Unrivaled System Book 1 Chapter 198

Volume 1 Chapter 198 189 Privilege

We will have two chapters today, Yey. A couple days back I couldn't post because I was already half-way to become a wizard.


"...Are you alright?."

"I'm fine, thanks."

He didn't ultimately fell from the ground, even though Tiamat's destructive force from her fist hit him.

The credit all goes to Scthach, as the woman was so worried about him, slashing her spear towards the back, to weaken the force that was sending her to the ground. She quickly regained her balance, before catching him who was falling rapidly.

"I was surprised, I didn't expect for her to have that much of reaction, suddenly."

"Yes, it was the same for me too. What is with that weapon, anyway?." Scthach's curious gaze turned towards his scythe.

"This? Oh, was her reaction because of this? I did remember her face got pale when my scythe got closer." He checked his scythe on his hand.

'Naturally, it was all because of this princess. And it seems your opponent is an expert on this kind of field, for a divine to sense the trace of aura hidden in me is quite praise-worthy.' Natalia's voice sounded in his ear.

'So... it was really because of you? Her facial expression back then was priceless. Did she really thought that she would die if she got hit? Or maybe she really will?.' He asked.

'No, she won't die. That's why I praised her for sensing the small amount of aura that was left in me, if it was before she really would die, even a small wind blow created by this princess can kill her. At the present, there is not that much aura left on me, for her to still sense it, I suppose she was really sensitive about this.

This senses of her will really help her in the future, also don't get ahead of yourself... there is no way she would die by getting hit right now, you don't even have enough power to fully bring the full power of the current me. With my power back then, I doubt you could lift me.' Natalia explained.

'Oh, so that's what it was. Well, it's not like I'd like to kill her, killing a a beauty like that is such a sin.'

'This princess almost forgot that you had this side of you, as long as you get stronger it's enough for this princess... pervert' Natalia said... while she mumbled her last word that he couldn't hear.

He raised his head to look at Tiamat, the aura around her was really terrifying, especially after using all those kinds of skills.

"What's wrong my beautiful queen? Scared~?... Don't worry it would pain my heart for you to die." He smiled as he teased. Kill her? What nonsense! Aside the fact that he couldn't kill her, he wouldn't really want to kill such a beauty.

Scthach frowned and pinched him. "Stop playing around."

"Oh? Are you finally acting like a jealous wife now?." He teased, he then remembered her 'dark' mode from before causing his body to shiver.

"Hey, I dare you to go on yandere mode with me as your target, I will punish you. I'm not the least bit scared of you."

"Humph." Scthach humphed, as she turned her to the sides.

"Well, don't worry I don't plan on getting more women anytime soon... Besides, do you really think that dragon of a beauty will fall?."

This time, Tiamat replied to his teasing. She knitted her eyebrows, as she looked at his scythe warily.

"Scared? You say, this queen felt she was scared?... this queen hate to admit it but this queen did indeed felt that it was terrifying, that weapon of yours, really took this queen back." Tiamat nodded.

"Mhn, I also felt this weapon of yours was really scary. It seems you really did hold back before." Scthach said.

'Oh?!!...' Natalia got interested that Scthach also felt her aura.

"Well... You were holding back as much as me, though?." He said. Thinking of Scthach's power, without any sacrifice he couldn't think of a way to win.

"Let's just say both of us held back then... That's why we need to fight again." Scthach smiled.

"Eh?... You're kidding me."

"You said it before right? That you would accompany me to experience many things together. Then, first of all; you need to make me happy." Scthach smiled.

"Well, yeah. Fine, I will treat it as just training then." He smiled wryly, he didn't really want to fight.

"Now, my little dragon queen, it's still not too late to surrender. How about you give up and be my contracted beast." He smiled.

"Contracted beast? This queen? It's impossible, there is no way that this queen would serve someone who is weaker, if you want this queen... you need to first defeat this queen, if you somehow defeat this queen, even then the queen won't accept you. It's your choice on how to make this queen agree to you." Tiamat frowned, before saying.

"Oh? Are you sure?... what if our little dragon queen, got hit by this?." He grinned as he swing his scythe around.

Tiamat flinched, she still didn't forget the feeling of death that she felt before.

"If you think that is enough for this queen to falter. You are wrong!."

Tiamat resentfully said.

"Really? If you accept to be mine now, you will have a big privilege."


He smiled, "Yes, for example, this master of yours will give you head pats every day, and if you behave nicely I'll give you a beautiful s.e.xy maid costume... Ahh~ thinking about it now, I couldn't wait to see you wearing it. Hmm, it seems I need to prepare a lot of time for this... and next, on every other day this master of yours will happily feed you personally...

It's as if tick marks started appearing on Tiamat's head. The longer she listens to him talking about the privilege, her anger keeps rising and rising. And it seems that he doesn't plan to stop any time soon.

"I'll give you a day off, for at least once a month. We will also go on a ride for at most twice a week, riding on your dragon form as we have fun together, roaming the sky, enjoying the horizon, crossing the ocean. And if you want I will play catch with you on the sky... What? Still dissatisfied?

Tiamat's face was full of anger. Yet, he was still talking as if he doesn't sense it as he continued.

"Oh! I see the promotion, of course there is. If you do well for a couple of months; you will be promoted to a head maid... as you keep getting me satisfied, you will eventually promoted to be my woman. Just hope at that time, your mistresses will accept you... Hmm, that's all. See? it's a big privilege right? Quickly give up or this privilege will be gone; there is a time limit."

"You are mocking this queen?." The air around her calmed down, or more like it stopped moving. One might have thought that she was not angry anymore... but the atmosphere says otherwise.

Tiamat sped up towards him.


A slash of her sword separated the ground, the air, the space.

Luckily, this slash of hers only passed him by a hair's breadth. Maybe it was a warning or a test of strength... or maybe she really did miss. As even though her speed was very fast, it was predictable. However, he only moved his head for a bit to dodge, so maybe that she really didn't meant to hit him with this slash... for now.

"Aiya, it seems this woman has gone mad... Little Scathy, intercept." He sweat when he felt the power behind the slash.

Scthach sighed.

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