Wealthy Supporting Actress Tore The Script Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Pregnant Dumplings

After her remarriage, Jiang Dai still focused on her career and has no plans to have a baby yet. +++ Popular Tanmei Novels: www.sto123.cc

Seeing Huo Rongshen get older, the Huo family parents are naturally impatient, but where can they dare to remind the daughter-in-law who has finally coaxed back?

Mrs. Huo had to turn her head to toss her little son, nagging all day long: "Shen Li, your boss is not young, and you have talked a lot with your girlfriends. Recently, this mother has been very good looking at it. Get married early and let your mother hold your grandson."

Jiang Dai's parents didn't have any burdens, and when they felt it was time to urge them, they just spoke straight.

Jiang Dais mother is also very open-minded: "Dai Dai, if you say that you dont like children and dont want children, then its okay. Mom doesnt want to think about it, but you actually want it. You just havent been prepared for it. Career, but now there is no burden in career. Since you have to give birth sooner or later, it is better to give birth as soon as possible. You are twenty-eight this year, and you are over thirty to give birth, which is not good for your physical recovery."

Back home, into the night, Huo Rongshen kissed his wife's forehead and eyebrows, gradually downward...

Until she fell on her smooth and flat lower abdomen, she asked tentatively: "Dai Dai, do you think what mom said today makes sense?"

Can Jiang Dai still not understand his thoughts?

With a look from the man, she knew what he was making.

Jiang Dai stared at him: "If you have something to say, just say it directly, don't be circumspect."

Huo Rongshen sighed. He was utterly weak and helpless in front of his wife. He thought about it for a while before he mustered the courage to say: "Dai Dai, I really want a baby. I'm thirty-four years old. You have to wait until I reborn in my forties. I am almost 60 when my baby is an adult. I don't want to have too much generation gap with my baby..."

Jiang Dai held back a smile.

In fact, she has been moved recently. Whether it is her age or the time to remarry, it seems that it is time to take this step.

Jiang Dai finally let go and promised Huo Rongshen to go with the flow.

Mr. Huo was very pleasantly surprised. He remarried for nearly three years and finally he can have a perfect married life without wearing an ultra-thin jacket.


Maybe it's really right and right.

Jiang Dai was pregnant soon, without any setbacks.

At first, it went well, but the violent reaction in the early second trimester did not come. Jiang Dai was in very good condition, and the small spots in her belly were also healthy.

After the first three months of pregnancy, Jiang Dai has become more confident about her physical foundation. She feels that pregnancy is just a trivial matter. She even handles several big projects herself.

But I didn't expect...changes are always sudden.

Jiang Dais pregnancy reaction began to appear in the fourth month. She became grumpy, obviously flammable and explosive, and very sensitive. She became unusually sentimental, and she would be angry even after reading a piece of negative social news. Rough, sitting on the bed and crying.

She was pregnant in September in the golden autumn, just after the scorching heat, and the temperature was right in autumn.

As the winter gradually entered, her belly began to show up, and her whole body became heavy. In addition, this year Yanjing caught up with the super cold winter of once in ten years. The temperature was extremely low and it snowed frequently, which was colder than the winter of previous years. .

Because of frequent heavy snowfalls, the roads are heavily snowed and traffic jams are serious.

Jiang Dai's various reactions during pregnancy are severe, so she puts her work at home as much as possible and communicates with subordinates remotely.

After their remarriage, the couple had been living in Nangang Palace under Jiang Dai's name.

The villa has the highest-end geothermal and central constant temperature system, and there is also a humidification device. Normally, even in severe winter, living in the villa will not feel dry and uncomfortable because of the heating.

It's just that this year's low temperature is special, and the floor heating temperature must be higher than in previous years, otherwise it will be difficult to control the temperature due to the outdoor low temperature.

But most of them can be kept at the most comfortable temperature for the human body, and healthy people will not feel discomfort.

But Jiang Dai was facing a growing belly, and all kinds of insomnia, swelling, and restless reactions came all at once. Her body became extremely sensitive to hot flashes due to progesterone. No matter how humidified and controlled, she still felt uncomfortable. It seems that there is a fire in my stomach, and there is also a fire behind, sometimes better and sometimes serious.

The most irritable is at night, she often sleeps restlessly at night, will wake up in an hour or two, sweaty and drenched all over.

Huo Rongshen has been personally accompanying and taking care of him. He saw Jiang Dai's discomfort, and he was worried and distressed.

He has long cultivated that Jiang Dai wakes up and nudges him. He wakes up like a conditioned reflex. He gets up to give her water, then gets up to help her replace her sweaty nightdress, and sometimes puts a thick cloak on her to accompany her. She went to the terrace to breathe a little bit.

Tossing three times a night is a common occurrence.

Huo Rongshen waited cautiously, obediently, and almost reached the level of selecting a star-rated babysitter, and everything focused on his wife without the slightest complaint.

Jiang Dai actually knows that Huo Rongshen has been doing her best to take care of her. If there is a scoring system for his wife's performance during pregnancy, Huo Rongshen can definitely get a score 10 points higher than the full mark.

But she became pregnant, and her belly became heavier. When she went from four months to five or six months of pregnancy, her temper became very bad, her temperament changed drastically, and she seemed to hide a monster in her body. of.

From time to time, he would get angry, because of this and other reasons with Huo Rongshen.

Jiang Dai actually knew that it was her own problem, but she just couldn't control herself.

When going for the check-up, she even hired an experienced psychologist.

The psychiatrist comforted her, saying that there was no major problem, and also said that during pregnancy, due to body hormones and comprehensive discomfort, the temperament and personality changes caused by pregnant women are very normal. They usually return to normal after giving birth. Let her not have psychological pressure.

Huo Rongshen has also been comforting her, saying that her temper has not changed, but that it is too hard to carry the baby. After two months, the body will fully adapt.

One afternoon, Jiang Dai woke up from a nap and was about to eat afternoon tea.

After going to the bathroom and looking in the mirror, she suddenly found a thin layer of light brown spots on both sides of her nose, and she burst into tears.

The noise was so fierce that it frightened Huo Rongshen and hugged her for an hour.

"It's okay, good girl, this is the pregnancy spot, it will disappear soon, and it is not obvious. When you go out, apply a little foundation to cover it. Would you not cry?"

Jiang Dai made a fuss and sweated herself. Ma accepted it and stopped being angry, and started to feel annoyed that she lost her temper again, was angry with herself, and became aggrieved.

Such things happen from time to time, and the butlers and servants of Nangang Palace see it and sympathize with Mr. Huo.

Huo Rongshen was very self-comforting. Just as his wife returned to puberty, she was a sensitive and suspicious little girl, and there was nothing wrong with her temper.


Another day, Jiang Dai was tired from ten o'clock in the evening and then lay in bed. She froze for two hours before barely falling asleep.

When she woke up at around four in the morning, her whole body was so hot that she couldn't wear her nightdress and ran out to the ice and snow to cool herself.

But she just thought about it. The physical discomfort is far less important than the baby's health. Although the child is pregnant with hardship, but fortunately, the baby is very healthy every time she is checked. This is her greatest comfort.

Jiang Dai drank a glass of cold water and felt more comfortable. Huo Rongshen also slept soundly. He was also very tired recently. Jiang Dai felt sorry for him too.

She didn't wake him up, so he fell asleep peacefully.

Jiang Dai was still in a calm mood today, but she couldn't sleep anymore.

Then she picked up the phone and looked at the news related to work. It happened that she hadn't processed a few important emails last night. She checked the time at 4:30, and it was not impossible to deal with it now.

Afraid of making Huo Rongshen noise, she walked out of the master bedroom lightly, went to the study, turned on the computer, and started working.

Finished processing the mail, and then dealt with other tasks by the way.

Jiang Dai has been President Jiang for a long time. To put it bluntly, it is work addiction.

As soon as she entered work, she suddenly forgot that she was a pregnant woman and her physical discomfort. She sat at the table with her stomach upright and typed on the keyboard. She spoke in fluent English from time to time to reprimand the other party's subordinates for work mistakes.

It was so busy until eight o'clock in the morning.

Huo Rongshen also overslept. He hadn't got enough sleep for a week. In addition to taking care of Jiang Dai, he also had a lot of tricky work to do. It was rare to be stable for a few hours, and his wife did not push him to wake him. It should have been a comfortable and satisfying sleep.

But he woke up suddenly, his pillow was empty, and he burst into cold sweat inexplicably.

Furiously ran out to find Jiang Dai.

Finally, I found her in the study. Jiang Dai was drinking coffee and talking passionately to her voice, scolding a technical director of the other nationality.

Huo Rongshen froze in place, his temples protruding, and his heart twitched.

Jiang Dai hung up the voice, and then noticed him, her mind was also dumbfounded, and she subconsciously glanced at the time, it was actually past eight o'clock...

Huo Rong's face was dark, and he rebuked: "What's the matter with you? I didn't sleep well and came to work again? Didn't the doctor say that it is best not to drink coffee?"

Jiang Dai's white face and two black circles under his eyes made him feel very distressed.

Jiang Dai knew in her heart that she had forgotten everything as soon as she worked, but Huo Rongshen's attitude... so fierce, she suddenly shifted her emotions, pursing her lips and crying.

Huo Rongshen panicked instantly, and hurriedly stepped forward to coax his wife: "Why are you crying? Did I say something wrong?"

Jiang Dai yelled while wiping her tears: "You are fierce to me, Huo Rongshen, you are too much!"

Huo Rongshen:? ? ? ?

Jiang Dai cried so much and kept herself in the room all day long.

In the evening, I made an appointment to go back to my natal home to have dinner with my parents.

Huo Rongshen cautiously coaxed and went back together, but Jiang Dai still ignored him.

Both the father-in-law and the mother-in-law knew about their daughter's recent situation.

Jiang's mother was a little sympathetic to her son-in-law, knowing that his life has been difficult in recent months.

After eating, I couldn't help but whispered: "Daidai, your pregnancy is hard, but it is not easy to tolerate it. Have you bullied him again?"

Jiang Dai's eyes widened, her eyes red instantly.

Huo Rongshen hurriedly hugged her and patted her back: "Don't cry, don't cry, Mom, nothing is my fault, it's all my fault, Dai Dai never bullied me, Dai Dai is the gentlest girl."


Mr. Huos situation, Fa Xiao Pei Jun saw in his eyes, and from time to time he teased him: "Its not easy to be a wife and slave. Come on, hold on."

Huo Rongshen said in disgust: "Come on, I enjoy it very much. Jiang Dai has a mature and independent personality. This period of pregnancy is a rare and special period. I am afraid that I will miss it when the baby arrives."

Pei Jun scoffed at him: "Tsk, are you afraid of shaking?"

During the cherry blossom season, Jiang Dai gave birth to a small dumpling made of pink jade.

She is a daughter, named Huo Ying.

The original meaning is the romantic meaning of the cherry blossom season. Unexpectedly, on the full moon wine, Xiaofen Danzi firmly grasped a red and big cherry with her chubby claws, and she didn't want to spread it, as if she couldn't put it down.

The couple couldn't help laughing, and later called their daughter's milk name Cherry.

Cherry grew to three years old in the blink of an eye and went to kindergarten.

Jiang Dai loves her daughter very much, and even thinks about giving her another brother in order to have one more person in the future.


On this day, Huo Rongshen went to pick up her daughter from school, took the dumplings from the kindergarten teacher, and held the cherry on his arm.

When he arrived in the garage, he skillfully placed his daughter in the rear child safety seat and fastened the seat belt.

As Huo Rongshen drove on the road, Cherry suddenly asked, "Dad, what does Fear mean?"

Huo Rongshen: "?"

Cherry: "Kindergarten classmates have heard their mother say that my father is super powerful, just because he is afraid of the inside."

Huo Rongshen: "...Cherry, dad tells you, Fear, what it describes is a kind of beautiful feeling, the love of husband and wife."

The three-year-old Cherry tilted his head and thought, without doubt.

A few days later, Cherries ran to father's study and was picked up by Huo Rongshen and placed on the table. She was holding her favorite cherry milkshake, sucking it hard, shaking her two tender fat legs.

"Dad, you lied to Cherries!"

Huo Rongshen: "?"

"My uncle told me that being afraid of the inside means being afraid of your wife! It means that although you are very powerful, you are afraid of your wife, and you are counseling in front of your mother!"

Huo Rongshen: "..." He wanted to discount Huo Shenli's little cocky legs.

Huo Rongshen quickly came up with a perfect explanation using his wisdom in the business circle for many years: "Cherry, fear of the inside is indeed the meaning of fear of his wife, but this fear is not because of counseling, but because I and my mother love each other, because my father is too I love my mother, so I am afraid. This is called being afraid of love, understand?"

Mr. Huo prides himself on being very successful in fooling the children.

Cherries have a flat mouth: "Cut! Dad wants to lie to me again! I know it, they all said that Mom and Dad divorced before, but gave birth to cherries after remarriage. Dad, have you done bad things before? That's why my mother doesn't want you. You are now afraid of it, just because your mother doesn't want you again!"

Huo Rongshen: "..."

President Huo, you can do anything, and the family status will always be the last one.

In the summer of this year, Jiang Dai and Huo Rongshen took a ten-day vacation and took Huo Ying to the island for their remarriage and honeymoon vacation.

This is the first time they have taken a small dumpling to travel far, and it is also the first time Cherry has seen such a beautiful sea and beach with his own eyes.

In the sun, Jiang Dai and Huo Ying are wearing parent-child swimwear. The two-piece style, light purple ice cream, and the bud-shaped design make the mother and daughter more white and lovely.

Huo Rongshen mainly acts as a photographer, helping his wife and baby girl to take various photos.

The two people in the photo are his world.

He is extremely happy now.


A family of three had a great time on vacation.

at night.

Huo Rongshen finally waited until Cherries were asleep.

He lifted the thin blanket on Jiang Dai, leaned down, his lips slippery and lower...

Jiang Dai was itchy by him and reached out to grab his hair.

He pressed his throat and blew into her ear: "My daughter, I really miss my honeymoon."

Taking a little girl to this private island for vacation, the intention was to relive their honeymoon happiness with cherries.

With one more dumpling, happiness is naturally different. However, the trouble is not without it.

For example, now... Huo Rongshen had already endured an explosion.

Jiang Dai was stimulated by the bad behavior on his hands and almost screamed. She bit her lip: "You, pay attention...Be careful to wake up the cherry."

Huo Rongshen sucked on her soft earlobe, supported her back, tried to pick up the person, bewildered: "Afraid of waking up the cherry...Let's go out on the beach chairs, just like during the honeymoon, you can call it big Be louder, eh?"

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