Unrivaled System Book 1 Chapter 200

Volume 1 Chapter 200 Comment

This is a preview, full chapter is coming soon!

I have a chapter prepared for today, but it seems there is something going on, on . I will post it tomorrow.

Guys, I would like some suggestions again!!!

Please Comment.

Also I would like to confirm something. I don't know what chapter this novel will end... but I'm a hundred percent sure that I won't be dropping this. I still have to complete a goal to have a hundreds of women in our MC's harem.

Since around the latest chapters and so on... he is starting to change, that's why the women he will have in the future will take time to get, Because before he didn't really love his women, and just love their body. Such a sc.u.m!!! . Well, he is starting to reflect on it.

And you might want to know how I will fit all hundreds of women, without forgetting one. First of all, I will categories it by worlds, that's why his women won't meet yet, there are six worlds he still needs to visit, excluding going back on earth. Each worlds, he will have around 10 women there, so I can manage to fit them together.

The problem is, although the sense of time in the novel, no one is forgotten. But it's different from you readers, as I will take time to post; you might end up forgetting a character, even though in the novel, the gap was only a day, as each of world has different flow of time.

This could be fix if I decided to right a chapter with lots of words in it. However, I don't really have the free time to do that. That's why, it depends on you readers memory.

Well, that's all. Please comment your suggestions and opinions

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