Wealthy Supporting Actress Tore The Script Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Liang Kyung Extra

After many years, Jiang Dai saw Liang Jingche again, at the dinner of her father's special group. +++All Tanmei Novels: wuxiaworld.online

In the luxurious box of the restaurant, a rebellious girl with silver-pink hair and a punk style was dragged by her parents to Liang Jingche.

Mother Jiang's tone was very helpless: "Xiao Liang, you have just returned to China, so we should not cause you trouble. If this kid is still playing around in the third year of high school, we wouldn't be in such a hurry."

With her head hanging down, Jiang Dai standing unruly, chewing bubble gum in her mouth, rolled her eyes disdainfully, and blew a huge bubble.

The man in front of him was wearing a light blue shirt and dark trousers and a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on his tall nose. Parents had already introduced her in detail countless times before going out.

Liang Jingche, male, 26 years old. A big cow in the legal profession, who has been abroad for many years, just returned to China this year, opened his own law firm, and was also hired as a visiting professor by Qing College.

Liang Jingche's father is a physics expert, and Jiang Dai's parents are old friends for many years, and they engaged in scientific research together when they were young. Jiang Dai met Liang Jingche many times when he was a child, but Liang Jingche went abroad ten years ago, and Jiang Dai has a very shallow impression of him.

Although the man looked like a dog, when he thought of the purpose of his parents holding her to meet people, Jiang Dai could not appreciate the slightest appreciation of Shuabi, and just wanted to find an excuse to quickly escape.

Seeing that his daughter had a bad attitude, Dad Jiang couldnt help but sternly said: "Dai Jiang, you give me a more correct attitude! Mom and Dad will leave for Germany next week and entrust you to your Uncle Xiao Liang, not just for urging. You study and you will have the college entrance examination next year. When do you want to be willful?"

Jiang Dais parents are both high-end scholars in physics. They are obsessed with academic research and are very busy. They have always been in a stocking state for Jiang Dai, but they did not expect that in the blink of an eye their daughters will be so old, and they are also very playful and unlearned. , Are already in the third year of high school, the exam ranking is still bottom, according to the results can only be the most undergraduate.

After the parent meeting of the third year of high school, Jiang's father and mother Jiang just made up his mind to spend a year to supervise and take care of his daughter, and accompany her through this important period of high school. It turned out to be a coincidence. A few days ago, the leader notified urgently that the exchange quota for Heidelberg University had been approved. The two of them would represent the National Physical Research Team to go to Heidelberg University as visiting scholars for at least one year.

Just two days after Jiang Dai was happy, she was twisted and sent to Liang Jingche by her parents.

She narrowed her mouth and said loudly, "If I remember correctly, Uncle Xiao Liang is a law student. He is a liberal arts student and he tutors me a science student, right? Are you serious?"

Father Jiang became more and more angry: "A liberal arts student? Huh! Your Uncle Xiaoliang is an all-around learner. You were still playing in the mud when he got full marks in his homework!"

Mother Jiang also reached out her index finger and nodded her daughter's forehead: "You, listen to Uncle Xiao Liang's words, your Uncle Xiao Liang is quite experienced in tutoring scumbags. Last year, he tutored the last few students in his exam. I will be admitted to a prestigious university next!"

I saw this young man sitting upright and with a faint smile on his extremely handsome face. He put on torkin-rimmed glasses with a reserved smile: "Sister-in-law, don't get frustrated, I'm still a child, just teach patiently. "


With the flight to Germany, Jiang Dai's hard days officially kicked off.

Before leaving, parents sent her and her luggage to Liang Jingche's villa.

He lives alone in a two-and-a-half-story single-family villa. Jiang Dai walked around and complained in his heart that this man pays attention to the quality of life, living alone is so comfortable, and the decoration design looks quite tasteful.

To be honest, Jiang Dai liked this elder brother when he was a child. He had no grievances and no grudges. Unfortunately, he has now become her "guardian", the kind that specifically restricts her personal freedom. This is really unbearable. It's not pleasing to the eye.

Besides, Liang Jingche solemnly produced an agreement the night she moved in and forced her to sign it.

Said it was an agreement, in fact, she was setting rules for her as a parent, asking her to live according to his requirements during the third year of high school.

1. No absenteeism, no late arrival or early departure, and return home on time after school

2. Don't stay up late, disconnect the internet on time at 23:00 every night.

3. Strictly implement in accordance with the review plan

4. Any meaningless entertainment is prohibited, including but not limited to entering and leaving entertainment venues, watching movies with classmates, and all online games are strictly prohibited.


Jiang Dai held the pen while Liang Jingche looked at her calmly.

Not knowing what was going on, Jiang Dai felt panic in her heart. She always felt that Uncle Xiaoliang was not a fuel-efficient lamp. In order to avoid more troubles, she signed the words happily.

Damn it, isn't it just a **** agreement, even if she refuses to fulfill it, can she still be taken to court?

When she thought of this, she heard Liang Jingche speak slowly: "Daidai, this agreement was drafted by me personally and has legal effect. If you violate the agreement, I will submit materials to the court to sue you, which will surely disturb you. parents."

Jiang Dai: "..." Damn, brother, come on cruelly.


Since then, Jiang Dai and Liang Jingche have been fighting for more than half a month.

She was exhausted after fighting, and she was crazy.

Liang Jingche not only supervises her to review her homework every night, and assigns her tasks like a professional tutor, but also drives her to and from school personally every day, without giving her a minute to breathe.

Jiang Dai was afraid to annoy him from the beginning, and shocked her parents who were far away in Heidelberg who were obsessed with academics.

Developed to the point of breaking the can...

This evening.

Hupengou friends who are scumbags like her asked her to go to the dick.

Baizhi said in a voice: "Dai Dai, you can come out quickly. Today is Saturday. Saturday night is forced to study at home. You are too miserable. Isn't he just an uncle of a university professor? What's so great about him? Why do you manage to be stricter than your parents? The most important thing in life is to resist the spirit duck!"

Inspired by the rebellious spirit in the mouth of her best friend, Jiang Dai pretended to go to bed at eleven o'clock when she was sleepy while studying. In fact, she hid in the room and put on makeup. After Liang Jingche was resting, she sneaked out and went straight to the bar street.


A group of middle two teenagers, from midnight at midnight, until four in the morning.

Everyone is drinking high, and Jiang Dai is also drinking high.

She hasn't gone out to play for half a month, and she is almost suffocated to death.

Friends also expressed grievances for her and said:

"What's the matter with your uncle? You don't want to go out to play on weekends? Daidai, you are the Queen of Bungee. If you haven't bungee for half a month, you can't bear it?"

"That's right! Dai Dai used to set the game, but now Dai Dai often does not show up, we are not playing as well as before."

Bai Zhi also said: "What uncle is such a feudal autocracy? Don't persuade, Dai Dai **** him!"

Jiang Dai was also filled with righteous indignation, and vented while drinking, "It's more than not letting me come out and playing! You won't even let me play games! Can you believe it? He blocked part of the home network and opened a web page to check information. No problem, social software such as WeChat can also be used, and the game can't be connected!"

", this is too cruel! Di won't let you jump, won't let the game play, isn't your life desperate, Dai Dai!"

Jiang Dai almost cried: "Can you not despair? I don't know what will happen this year!"

Baizhi was so angry that he put the bottle on the table: "Can't compromise! Fuck him!"

Jiang Dai drunkly lay on the table: "How do you do it? He is a big man in the law circle, and he forced me to sign an agreement. The **** agreement is simply a perverted family rule tailored for me! If I violate the agreement, He is going to sue Lao Tzu! Your character, your fine character, is this horse riding a human thing?"

"Grass, not a person! Absolutely not a person!"

"Dai Dai, what's this man's full name? Let's scold him for you! Curse him!"

Jiang Dai took another sip of wine: "Liang, Jing, Che!"

In the bar deck.

A group of middle two little skin monkeys, drunkly scolded.

"The name Liang Jingche sounds pretty good, it looks like a barrister's name, shit, it's definitely a beast in clothing!"

"That's right, so how do you look like a normal person with so many feudal autocratic rules at a young age? It's just an antique at all!"

"@Qu Tan Tong Huan Manganese Kadan Maple cutting blow Mu Si roasted Youhoro Budong Sr Si Ye Xiu Sakura Umbrella! br/>

Jiang Dai gritted her teeth even more: "Abnormal, absolutely psychopathic!"

At the same time, Liang Jingche followed Jiang Dai's mobile phone to the bar and sat in the dark for a few minutes.

He watched Jiang Dai, a bad girl, wearing a short sleeve with a waistless, close-fitting style, narrow, revealing the girl's white and thin waist without any fat.

The shorts below are terribly short.

Liang Jingche didn't think about how to discipline and persuade him.

The degree of rebellion of this child far exceeded his expectations.

If it were not for the deep friendship with the two families, he would never take over such a headache.

He watched Jiang Dai jumping frantically with a group of young men and women on the dance floor, shaking his head and shaking his head... He only felt a mouthful of old blood in his chest.

After a long time, she was angry, but she couldn't let this girl indulge.

When Jiang Dai got tired, she returned to the deck and started drinking again.

He finally stepped forward on his long legs and stopped not too far away, his handsome face was gloomy, and his voice was serious: "Jiang Dai, go home."

A group of playful and addictive little skin monkeys are half drunk and half awake.

A boy started booing: "Who is this handsome guy, who is looking for Jiang Dai? Why, would you like to buy us Di Wang Jiang Dai for a drink?"

Hearing the words, Bai Zhi straightened up, staring at the handsome man in front of him, and muttered, "Who is holding the grass, how handsome!"

Jiang Dai had long been drunk, and squinted at Liang Jingche. Although she vaguely saw people, she didn't think it was true at all.

She laughed and hiccuped: "Hahaha, , she is a little handsome, a beast with a garb, hiccup, can it be handsome? Liang Jingche hahahaha, hiccup, so coincidental, you come to drink too?"

Liang Jingche had already watched when she was swearing with these children.

At this moment, his face is getting gloomy, and the aura around him is also chilling.

Endured and endured, unbearable.

He pulled Jiang Dai directly from the deck and said solemnly, "Go home."

Jiang Dai naturally refused, and stood still and started splashing.

Liang Jingche was so angry that he directly carried him up.

Jiang Dai struggled all the way, crying and shouting.

Walking out of the bar where the air was polluted, Liang Jingche carried the girl to the side of the car, vacated a space for the car door, and Jiang Dai struggled and kicked it several times.

Liang Jingche frowned. He had never seen such a presumptuous high school student.

He almost instinctively raised his big hand and patted her on her hip twice: "Jiang Dai, be honest!"

Putting people into the car, Jiang Dai crawled around in the back seat again, obviously drunk too much.

He was not easy to drive ahead, because she was afraid that she could not control her on the road, so she made some dangerous behavior in the back seat.

Liang Jingche simply took the back seat, closed the car door, sternly, gouging her deeply.

Jiang Dai didn't know what to do, so she became sober after making trouble.

Her pupils became clear, she looked at Liang Jingche's face clearly, and then smirked twice: "Uncle Xiaoliang."

Liang Jingche frowned.

Although Jiang Dai was dizzy, she had already determined that she had slipped out and Bundi was caught. She had the idea of running away and tried to open the door.

Liang Jingche pulled the person back from the door and said sharply, "Why are you not obedient?"

Jiang Dai was drunk, her limbs were out of strength, and she knew that she was not an opponent, so she gave up struggling and only opened her mouth to provoke: "Cut, you are not qualified to control me."

Liang Jingche is a calm and gentle person. Since taking over Jiang Dai, he has been doing business on an official basis. He has never been so anxious.

I dont know what happened tonight. He watched Jiang Dai wearing such revealing clothes, doing things that were obviously out of age, dancing around the dance floor, and rubbing some opposite sex...

He felt a fire in his stomach, he had to let it out.

He squeezed Jiang Dais arm, and said each word: "You are a high school student, or a senior high school student who is about to take the college entrance examination, dressed like this, with messy hair, put on such heavy makeup, and ran to the entertainment venue all night, Jiang Dai , Do you think it should be?"

Liang Jingche's voice was fierce.

Jiang Dai panicked inexplicably.

Although this Uncle Xiaoliang managed very broadly, at least he had always been polite to her. Even if it was a lesson, he was gentle.

His fierce voice made Jiang Dai instinctively resist.

She didn't have the strength in her hands, so she kicked on two legs and whimpered in her mouth: "What should or shouldn't be, you are not my parent, I don't want you to care! No one cares about me since I was a child, so why do you care!"

Liang Jingche was knocked back and forth by her two legs wearing hot pants, the girl Bai Shengsheng's thighs dangled in front of him, and the half of her waist under the short sleeves...

He only felt that blood was surging, and the urge to beat her was gone.

But he still has reason.

No, no beat, it's a girl after all.

"Jiang Dai, do you believe it or not, I recorded you like this and sent it to your parents to see?"

Jiang Dai buzzed in her mind and suddenly became quiet.

Record it for her parents...

To tell the truth, although she has been doing all things wrong, the standard bad academic scum, but her parents have long been obsessed with academics, if it is not for the imminent college entrance examination, they will not care about her at all, let alone look at the appearance of her going to the club...

Jiang Dai was half sober and half confused.

The only instinct in my mind at this moment is to stop Liang Jingche.

Can't let him take a picture of her now and send it to her parents.

Jiang Dai's mind was quiet for three seconds, and a terrible thought came out. She suddenly rushed forward, like a crazy wild cat. When the man had no warning, she rushed to kiss him. .

His soft lips pressed against him, biting hard, rubbing jerky and irritably.

Liang Jingche's body was stiff, and all his blood was frozen.

Jiang Dai was pushed away vigorously by him, and she still grinned badly: "Uncle Xiaoliang, you must think I'm deviant, I'm sorry, now you're deviant with me, we are sitting in the same boat. People, are you still going to complain to my parents?"

Liang Jingche: "..."

In the car that night, Liang Jingche was really defeated.

But after he was sober, he still managed Jiang Dai strictly, and instead of being threatened, he became more severe.

He stared at Jiang Dai more closely, not allowing her to go out to play, not allowing her to mix with those fox friends, even not allowing her to wear heavy makeup, cutting up all the exposed clothes in her closet, and even twisting it himself. Took her to the barbershop and dyed her silver-pink hair back to pure black.

Jiang Dai didn't dare to resist clearly.

Because Liang Jingche had already prepared, he said, "Jiang Dai, I have discussed with your parents. I am their last card. If even I can't control you, they will send you to a very demanding place in Germany. Boarding school can only go home once a year."

Jiang Dai himself searched the relevant information about that boarding school on the Internet. It was not groundless, and more than harsh. The rules were absolutely perverted and terrifying!

If she were to be sent to such a school, she would rather bite her tongue and kill herself!

Just like this, Jiang Dai was forced to review and prepare for the exam, and her scores in all subjects have improved significantly.

And learning to learn, she seemed to have the feeling of learning, and the feeling of being forced to gradually weaken.

What's more terrifying is... She found herself listening to Liang Jingche more and more.

Although he would still confuse him, the actual actions were very compliant.

Jiang Dai soon discovered a terrible fact.

She actually... fell in love with Uncle Xiao Liang.

She hid this thought in her heart, did not dare to pierce it, but tried several times intentionally or unconsciously.

They are all verbal temptations, such as:

"Uncle Xiaoliang, how many girlfriends have you had?"

"Uncle Xiaoliang, you are so handsome, why are you single, don't you like boys?"

"Uncle Xiaoliang, what kind of girl do you like, tall or petite, long hair or short hair, big bear or small bear..."

As she said, she subconsciously tucked her short hair behind her ears, and she stiffened a well-developed bulging bear.

Liang Jingche stared at her with inexplicable eyes, and for a long while, he answered profoundly: "I like smart, obedient and good academic performance."

Jiang Dai was already an adult not long ago, and her parents were not in China. Liang Jingche accompanied her to her 18th birthday and invited her to a big meal.

As an adult, she felt that she was qualified to seriously consider this issue.

As we get along day and night, the signs of a girl's first love grow stronger.

Jiang Dai became more and more convinced that she liked Liang Jingche.

Until the eve of the college entrance examination, the appearance of Yefen stimulated her even more.

Ye Fei is Liang Jingches middle school classmate and a favorite of Liang Jingches parents. After several matches, Ye Fei often creates opportunities to come to Liang Jingche.

Considering that Liang Jingche still has the responsibility of "bringing children", Ye Hui is very considerate, and Jiang Dai is included in the appointment of Liang Jingche for dinner.

Ye Fen's frequent gestures fell in Jiang Dai's eyes, and she couldn't help it.

While Liang Jingche went to the bathroom.

Jiang Dai took a sip of the juice and said with a smile, "Aunt Ye, do you like Uncle Xiaoliang?"

Ye Hui is a smart and sensitive person, and she can tell that the girl's tone is not right.

She is only twenty-six years old, Jiang Dai's age, she should be called sister if she has a little brain.

Jiang Daiguo unexpectedly continued the lotus words: "It's a pity, Uncle Xiaoliang doesn't like your type."

Ye Mian's heart sank, but his face remained calm: "Huh? What do you say?"

Jiang Dai glanced at the airport where Yemeni was there, and stood up her bear again, and said meaningfully, "I asked Uncle Xiaoliang, he likes girls with big bears."

Ye Fen is also a woman. Although her age is different, Jiang Dai's words and attitude, she almost immediately understood the girl's thoughts.

Her face was calm and her anger was suppressed, but afterwards she relayed all Jiang Dai's words to Liang Jingche without missing a word.

at night.

Jiang Dai lay on the desk writing papers.

Liang Jingche knocked on the door and came in, brought her milk and fruit, but sat next to him and did not leave.

Jiang Dai was uneasy.

After all, they have been together for almost a year, and they are very familiar with each other. Liang Jingche is dull, and 80% of them are dissatisfied with her, and there is a high possibility that he will try to clean up her.

Jiang Dai preemptively said: "Uncle Xiaoliang, just speak up if you have something to say."

Liang Jingche wasn't upset, but instead chuckled lightly, and reached out and rubbed the top of her hair: "Ye Mei has sued me."

Jiang Dai was not surprised, and made a wooden "Oh".

Liang Jingche's voice was gentle, and unexpectedly he did not blame: "Actually, I am not familiar with Ye Hui. Her father is a friend of my father's. Don't talk nonsense about what I said today. In case Ye Hui spreads the words out, it will not be decent. ."

Jiang Dai didn't understand what he meant.

Not sure if he likes himself.

Hold for so long, so long jealous.

The college entrance examination is about to come. If Liang Jingche doesn't like her, then after the college entrance examination is over, the two will part ways and have nothing to do with each other.

All kinds of random thoughts in Jiang Dai's mind, as she thought about it, her eyes were wet.

The man stared down at her, his eyes deep, dull, and somewhat contradictory.

He raised his hand and stroked her head again, and said softly, "I don't like Yefen. Please prepare for the exam. Don't be distracted. After the college entrance examination, I will take you to Disney to play."

Jiang Dai's eyes rolled out, and she threw her pen angrily: "Who is rare to go to Disney! Do you think I am a primary school student?"

The teardrops on the girl's face seemed corrosive, rolling down on his heart, making him itchy.

He endured it for a long time, but after all he couldn't help it, and asked in a gentle voice, "What kind of reward Dai Dai wants, anything is fine."

Jiang Dai broke into a showdown: "Nonsense, I want you, Liang Jingche, are you really invisible or pretending to be stupid?"

Liang Jingche couldn't help laughing, the tenderness in his eyes could no longer hide.

He picked up the girl and let her sit on his lap.

"Take the exam first, do the subject matter, and discuss it after the exam, okay?"

Jiang Dai got what she wanted.

She knew... Liang Jingche liked her too.

She was so happy.

Pouting boldly and kissed him.

The soft hand fumbled to the man's big hand, his little finger hooked his, hooked tightly, and shook it: "It's a hook, don't regret it. After the college entrance examination, you will be my boyfriend!"


In this world.

Jiang Dai dated with Liang Jingche after the college entrance examination. In her sophomore year, she was noticed by her parents and made public the relationship. After graduating from university, she married him and became Liang's wife.

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