Wealthy Supporting Actress Tore The Script Chapter 93

Chapter 93: Takatsuno Extra

Yanjing Third Middle School, on the basketball court. +++All Tanmei Novels: www.sto123.cc

Today, the second grade collective basketball game, free activities in the last two classes in the afternoon, many students went downstairs to watch the game.

Jiang Dai was also pulled down by her best friend Bai Zhi. Bai Zhi held the milk tea while drinking it and stared at a tall boy on the basketball court intently. That was her crush.

It wasn't until the end of the first half that Baizhi finally retracted his gaze and took Jiang Dai's arm to act like a baby: "Woo, Dai Dai, my brother is too handsome."

Jiang Dai helplessly: "You, don't your eyes feel sore after watching for so long? Don't your legs feel numb if you stand motionless?"

Bai Zhi smiled shyly: "Go, let's go for a walk on the playground!"

Jiang Dai and Baizhi laughed while talking, and didn't pay attention to the people next to them at all, so that when some classmates behind them were playing and chasing each other and bumping into each other, Jiang Dai was not at all prepared.


Jiang Dai drank the remaining half a cup of milk tea and was knocked into the air.

This is a tall boy, and his black T-shirt suddenly got stains.

Jiang Dai was startled, and instinctively wanted to apologize, her eyes shifted, and she was caught off guard against the young gloomy face.

Qiao Jinye, as his name suggests, fights wildly and fiercely, he is known as the third lieutenant colonel.

The boy has a good appearance, but his eyebrows are full of serious killings and hostility that are not suitable for his age. He is not like an ordinary high school student, but like a gangster on the street.

Bai Zhi was so scared that her legs were soft, and she pulled Jiang Dai's arm, shaking tremblingly: "Dai, Dai..."

Many students on the playground were attracted, and some boys who like to booby even whistled.

"Oh, Jiang Xiaohua smashed Qiao Xiaoba with milk tea. I watched the show."

Baizhi almost cried, but it wasn't that she was timid, it was a normal reaction.

According to the rumors, Qiao Tsuno was irritable, flammable and irritable, and none of the people who provoke him ended up well.

What's more, this **** milk tea... made his whole body dirty and slimy, and it was terrible to look at the picture.

Qiao Jinye's eyes were dark and indifferent. Jiang Dai slowed down for a few seconds and finally recovered. She opened her mouth and whispered, "I'm sorry, it was not intentional."

The young man was at least 1.88 meters tall, a head taller than Jiang Dai, just staring at her condescendingly.

The onlookers were nervous and gleeful waiting to eat melon.

School bully wild brother mad love Zouren, Dai **** can be a little thin delicate beauty, this special What can get to the next hand that is really a werewolf.

However, after a stalemate for half a minute, Qiao Jinye retracted his gaze and left without saying a word.

Baizhi's legs were so soft, but Jiang Dai helped her stabilize in time.

Qiao Jinyes brothers ran to catch up with his class, and some curiously asked: "Hey, Brother Kai, what happened to Brother Ye today? He didnt get angry when he smashed a cup of milk tea out of thin air?"

Another little brother also said, "Is it because the school flowers look good? But yes, this **** school flower is really beautiful, pure and lusty, with water in the eyes, and it seems to be able to talk."

Li Kai snorted, lowered his voice and laughed: "You know what a fart! Do you know what the background picture of Brother Ye's phone is?"

"I don't know whoa, what is it?"

"What? Brother Kai, you are talking about it!"


A small episode spread around the campus somehow.

It is said that Qiao Jinyes top follower, Li Kai, confirmed that Ye Ge had long been stunned by Jiang Dai and even used Jiang Dais profile picture as a mobile phone screensaver.

The people who eat melons are choking their wrists. The school flower is a bit miserable. Why is it that Qiao Jinye is attracted to him, and he is a ruthless character. One day, he will get people to the small hotel outside the school.

This word also reached Jiang Dai's ears, her best friend Baizhi was very worried, but Jiang Dai didn't seem to be afraid or caring.

Although Qiao Jinye was fighting in the third middle school, he was still unconvinced.

Especially since it was reported that he was staring at Jiang Dai, those rich people who were explicitly interested in Jiang Dai were not happy.

One day in the campus cafeteria.

A few trousers got together and chatted.

"The kid named Joe wants to eat swan meat! Stupid!"

"Who doesn't want to eat swan meat? Just kidding, Jiang Dai is the granddaughter of the female president of the Jiang Group. It is said that the Jiang familys generation is Ding Buwang. Jiang Dai is very favored. He wants to inherit the family business in the future. Delusion?"

"It is estimated that the photos were also taken secretly. I don't know what nasty things are doing with the photos of school flowers secretly."

"Hahahaha , if you want to say that he played a handjob, just say it!"

It was a coincidence that Qiao Tsuno who was passing by heard this.

"Brother Ye!!"

The people next to him couldn't hold back, and Qiao Jinye stepped forward, rounding his fist and getting a fat beating.

Those little trousers are not vegetarian either, so they rushed to help.

Qiao Jinye's brothers also followed, and the fight turned into a group fight, which caused a lot of noise and disturbed the Moral Education Department.

Qiao Jinye was punished again. It is said that this time it was a serious warning. If he gets into trouble again, he will be expelled from school next time.

The cause and effect of the restaurant fight spread to Jiang Dai.

Bai Zhi was shocked when he heard it. Although he was afraid, he had changed his attitude toward this hostile school tyrant.

"Dai Dai, then, maybe Qiao Jinye really likes you? He started beating people after hearing those people say that they didn't respect you!"

Jiang Dai was in a daze, and did not respond for a while.

Bai Zhi tugged at her sleeve: "Dai Dai, how did you know Qiao Jinye? Why did he stare at you?"

Jiang Dai fell into a memory because of her words.

She has been a good student who obeys the rules since she was a child, and she really shouldn't know Qiao Jinye according to common sense.

But last year, the first year of high school was just enrolled.

Jiang Dai only dismissed class at nine o'clock in the evening because of participating in the competition class.

At nine o'clock in the evening, the fixed parking lot at the entrance of the school was closed, and the driver who picked her up stopped the car at the gas station outside the path.

Jiang Dai went out with her schoolbag on her back and passed through a narrow back alley. She saw a boy wearing a third-high school uniform being beaten by a group of gangsters.

She didn't know who was beaten, but she heard that there were many young people near the school blackmailing the third middle school students. She reacted quickly and took out her mobile phone and played the sound of police cars.

In the quiet and dim back alley, there was a sudden rush of anxious police cars, and the gangsters were really frightened and ran away.

Jiang Dai rescued Qiao Jinye, who had been besieged alone, and walked forward and handed him a handkerchief to wipe his blood.

"Classmate, do you need me to call the police for you?"

Qiao Jinye was leaning against the wall at the time, his face was bruised and his nose was bleeding. He suddenly raised his head without saying a word, but Jiang Dai was shocked by his cold and hostile eyes.

He stared at her without saying a word.

Jiang Dai ran away with fear.

Qiao Jinye was holding the soft and absorbent handkerchief with famous characters embroidered on it.

Jiang Dai.

This high-end handkerchief is still being carried around in this era, obviously a child of a super-rich family.

Jiang Dai is the top student among top students. In addition to attending classes like ordinary students, she also participates in many competition classes, and even takes university knowledge in advance.

Her daily schedule is tight.

Baizhi is also a child of a wealthy family, but she is completely different.

Bai Zhi only likes to chase stars and buy bags, but Jiang Dai has been studying hard since he was a child.

Jiang Dai's parents passed away in a disaster when she was very young. Her grandmother was the president of the Jiang Group, who loved her very much and was very demanding.

She has many uncles and brothers, but she also knows that her grandmother values her most.

Because of the grandmother's three children, her father was the one she loved the most. Her father was supposed to be the heir, but died young.

Competition classes are often dragged off, and class ends at ten o'clock at the latest.

Jiang Dai needs to walk the dark trail through the back door every day.

Once I met two drunks and ran forward with a wine bottle, talking drunkenly and teasing her.

Qiao Jinye appeared suddenly as if he had fallen from the sky, kicked a few fiercely and frightened the drunk.

Later Jiang Dai found out that Qiao Jinye would follow her out of the back door of the school every night, every day when she was off school, and **** her from a distance until she watched her get in her car.

Jiang Dai has never been in a relationship, and has no energy to consider these things.

But this does not mean that she does not understand what Qiao Jinye meant.

She understands, at least she knows that this is a person who repays her favor.

Because she had helped him for a while, he hid her in his heart and guarded her silently.

Even if he is a bad student in everyone's eyes, a gangster.

But Jiang Dai knew that he was a good person.

Jiang Dai had a word in her heart that she wanted to say to Qiao Jinye.

But he kept hiding in the dark, and she didn't seem to have the courage to turn her head and rush to speak.

After deliberation, she figured out a way to ask someone to pass on to Qiao Jinye's brother Li Kai.

She said: "Don't fight anymore, especially in school. Don't be dropped out. You can't take the college entrance examination if you are expelled."

Li Kai relayed this sentence to Qiao Jinye.

He only sneered twice, as if extremely disdainful.

Laughter is real, and disdain is real. Because he would never let himself be dropped out of school. Although he had no hope of the college entrance examination, as long as he stayed in school for one more day, he could see her one more day.

How could he be willing to be dropped out.

After the college entrance examination, my grandmother arranged a meal. The other party was Lu Yanlin and his parents.

Lu Yanlin is also Jiang Dai's classmate and has always liked her. The Lu family's parents wanted to send him abroad for further studies and invited Jiang Dai to join him.

Jiang Dai knew that her grandmother's intention was to arrange a blind date for her.

The Lu family has developed very well in the past ten years and has a strong momentum. It is a new rich and rich in Yanjing City, and it is the latest and hottest high-tech industry. If she can marry Lu Yanlin, it will definitely help Jiang in the future.

Jiang Dai's reaction to this was faint, not very resistant, but not happy either.

Lu Yanlin looks handsome and has a good personality. If she really wants to get married, she is actually a good match, better than marrying a divorced old man.

It's just... when she and Lu Yan were about to eat, Qiao Jinye's face would flash in their minds from time to time.

After the college entrance examination score came down, Lu Yanlin asked Jiang Dai's intentions.

Jiang Dai said that she didn't really want to go abroad, she wanted to go to National National Taiwan University.

Lu Yanlin said that her score was enough for National Tsing Hua University, and she was willing to accompany her.

Lu Yanlin's pursuit of Jiang Dai became more and more obvious, and he took the initiative to join Jiang Dai at the banquet.

After the teacher appreciation banquet, everyone went to KTV together.

When Jiang Dai went to the bathroom, several of Lu Yanlin's friends started gossiping.

"It looks like our little Lu Shao hasn't won Jiang Meiren."

Lu Yan smiled, "Still pursuing, Dai Dai hasn't nodded yet."

"He is a school girl, with a stable appearance and a strong family background. The point is that the face is really good and the body is also good. Shao Lu will work hard."

"Yeah, Jiang Dais condition is worth your hard work! Although there are many rich girls, few parents like Jiang Dai have the conditions to inherit the family business. You must know that most girls can only divide real estate. You cant get share options. Jiang Dai is different. He directly inherits the equity of her deceased father, and she may become the heir of the old lady. The key is that she is still very pure, and she has never even talked about love, right? If you succeed, you can still get a blood."

Qiao Jinye and Li Kai are playing dice.

Hearing these words, Li Kai watched him nervously, for fear that Brother Ye would run away again.

However, Qiao Jinye did not respond, but after a long time, he drank a lot.

At the end of the day, when many people drink high.

He suddenly walked to Jiang Dai's side, pulled her up from the sofa, pulled her out of the box, stood and walked outside.

He pressed Jiang Dai against the wall, lowered his head, and pressed the hot breath of wine to her ear, and said every word was vicious: "It's okay to fall in love. It's okay to see a man keep his eyes open. Is Lu Yanlin a good thing? I'm not sure, but none of the dogs around him are good."

Jiang Dai gradually calmed down from shock and confusion.

She raised her chin and stared into Qiao Jinye's eyes. For a long time, she chuckled.

"What do you mean by these words?"

Qiao Jinye probably didn't expect her to react like this. In addition, drinking alcohol increased his irritability. He scratched his hair hard: "Nothing, just remind you!"

Jiang Dai smiled again, as if there was a provocation in her smile: "Are you my friend or relative, why do you remind me?"

Qiao Jinye was already drunk and drunk.

A nineteen-year-old full-blooded teenager who drank alcohol was easy to do bad things impulsively.

Jiang Dai has always been quiet and well-behaved. He thought she must be shrunk her shoulders in fear in front of him.

Unexpectedly, she dared to provoke herself.

The young man came up vigorously, pressed her shoulders, and leaned over to kiss her without warning

The girls lips were warm and soft, but he was cold and rubbed twice jerky. In fact, he was more panicked than anyone else, but he still said harshly

"Nonsense, Lao Tzu likes you, don't you know? No one in all three schools knows Lao Tzu wants to eat swan meat."

Jiang Dai didn't expect that he would kiss strongly. She was angry for a while, her chest was violently up and down, and she raised her hand and gave him a loud slap.

It just so happened that the party ended, and many students walked out and saw this scene.

Teenagers of this age are very face-friendly, and Qiao Jinye has a thought that it is better to continue to be ridiculed.

His thumb rubbed the corner of his lower lip, and the next moment he kissed again

This time it was more fierce than before, the scale of the kiss was bigger, and it took a little longer.

After the strong kiss, he stared at the girl's red and swollen lips, suddenly felt worth it, shit, it was worth it in this life.

He laughed evilly and scornfully: "You are a school bully and a wealthy daughter. Lao Tzu is a local gangster and is not worthy of you. But which law stipulates that toads cant want to eat swan meat? You, want to eat you."

Jiang Dai: "..."

She didn't know whether it was shocked or angry, or something else.

The eye sockets were wet and redder.

In the corridor, more and more people watched and made noises. They all knew that the school tyrants were interesting in checking the flowers, and it seemed serious that they could not start until the end of the college entrance examination.

Everyone wants to see if Jiang Xiaohua, who is gentle and quiet, will be forced to curse.

However, Jiang Dai just blinked and said nothing.

Qiao Jinye's mood became muddled from the perpetrator...

He felt guilty in his heart, the wine seemed to wake up, his face flushed, and he said in a panic: "Yes, sorry, I'm a bastard, you slap me twice, don't cry."

Jiang Dai didn't move, so he grabbed her little hand and wanted her to slap them again.

The girl's reaction made him very regretful, and his heart felt uncomfortable...

Qiao Jin was ambitious: "If you really hate me, call the police and catch me, tell me of obscenity, let me squat. KTV has monitoring and can be used as evidence."

He really regretted it.

Knowing that it is impossible, knowing that he is not worthy, why is he such a bastard, 80% of them are drinking fake wine and convulsions, even bullying her like this...

Jiang Dai stared at him for a long time, suddenly burst into laughter, and cursed, "Are you an idiot?"

When Qiao Jinye's brain was down and couldn't understand her attitude, Jiang Dai took him by the hand, took him and ran out, wandering the main road.

After running for a long distance, with a comfortable cool breeze, Jiang Dai turned her head and smiled at him, and suddenly said: "The college entrance examination is over, I want to fall in love, Qiao Jinye, are you my boyfriend?"

Qiao Jinye was shocked, dumbfounded, and flattered.

Until he really became Jiang Dai's boyfriend.

He only faintly realized that during the few hundred days that he followed Jiang Dai silently to protect, this clean and noble girl might have been moved by him.


Jiang Dai knows that the possibility of her future marriage is very high, and she also knows that her family background is very unlikely to be successful with someone like Qiao Jinye.

But she didn't intend to think so far, she wanted to have a good relationship.

In her eighteen years of life, she has never lived for herself, nor has she ever been willful.

Her heart moved for the first time, and for the first time to taste the sour and sweet taste of love, she wanted to be bold and willful once.

This summer, she and Qiao Jinye are passionately in love.

Jiang Dai even lived in the house he rented.

A small low-rent apartment, dilapidated and old, but cleaned up very clean. There is a 1.2 meter single bed, refrigerator, sofa, washing machine, and simple furniture.

Qiao Jinye works part-time in an Internet cafe, basically a night shift.

When he was at work, Jiang Dai was going to bed. When he finished working, he would buy breakfast by the way. He pinched her hot sleeping face and woke her up for breakfast.

Qiao Jinye also knew that this would not be a long-term and stable relationship, but he liked Jiang Dai so much, that was his strength for survival.

As long as Jiang Dai doesn't call to stop, he is willing to perish forever.

Although he didn't have much money, he gave Jiang Dai the best he could. Jiang Dai spent her birthday. He saved thousands of dollars and bought a bunch of Pandora's new bracelets for her.

In mid-August, her grandmother clearly urged her to establish a relationship with Lu Yanlin as soon as possible.

Jiang Dai returned to Qiao Jinye's small apartment, feeling a little depressed.

Qiao Jinye could see it, but he didn't ask, he just made her the spicy crayfish she liked, peeled them one by one and fed them to her.

When he is full, he will clear the table.

Jiang Dai took the initiative to kiss him, and while kissing, she rolled him onto the small bed.

This single bed is only 1.2 meters long. During this time, Jiang Dai slept on the bed, and he mostly hit the floor.

This time, Jiang Dai looked different from usual.

She took the initiative to take the little piece under the cotton skirt...

Jiang Dai stuck to his ear: "Aye, x me."

The teenager was full of surprises, and his blood was boiling, as if he could turn into a beast at any time.

This is enough provocative words for him.

But he was only excited for a few seconds, and his body became cold and he recovered his senses.

Qiao Jinye's voice is hoarse: "No."

Jiang Dai puzzled: "Why?"

Qiao Jinye: "You will regret it."

Jiang Dai shook her head: "I won't, of course not."

She just wanted to give all the first time to someone she likes.

He is the only man in this world who protects her and dares to fight for her.

Qiao Jinye didn't explain anything, but quickly got out of bed, put on his clothes, drank a glass of ice water, and rushed into the bathroom.

He didn't want it.

How could I not want to.

He has done this kind of dream thousands of times.

But he can't.

Knowing that he didn't have the ability to give her happiness and promise, he couldn't destroy her.

If Jiang Dai is a 25-year-old adult woman, he can. But she is only eighteen years old now, and her mind will change at any time.

He didn't want her to think of him in the future, she would feel sick and regret.


It took Qiao Jinye forty minutes to come out in the bathroom.

Jiang Dai's eyes were red, hugging her knees, and uttered to him: "Counsel!"

Although it failed, Jiang Dai also thought about it rationally afterwards. Maybe Qiao Jinye was not as unreliable as she thought.

Although he has no savings and does not seem to be qualitative, he has always been very serious about her problems, valued responsibility, and considered everything for her.

Somehow, she suddenly had the courage to go on with Qiao Jinye.

She thought clearly and found time to formally talk to Qiao Jinye.

Qiao Jinye is an orphan. He has been in a mess. The whole family is not hungry, and he never thought about sustainable development.

Jiang Dai was different. Her family of businessmen and a natural abacus quickly worked out a five-year plan.

In five years, she asked Qiao Jinye to repeat his studies first and take a bachelor's degree. It doesn't matter even if it's the last bachelor's degree, but he must go to college. This determines how broad his road is in the next few decades.

Making money is equally important.

To be recognized by her grandmother, not to mention how successful, at least to gain a foothold in society, not to rely on her as a woman.

Qiao Jinyes brothers are actually pretty good people, but they dont use their brains to live, they are always messing around, and they need someone to guide them.

A year later, Qiao Jinye was admitted to one of the three books near National Tsing Hua University.

With the start-up funds given by Jiang Dai, he opened several new chain internet cafes with his brothers. The business was good, and he had already paid back his capital and made more than 200,000 yuan in profit.

Under Jiang Dai's instructions and supervision, Qiao Jinye gradually opened up his business mind.

He is not stupid, he treats his brothers well, and has a lot of friends following him with all his heart, which is very suitable for big business.

Jiang Dai brought him home to see his grandmother in his junior year.

The grandmother was naturally unpleasant, but she didn't say anything bad, nor did she force Jiang Dai to break up immediately.

She actually found out about Jiang Dai secretly dating a small bastard.

But Jiang Dai has been very motivated in the past two years, and the company's business has been able to take on her own role. Gradually, her grandmother also feels that maybe with Jiang Dai's ability, she can rely on herself without the help of marriage.

Jiang Dai is all her hope. She loves Jiang Dai and regards Jiang Dai as a continuation of her son. She cannot destroy the warmth of her grandson and grandson for the sake of relationship and marriage.

In the evening, Jiang Dai truthfully explained Qiao Jinye's background, and also said about her five-year plan for Qiao Jinye.

In the year Qiao Jinye graduated from university, he didn't need much to earn his first pot of gold, at least he had to be able to feed the two of them.

Grandma said, "It's just a relationship, it's no harm, you are still young, what will happen later, I will tell you whether this boy is worth entrusting for life, Dai Dai, with your mind and vision, I believe you will judge yourself in the future.

Jiang Dai is already the vice president of the Jiang Group and the most popular academician in the Business School of Tsing Hua University.

Countless people went after her and pursued her, and it's not uncommon for a wealthy son to put on the show.

Jiang Dai ignored everything and said that she had a boyfriend.

Many students ridiculed secretly, saying that Jiang Dai's boyfriend was a poor man, as if he was still a gangster, a young socialist.

Qiao Jinye is in a nearby school, and naturally many listen to such rumors.

Jiang Dai never bowed her head, and deliberately asked him to pick her up from class. He held high-profile hands on campus. When a friend asked, she smiled and introduced: "Qiao Jinye, my boyfriend."

Qiao Jinye was 27 years old and his business was booming. He opened a large security company two years ago, specializing in training first-class bodyguards, and sending them to major consortia and private wealthy individuals. This year, the company was listed on the stock exchange and the stock price was beautiful.

The following year, he married Jiang Dai.

In this world, Qiao Jinye is the man behind President Jiang.

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