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Emyr, known to many as a reckless teenager, only knowing how to fight in and against gangs, enough to come home beaten up daily but sometimes coming out better than his enemies.Unfortunately for him, in this new world, humans aren't the top of the food chain. Instead of gangs, he will fight goblins as he attempts to find a place to live with his little sister Elyn.A heartwarming story, but not for the faint hearted. Some men will do anything to protect their family, sometimes at the cost of themselves.--Author noteI'm not the best at writing, and I don't plan to be, but if you have corrections, please mention them nicely and I'll try to cover the more important ones.I used to write to get better at my english writing; lets hope it pays off eventually this time.When I write books, I decide what they know from the start, I decide who they were and what they care about.I also have little to no control over what happens, everything is up to how the character themselves explores the world.Basically, I write freestyle and that works for me.--Yes wow, another 'original story' about going to another world.Well look on the bright side, my favourite genres in books are fantasy but I always love me a bunch of dark psychology books about the mind and what people will do to survive and all the darkness people hold.This world has been created, in detail.This means that my worldbuilding and planning have been going on for a while before this book.While there might be exposition, I don't need to make errors with inconsistencies due to everything already existing.

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