng Ming.

Cheng Yao frowned and said in amazement, "Isn't it Qian Heng playing against Deng Ming?"

"That guy Qian Heng, he was scolded badly on the Internet recently. Maybe he can't bear the public opinion. I was ready to withdraw from the second phase of the recording after breaking the contract. The program team found me in the morning, begging grandpa to tell grandma to let me go to the rescue. It."

Li Chengxuan said it was unintentional, but Cheng Yao listened to it intentionally.

There is absolutely no reason for a man like Qian Heng to withdraw because he cant bear public opinion and infamy. He has a very tough personality. Because he is strong, he doesnt care about the evaluation of the outside world. Even if the world is against him, he has a way of ruining him. The momentum of the world.

So what happened?

Cheng Yao didn't hold back, she hid in the conference room, hesitating again and again, and still pressed the familiar series of numbers. Since the breakup, she had actually deleted Qian Heng's number, but it was about to happen, she didn't need to think about it, she had already dialed the number.

Some things, even if they are deleted, still remember. Cheng Yao suddenly hated iron and gave up on herself.

The call was answered almost in seconds, and Qian Heng's deep voice was on the other end: "Cheng Yao?"

When I dialed the number, I was not nervous, but now I became nervous. Cheng Yao subconsciously turned off the topic to ease the embarrassment: "Are you very free today? You answered so quickly?"

"Your ringtone is special."

Qian Heng is like this. Sometimes this man is too straight, but sometimes he knows the art of speaking too much. He didn't say anything else, but just such a sentence, those implied emotions are ready to come out

Only you, I took it so fast.

Cheng Yao tried his best to shake off the emotions in her happiness, and went straight to the subject and talked about the business: "Why are you quitting the show tonight?"

Qian Heng obviously didn't want to tell the truth, his voice was faint: "Suddenly I don't want to go, it's meaningless."

"But you also invited me to the scene at night?"

Qian Heng paused, his voice slightly lowered: "You won't go."

"I will."

Qian Heng's side was quiet.

"As long as you play, I'll go." Cheng Yao simply gave up. "Deng Ming used so many tricks behind his back. If you didn't go, wouldn't you be in his arms? It was a vain bargain for him, and it made you seem like you didn't fight. Its the same as defeat, and it has so much bad reputation."

"I don't care about fame."

"I know you don't care." Cheng Yao took a deep breath, her face grinning, "but I care."

Qian Heng seemed to be stunned. After a while, he reacted as if: "What? What did you just say?"

"I said I care." Cheng Yao resisted the heat on her face and said solemnly, "You can barely be regarded as one of my suitors now. Being pursued by a suitor with such a bad reputation, my face is not bright. "

This time, Qian Heng's reaction was quick: "One? Who else is there except me? Gu Beiqing? Is there someone else? In the word "one", at least three or more..."

My friend, can you pay attention to the key points first? !

"You have to continue to record at night." Cheng Yao had to turn back to the topic by herself, "I don't want to see people like Deng Ming who can continue to go on for fame. I want to watch you in front of so many viewers. He beats the flowers and destroys them all."

"Cheng Yao, I can't go."


"Deng Ming called me."


Qian Heng paused, his voice calm and calm, but the content made Cheng Yao's heart blown up.

"Deng Ming said that if I insist on continuing to participate in the recording tonight, he will retaliate against Cheng Xi and will release more of Cheng Xi's private information, photos, current work address, including her mobile phone number. You know, Our countrys privacy protection has always been poor. Even if it is leaked, it is not only difficult but also a long process to pursue accountability and rights protection. I know that Cheng Xi suffered a great blow after her divorce with Deng Ming. I heard Wu Jun said that he was a little depressed for a while, and now he is in a better condition. If Deng Ming does this time, I am afraid that Cheng Xi will suffer a lot."

Cheng Yao's heart was full of anger, and Deng Ming was so shameless as to write: "Where does he come from his self-confidence and feel that he can threaten you if he takes it as a pity? Qian Heng, don't worry about it..."

"Cheng Yao, he knows that I like you." Qian Heng was quiet for a moment before adding, "I like it very much. I like it so much that I can change my principles for you."

"Cheng Xi is your sister. I can't leave it alone. I don't want you to be hurt, and I don't want your family to be hurt." Qian Heng's voice is still faint, "As for my own reputation, I don't rely on reputation for talent. After receiving the case, not to mention that I was a cancer tumor in the industry not long ago?"

"You are not, Deng Ming is." Cheng Yao's heart is huge determination: "Qian Heng, go to participate, to rectify your own name, to rectify our lawyer's professional name, to tell the world what is truly professional What kind of lawyers are professional qualities."

Qian Heng's voice pondered for a moment before he said in a low voice, "Cheng Xi..."

"Qian Heng, I dont need your protection. I will protect my family. I dont want you to sacrifice yourself to protect me. Whether it is Bai Xingmengs case or Tang Bings case, you are protecting me. The courtesy talks, so this time, let me protect you." Cheng Yao's voice was smiling, firm and decisive, "Please beat Deng Ming fiercely in the show to make him think of variety shows in his life. The show not only dare not make another show, but there will always be a psychological shadow that cannot be removed."

"As for the rest, Igotyourback."

Qian Heng does not want her family to be harmed, and Cheng Yao hopes that Qian Heng will be harmed because of this. Being strong does not mean that she should bear more pressure. She does not want Qian Heng to bear such a misunderstood name. I don't want him to be criticized for having the courage to withdraw tonight. Regarding Chengxi, she already had a solution in her mind, and she only needed to get Chengxi's consent.

After hanging up Qian Heng's call, Cheng Yao took a deep breath and called her sister Cheng Xi.


Cheng Xi interrupted her first: "Yaoyao, I am just looking for you." She paused, but her voice was firm, "I am going to sue Deng Ming."

Cheng Yao was stunned, and then she was excited and surprised: "Sister!"

Cheng Xi's decision coincides with her own plan!

"I saw the black posts on the Internet." Cheng Xi's voice brought a light sarcasm, "For Deng Ming, my ex-wife is really a brick. I need to move where."

"Sister, I'm sorry. This time, Deng Ming suddenly pulled you out again because of me..." Cheng Yao didn't know how to explain, "How can I say, there was a law variety show called "Lawyers Debate" recently. , Deng Ming participated, and then I, no, just Qian Heng..."

"Yaoyao, I watched "Lawyers Come to Debate." Cheng Xi interrupted Cheng Yao, "I also know who Qian Heng is."

Now Cheng Yao was a little surprised: "I thought you wouldn't watch variety shows that Deng Ming participated in."

For the first time in her life, Cheng Xi talked about Deng Ming, not suppressing and avoiding, but with a relaxed and calm tone: "I won't look at anything else, but it's so frustrating that he beat him in the face, how can I miss it?"

After divorcing Deng Ming, Cheng Xi hasn't been able to come out for a long time. It's not that she has lost her love for Deng Ming, but that Cheng Xi's belief in love and marriage was completely shattered by Deng Ming. The first love on campus, the lover she has given for many years can be so cold-blooded and unfeeling, Cheng Xi almost lost the interest in knowing strangers and almost lost the ability to communicate with outsiders.

She is beautiful and gentle. After the divorce, it is not that no one pursues it. It is just that for a long time after the divorce, it is difficult for her to recover from the injury, and she is even a little depressed. She resigned and traveled for a while in Cheng Yao's persuasion. , And finally gradually returned to normal. However, Cheng Yao knew that although Cheng Xi seemed to be talking and laughing again on the surface, she did not really come out.

"I am very, very grateful to Qian Heng." At this moment, Cheng Xi was talking about Deng Ming calmly. "Watching him slowly tearing away Deng Ming's disguise in the eyes of all the people, I feel very happy and happy, and I feel very grateful. He did everything I dared not do for me."

"This is the first time I have taken the initiative to pay attention to Deng Ming's information." Cheng Xi smiled lightly. "Although the divorce has passed for a long time, I can't say that I have come out before that. Because for Deng Ming I evade all the information from Deng Ming. Even though I was slandered by Deng Ming at the time of the divorce, I subconsciously avoided facing it, so no matter how you encourage me, I dont want to prosecute, because I just want things to follow Time passed." Cheng Xi paused, "Deng Ming is a wound in my life. Even if I know there is pus and blood, I am too afraid of pain, too afraid, so afraid that even if he knows that he only responds positively to this He can heal after the end, and I dont want to tear open the wound again."

This is the first time Cheng Xi has confessed her heart to Cheng Yao. Cheng Yao held her mobile phone and felt how distressed she was for her sister, and how disgusted and disgusted Deng Ming was. Such a good Chengxi, why is he hurt so repeatedly?

"But now I don't want to be like this." Cheng Xi's voice was firm, "There are some things that can't be avoided forever. I don't want others to protect me, others are fighting for me. I should stand up and fight back. Otherwise. Its not fair to you, its not fair to Qian Heng, and its even more unfair to my boyfriend who is silently guarding my boyfriend. I have been counseling for so many years, and its time to stand up and make a decision with the past and say goodbye."

While Cheng Yao was excited for Cheng Xi, she was also attracted by another incident. She was stunned: "Boyfriend? Sister? Have you made a boyfriend?"

Cheng Xi calmly dropped a heavy scam: "Well, I'm with Jun Wu."

Wu Jun? ? ?

Sister and Wu Jun are together? ? ?

Before Cheng Yao was surprised, Cheng Xi gave her a second stimulus. She said calmly: "I also learned about you and Qian Heng recently."

Cheng Yao bit her lip: "It's divided."

"After that, why did you call me for Qian Heng?"

"I didn't do it for Qian Heng!"

Cheng Xi smiled softly and insightly: "You want me to fight back, and I hope Qian Heng will not recite his name. You care about him as much as you care about me."

Cheng Yao was almost annoyed and turned into anger: "Sister!"

"Okay, let's talk about business." Cheng Xi finally stopped teasing Cheng Yao, she paused, "I want to sue Deng Ming about this matter, I want to leave it to you."

Cheng Yao's heart was excited and excited: "I wanted to sue him a long time ago! Now I'm going to sort out the materials and collect evidence! But apart from litigation, we can't afford him at the public opinion level! We have to fight back in public opinion!"

"Well, leave it to Jun Wu, he has a lot of contacts in the media circle."

Cheng Yao nodded vigorously.

The sisters did not chat on the phone for the first time, but discussed the litigation plan rigorously. After all, Cheng Xi is a high-achieving student who graduated from T University Law School. He really devoted himself to legal analysis, and the ideas put forward are also remarkable. .

A good lawyer should not use public opinion to influence the judgment, but when faced with the opposing lawyer's vain attempt to lead the rhythm with public opinion, he should not sit still and fight head-on. Law and public opinion may not necessarily contradict each other. Cheng Yao believes that as long as we resort to the law in a reasonable manner and present comprehensive facts in front of public opinion, without bias and distortion, then after the facts are truly restored, public opinion may not be a benign promotion of the law.

It is easy for the public to believe a lie in the face of the edited "truth". At this time, someone should stand up and make a comprehensive clarification.

Just before hanging up the phone, Cheng Yao finally confirmed again: "Sister, did you really think about it? Although we can also clarify Deng Ming's lies from public opinion, the reason why public opinion is public opinion is because it is too diverse. , Even if most people support you after knowing the truth, there will always be a small number of people who wont wake up, will attack you, and continue to yell at you... Even because of the unprecedented degree of discussion, this time we will release facts to clarify Later, you will be more at the forefront of the storm than when you divorced Deng Ming before, and you will continue to be paid attention to. The peaceful life you want may not be achieved in a short time... So sister, have you really decided? ?"

"Yaoyao, I can't always let you protect me and let you all take into account my emotions." Cheng Xi did not hesitate at all. "I know that Deng Ming threatened Qian Heng to let him withdraw from the program group. He can do it for you. Aiwu and Wudu even I want to protect together, regardless of what kind of insults and disrepute will be faced when quitting the show, I have to quit, what can't I? You love him and want to protect him, I love you, and also love you The person I love, how can I see him facing such a predicament?"

After hanging up Cheng Xi's call, Cheng Yao was still excited and excited, her cheeks were still hot, this feeling of fighting with Cheng Xi was really good. Between relatives, even if there have been quarrels, contradictions, and discords about being young, there is a kind of magic in blood relationship, so that each other can be twisted into a force, I protect you, you care about me.

She feels sorry for Cheng. Because of the unintentional comparison between her parents, she once had subtle emotions, but they will always be sisters. forever.

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