Unrivaled System Book 1 Chapter 199

Volume 1 Chapter 199 190 Nihility

Tiamat that was so close to him soon followed hundreds of slashes.

Clung* Clung*

It was good that Scthach made it on time to intercept, but still the different between the two women's strength was high. Scthach's arms trembled, each and every collision, she felt that her arms almost gave up, Tiamat's slashes were too heavy.

Scthach would have already lost if he was not there, Tiamat's speed and agility was far superior than Scthach, and he was the one who filled up this weakness. It was a two on one battle... yet both him and Scthach was on the defending side.

"[Absolute Zero]." Tiamat used a skill. The air around them froze, the sky was covered with ice. The Ice castle that was up above the sky suddenly appeared before them, and they were inside it.

Now, this was Tiamat's domain.

"What the... [Inferno]." Their moment turned sluggish because of the cold... he quickly used his skill. As fire sprouted from the surroundings, the heat of the flame, tried to fight with the cold ice. However, the area that the [Inferno] covered was only a little.

"[Weapon Control]." Hundreds of visual spears appeared, and it collided with the ice spears that was created from interior of the castle. As it seems she has complete control of everything in this castle, it couldn't be call a castle anymore, it was fortress.

While they were exchanging moves, Tiamat was wary of getting hit by his scythe, that's why she still preserved her strength, so she could quickly dodge it. All this time, his scythe never parried her sword at all, every time he tried to swing his scythe, Tiamat will quickly back off.

Tiamat was so focused in this battle... as she still have the thinking that she will die if she ever gets hit by his scythe.


The visual spears and the ice spears, cancelled each other out. However, the moment the ice spears disappeared... fire, lightning, water, earth, wind, all the five elements, each soon followed to form it's very own spears, surrounding both of them.

Outside the ice castle, several miles away,

His women were all watching both of them fight, they were current safe, hiding behind the wings of the blood falcon. As the residue of the battle still reached them.

At the time when Alex and Scthach got blown away.

"Careful!." Alexia exclaimed.

"It's fine, Scathe will catch him." Violette assured her.

"It's good... still this battle, it's way on a whole other level for us." Catherine said depressingly.

"Right, although I expected they were strong... but not this much. Well, look at the bright side, if we all work together we'll soon catch up... his form right now sure looks cool though." Clara smiled.

"Cool? Yeah it is pretty cool, that wings of his sure looks good." Kiara said.

"That dragon lady, surely is strong." Selena commented.

"Yeah, well, Scathe, is strong too." Eva said.

"Thank goodness, she caught him." Rose sighed in relief when she saw Scthach catching him.

This time, it was the time when he was talking about the privilege.

"Sigh* What is he thinking." Alexia smiled wryly.

"Damn, he is still looking for more?." Catherine snorted.

"Hehe, he did say that it needs our permission... so this is an improvement?." Eva wondered.

"Improvement my ass! This guy is so shameless to do this on a serious fight." Selena said.

"Maybe he is planning to distract her concentration... but riding around the sky huh... it's good." Violette thought.

"Eh? Don't tell me, you are tempted by what he said? Tsk, tsk, I didn't think you are that easy." Clara teased.

"What? No way!... I was just thinking that, that... that... fine I love to do it okay? He never did took me outside together with him." Violette admitted.

"Hehe, then you would want a date like that? He did say that he'll take all of us on a date." Clara asked.

"No way... I won't waste my date with just that..." Violette denied flatly.

"The date huh? I also couldn't wait." Alexia said.

The others didn't say anything, but all of them agreed with her.

"Kiara, are you also included on the date? I'm pretty sure you're just t.e.m.p.o.r.a.r.y right?." Clara teased.

"Huh? What are you saying, temporary or not I'm his girlfriend, you can't just left me behind!." Kiara argued.

"Haha, then do you want mother to accompany you? What if you are too nervous... and with this I have my second date with him." Selena said.

"What! Impossible, even if you are my mother, I won't back down on this." Kiara said.

"Haha," all of them laughed.

"What is it Zeth?." Rose asked when she saw Zeth's finger, pointing.

"She moved," Zeth said.

And it was the time when the fight started again, although they were bitter that they couldn't help... but all of them hope that he and Scthach would be safe.

"What happened? I can't see!." Clara exclaimed.

"They were envelope by that Ice castle." Violette said.

"Are both of them fine?." Alexia worriedly said.

"It should be... he still had time to joke before... so he should be confident." Catherine deduced.

"Look, what's that?." Selena pointed.

"What? It's an ice castle right? It's beautiful." Kiara said.

"The hell are you talking about! Not that, but that." Selena said.

"That? what that?." Kiara asked.

"Haha, you are an idiot, look at the surrounding." Clara giggled.

"Who are you calling an idiot... and the surrounding? What the heck what is that." Kiara exclaimed.

"I'm feeling kinda weird because of the air, I can't explain... it's like there is heat, yet cold... and there is still more." Eva held her body.

"Mhn... it finally formed." Rose nodded.

"Fire, water, lightning, earth, wind." Zeth nodded.

"The five elements?" Alexia asked.

"Violette, you know what is this?." Catherine asked.

"It should be a domain... but a domain that contains all the five-elements, I didn't hear it existing... It's common sense that if different elements are mixed together, they'll cancel each other out. For someone, to control the elements, in this kind of state. It's unheard of, this is almost impossible." Violette got stunned.

Looking at the surrounding of ice castle, it was covered by a vortex that is mixed with all the five elements, enveloping the entire castle, the ice castle can't almost be seen anymore.

"Please be fine."


When they were surrounded by different kind of attacks that was made from the elements, he moved.

"[Nihility]," With a 360 degrees slash by his scythe that was powered up with his nihility, everything started fading into nothingness.

"I was right!." He mumbled, he had a hunch that his nihility improved, when he was fighting with Scthach he felt it, but at that time he didn't test it. One should know that a principle being promoted by one level is already so terrifying.

Even the God Ruler back then got defeated, and it was all because of a tiny difference between levels. However, even though it was tiny... but in terms of principles, if you are a level above, it is already beyond terrifying.

"What is this?." Her entire castle faded, her domain faded, her long sword that collided with the silvery-like color aura that was produced by scythe, even though her sword didn't fade, it got an invisible damage, lowering it's power. It was surreal, Tiamat couldn't describe what was happening at this moment

"What did you do?." Scthach asked curiously.

"It's a principle called nihility, it would be good if I could teach you this... but for now I'm the only who can use it. With this, it would lessen are burden in this fight." He said.

"Good... also we need to end this fast. I don't think I can maintain my power any longer." Scthach said.

"Okay, I know... let's end this, I have a plan." He said.

"Okay," Scthach nodded and listened to his plan

Tiamat couldn't hear both of them, it was because they were whispering with each others ear, and somehow Scthach's ear turned red when he whispered.

"My little dragon queen, how about you give up now and serve me." He grinned.

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