Way Of The Knights Chapter 296

296 Aina And Aisha


A palm sized humanoid, trapped in thick threads of spider silk.

This tiny creature has two pairs of green transparent wings, a sleeveless purple shirt and a pink skirt that resembles a closed flower. She has a pair of green colored eyes and hair, but she looks extremely miserable since she can't free herself from the webs.

"Waa~!" The Pixie let out a pitched scream upon seeing him, tears flowed from her face as she said: "I'm gonna die! I so dead! Waa~! Mother! Help me! Somebody, please help me! A human is here to eat me. I don't want to die yet! Waa~"

Raven chuckled and knelt down beside the pixie, he then opened his mouth and used a language that he didn't know he will use in this place.

"Calm down." He said using the Elven tongue. "I'm not going to hurt you."

*Hic* *Hic*

"Really?" The little pixie asked, somewhat hesitant whether to believe him or not.

"Really." Raven nodded, "What's your name and how did you get yourself in this situation?"

*Hic* *Hic*

"M-my name is Aina." She said, still sobbing due to fear. "I was searching for my twin sister since she has been missing for two days now. I saw traces of her dust here so I came here but *Hic* but, the wind blew strong and I lost control when I was flying, then I got stuck here and can't get out."

"You poor girl." Raven chuckled, he then came closer to her which scared the little pixie. Raven smiled and said: "Stay still, I'm going to free you."

"Mm." Aina nodded cutely while sniffing.

Raven carefully moved and pulled out the strands that trapped Aina. After that, he gently raised her and severed the webs from her wings and back, then her arms and finally her hair.

Placing her on his palms, he used a pair of small twigs to pull out the remaining threads which were still attached to her body. When Aina's free of all the spider silks, she wobbly stood up and stretched her body while her wings fluttered. She looked all over her body and began jumping up and down from joy.

"Yay~! I'm free! Hihi! I'm finally free!"


Raven raised a brow as he heard that sound. He saw Aina clutching her stomach while wearing a blush on her puffy cheeks. He chuckled and looked around, he then spotted some young leaves nearby and grabbed them using his Chaos Force.

Squeezing out the essence of the leaves, he gathered them using his finger. He then brought them closer to Aina, who's clutching her stomach in pain and said: "Here, food."

"Waa~!" Aina's eyes sparkled as she hurried flew towards Raven's finger where the leaf essence were. Her brows were pressed together as she pouted, then the leaf essence was sucked out of Raven's fingers and was eaten by Aina.

There was a visible bulge on her stomach after she was done, she then sat down contentedly on Raven's palm and said: "Thank you, Mister!"

"My name is Raven, and you're welcome." He replied as he poked the tiny creature's cheeks.

The Pixie race aren't really picky eaters, if anything it would be the young ones who needed to be fed with very specific meals in order to ensure that they will grow up strong and healthy.

From Raven's observation, Aina is still a baby. No more than two years old in fact. Due to this, she can't eat anything from essences of leaves or fruits, or else it will be poison to her.

"You said that your twin sister is in that hole?" Raven asked as he pointed at the huge hole on the ground filled with spider webs.

Aina nodded her head repeatedly and said: "Yes! Aisha's definitely in there! I'm sure of it! Only she has the prettiest dust amongst us, so I can't be wrong!"

Raven then became a little distracted as he remembered that he was following a strange energy signal which appeared to as a mixture of pink and purple. He then thought that that must be what Aina's talking about.

She then flew closer to Raven's face and said: "Mister Raven, please help my sister Aisha as well! Pretty please? If you do that, I'll give you lots and lots of flowers."

Raven chuckled and poked her cheeks once again, he then said: "Alright, alright."

He then tucked Aina on his scarf, hiding her in there while he walked towards the hole. He also thought that it would be best not to tell Aina that the scarf was actually a sleeping snake.

Hiding both of his and Aina's presence, he carefully jumped onto the hole. He grabbed a bunch of spider silks on his way down in order to help him land noiselessly. Still having his ocular technique active, he watched on and followed the trace of Aisha's dust but it's getting more difficult since it was everywhere.

"That way" Aina whispered, pointing on a specific direction. "She's in that way."

Raven nodded and followed the direction she pointed. Being extra careful since this place is most definitely the Queen Arachne's nest.

As Raven moved forward, Aina would often point him towards where Aisha's location is. He couldn't help notice that they are getting closer and closer to where the Queen Arachne's eggs are. And as they entered a specific distance, he could feel that Aina's trembling and didn't even dare to even speak.

He couldn't blame her. After all, the Queen Arachne is visible to the both of them already.

The humongous spider was curled up on her web. Its three pairs of eyes were closed, which meant that it was currently sleeping. It has long and hairy legs, circular head, and a large abdomen.

As Raven looked at the Queen Arachne with his ocular technique active, he could see the frightening aura it possess. He gauged its strength from peak of a Tier 3, it could even pass Tier 4 in all honesty.

Raven didn't really want to tussle with this beast as much as possible. All he really wanted to do is to free Aina's twin sister and get moving.

'Don't make a sound, Aina.' His voice echoed inside her mind. 'Can you see where your sister is?'

Both of them looked around without going any further, after a while of searching Aina grabbed his attention and pointed at a direction. Raven followed where's pointing but immediately smiled wryly.

Oh, he saw Aisha alright. But she was stuck in a place where the eggs of the Queen Arachne was. Raven even thought of leaving at this point but he already gave Aina his word so he can't turn back.

He signaled Aina to be quiet no matter what happens and began moving slowly. Constantly paying attention to the huge spider as he moved closer.

As he got closer and closer to where Aisha is, Raven suddenly heard a scuffle. He panicked and swiftly ducked down, hiding behind the eggs of the spider. Since his ocular vision provided him with an all around vision, he could see that the Queen Arachne opened it's eyes and looked at its surroundings.

Raven held his breath, Aina similarly held hers as well. None of them any sort of movements nor even dared to breathe loudly. Beads of sweat started forming on Raven's forehead as he observed what the Queen Arachne's going to do next.

The huge spider didn't move and just observed its surroundings. After seeing nothing out of place, it closed its eyes and went back to sleep.

Raven let out the breath he was holding but he still didn't make any reckless movements. No one knows if the spider is just faking it sleep, and Raven would be too disappointed at himself if he falls to that kind of trap.

He stood still for about five minutes. Observing the behaviors of the Queen Arachne closely. Once he was completely sure that the spider was really sleeping once more. He started moving once more, thankfully he was closer to the unconscious Aisha right now.

As soon as he reached where Aisha was, he moved quick. With one pull, he freed Aisha from the webs and placed her within his scarf where Aina is.

Aina helped removing the remaining strands of webs on Aisha but she was having difficulties since it was too strong for her. Meanwhile, Raven started to carefully walk away from the Queen Arachne.

Once he get into a decent distance, he stopped and pulled the twins out from his scarf. He then helped Aina to completely free Aisha of the remaining webs, using the similar method he used for Aina.

After freeing her, Aina tried waking her up. Unfortunately, nothing she did woke her up which made Raven frown.

He observed the young pixie, wanting to determine what's wrong. From Aisha's expression, she seems to be in constant pain. Raven then pulled out another leaf from his pocket and squeezed out its essence. He then nodded to Aina, who helped Aisha up and opened her mouth as well.

As soon as Aisha was fed with the leaf essence, her expression loosened up. Making the two sigh in relief. But as Raven was just planning on leaving the nest, he and Aina heard a loud sound.


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