Venerated Venomous Consort Chapter 3069

Venerated Venomous Consort Chapter 3069: Extra 2

"Xuyue, do you want a younger brother or a younger sister?"

The sun is warm and the breeze is cool, and the pity is lying on a rocking chair. It looks very leisurely.

She was pregnant for three months, but her belly was as big as eight months pregnant, and she was raised so high that she almost doubted what was wrong with her baby in her stomach.

She is the **** of creation, and the emperor is the master of heaven. She and the baby that he only wanted after he recovered his identity, the baby's gene is definitely very strong, so it can be said that it grows faster in her stomach.

To practice at her level, it is very easy to see the gender of the child in the stomach, but she does not want to see it. She would rather guess like a normal pregnant woman, be a kind of fun, and also tease her daughter by the way.

Emperor Xu is seven years old. According to the truth, he is very sensible, but she is very persistent in the matter of wanting a younger brother or a younger sister: "Xuyue wants a brother!"

Sure enough, this answer.

Gu Xi pinched the eyebrows, and gave her universal knowledge for the eighth time: "Xuyue, you are the first child of the mother, the mother can only give you a brother or sister, can not give your brother and sister."

Emperor Xu's small mouth is tight: "No, Xu Yue will be a brother! Brother will hurt Xu Xu ~"

Gu Xi bowed, and my heart was inexplicably painful~

I think Xiao Xuyue seems to have a brother~

Shaking his head again, is this a snoring?

Xiao Xuyue Ming Ming is the first child. Where is her brother?

This feeling is really inexplicable.

Pregnant in October, melon is ripe.

This is the birth of an ordinary person.

In some myths and legends, the births of those great men are a bit special, such as where, he stayed in the womb for three years.

Like Laozi, it is said that his mother had been pregnant for eighty-one years before she gave birth to him...

In general, in the legend, the longer the child stays in the mother's stomach, the more extraordinary it is.

Gu Xizhen feels that she and Emperor's clothes are both gods, and the children in the belly are the first births of the two gods. If they have to be pregnant for three or five years, the children will come out.

I didn't expect the little guy in the belly to be extraordinarily acute, not only growing fast, but also being born fast!

Gu Xiyu was pregnant for four months, and the baby in the belly was launched!

Scared me! I thought it was abortion, the child could not keep it!

She tried every means to prevent miscarriage, but the little baby did not transfer her will, insisting on being born...

She panicked and grabbed the hand of the emperor's clothes and almost cried: "Does our baby have to keep it?"

Emperor has a birth experience, he looked at her huge stomach, and then wiped her cold sweat on her forehead, comforting her: "Don't be afraid, oh, this child, although the month is not enough, but the look should be enough Month, he just grew a little faster, and now it should be ripe."

Gu Xizhen is still somewhat uneasy.

This child is like a ripe one, can it be healthy?

She slid a careful liver, and after a small half-hour, she finally came out.

When she saw the things that were born, she was black in front of her eyes!

She was born not a child, but a star stone.

The star stone has the size of a basketball, six-sided and octagonal, with seven colors of light, like a large star, but the skin is extremely soft, and the poke is trembled.

Fortunately, I have seen the book about the birth of a sorrow, knowing which babies were born with a ball of meat.

Now that she was born, it has the same effect as that. She suspects that this star stone is wrapped in her baby.

In spite of the weakness of her production, she fingered a sword and wanted to cut the star stone and cut out the child inside.

The wrist was grasped by the emperor's clothes: "I am sorry, can't!"


"Children need to be born out of their own, not artificially broken."

Gu Xiyu looked at the colorful star stones without movement, and it was a little messy: "Is this child an egg? This is a bit strange. We are gods and not birds. How can it evolve more and more backward? Are you sure that he can break the shell? Is it broken inside?"

Emperor Yiyi carefully observed the star stone and comforted her: "Reassured, no."

Hugged the star stone out -


A star array.

Countless stars shine in the air, running, and the stars gather on a high platform in the sky.

The star stone that Gu Xizhen gave birth was placed on this high platform, and countless stars flashed on it, and the waves flowed.

It bathes in the stars and slowly turns around, absorbing the essence of the stars.

Emperor Xu is coming again. She is sitting next to the Phoenix Wood incense case in the star-studded stone. She looks at the star stone that has absorbed the essence of three years of starlight and sighs: "Brother, you have been here for three years. When? Will it break out of the shell?"

The star stone silently rotates, there is no movement.

"Father and sister-in-law are coming to see you every day. My mother is actually very worried. I am afraid that you will not be able to come out. You will want to help you several times, and you will be blocked by your father."

"Mother said that you are my brother, I really want to see what you look like after birth, it must look great!"

"Right, they even have your name, the emperor, this name is high-end atmosphere? The father gave you. The mother gave you a name for the milk, called the little star, you are a star baby after all... "

Emperor Xu month only said that she did not find that she was talking about the nickname 'Little Stars', the star stone image that had been stable and rotated was thundered and stabbed.

"In fact, the little stars are also very nice. You are sure to be born when you are born. I have seen children, soft and soft, like little buns, called little stars cute."

Star Stone: "..." Its speed is slow.

"I decided! I will call you a little star in the future! I will call you several times a day, let you adapt to this name in advance, you must like this name very much!" Emperor Xu month small hand, Gu Zi made Decide.

Star Stone does not turn completely! Quietly parked there, as if in a meditation.

Emperor Xu said a few more words, and occasionally looked up, suddenly found that the star stone did not move, shocked, rushed over: "Little stars, why don't you turn?"

She was afraid that it would have an accident. She turned around for a few laps and didn't see it. Then, she couldn't help but poke a small hand to poke the outer shell of the star stone, and then squatted there!

The outer shell of the star stone cracked several lines -

Emperor Xu month: "!!!"

After a moment of squatting, she finally cried: "Father, mother, come! Come!"

Emperor Yu and Gu Xiyu are almost in the blink of an eye.

Then they witnessed a miracle moment together.

Under the starlight, the star stone is layered like a flowerbed. Each layer of petals is like a hexagonal star. It is laid on the phoenix wood, and as the petals bloom, a child inside is gradually revealed.

Gu Xizhen kept holding her breath, and she was successful when she saw the child!

It was a cute little boy with a pink and white jade. It was half-year-old baby, and covered with a star-blue robes. The hair was coveted and the facial features were exquisite.

He opened his eyes, and the eyes were clear and clear, and there seemed to be stars falling between the sides.

His gaze quickly turned around in the face of Emperor Yi and Gu Xidi, and then smiled. He extended his small hand to Gu Xiyu, a pose of hugs: "Mother, father!"

I will speak when I am born!

Gu Xiyu saw that his smile only changed his mind. He stepped forward and picked him up: "Hey!"

When the voice shouted, her apex was sour and sour, as if she had lost it, she didnt want to let go.

Emperor Yi clothes also seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, took him over and looked up and down. The hidden spiritual power of this child is amazing, it is a good seed that can be cultivated well! He is a successor!

"Bad boy, you finally got it!"

He pinched his sons arms and legs and began to develop a training plan in his heart

The emperor was seen by his calculation eyes, and he decided to hold the little hand to let the mother kiss.

Father is terrible!

He was only so small and began to count him.

People don't pick up any seats, people are still babies! Really authentic!

"Mother, mother, let me hug the little stars, let me hug the little stars!" Emperor Xu was eager to jump around the squatting, very eager to hug this younger brother.

Gu Xiyu naturally did not want her daughter to be disappointed. After two sentences, she gave her the emperor.

Emperor Xu Yue looked at the big-eyed baby in his arms, laughing like a flower: "Brother, younger brother, you are soft." She was excited and discussed with him: "Brother, how do I fly you around?" "

Not waiting for the pity and the emperors clothes to agree, she has already hugged him to the sky...

Her sword has been very stable, and the wind is soaring, she is blowing her dress and hunting.

She feared that the wind wrinkled her brother's small face, and she covered an enchantment around her body. The wind became a breeze and she was very comfortable on her face.

"Brother, how am I flying?" Emperor Xu is very excited.

"Good! But, not as good as me." The emperor spoke in her arms.

Emperor Xu's eyebrows are high and obviously do not believe: "You were born, how could you fly?"

"If I can fly?"

"You will fly me to call your brother!"

The emperor smiled, his eyes bent like a crescent, and he broke free from her arms. The small body stood in the clouds and stood very steady. He flew the emperor's moon and flew fast and steady.

Emperor Xus eyes stunned: "You...you..."

"Come, Xu Yue, call my brother."

Emperor Xu Moon: "...Little Stars..."

"Don't call this, Xu Yue, I am flying better than you, you have to talk, come, call your brother."

Emperor Xu Moon: "..."

Let her call such a little bit of a brother, she really can't call it out.

But she didn't want to talk and didn't talk, just managed to shift the topic.

She looked forward and found that the emperor took the direction she was flying is the biggest market -

She wondered: "Where are you going to take me?"

"Take you to buy nine links..."


At this point, Fanwai has come to an end, our little emperor has finally returned! Applause, sprinkle flowers.

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