Unparalleled Crazy Young System Chapter 2831

Chapter 2831: Do You Think You Can Escape?

Chapter 2831 Do you think you can escape?

Everything returned to calm.

In this space, Ye Hao stood there calmly.

The high-ranking main **** of the Star Sky disappeared without a trace, without leaving a trace of breath.

And around you can feel a trace of Godhead dissipating.

"Is this... dead?" Bessie the goblin swallowed and asked.

The frost giant Hansen nodded and looked at the man in admiration: "He is really strong!"

"This is the first time I have seen the fall of a high-ranking god. Even if you are a big brother, you haven't killed a high-ranking god." Angelia the elf looked at her brother Bray next to her.

This question really made Bray very embarrassed.

After all, the upper main **** had few battles, and although he was now the upper main god, he didn't have a long time to enter this realm.

Naturally, there is no chance to kill the upper master god.

But the man in front of him who had only the middle main god, killed a higher main **** so easily, and the expression on his face had not changed at all.

It seems to have become accustomed to such things.

Could it be that this is not the first time he has witnessed the fall of the upper Lord God?

"I didn't expect to see you during this period of time, your realm has become stronger." Evelyn looked at Ye Hao and said happily.

"It's a pity that the Space Lord escaped." Frost Giant Hansen said in a naive way.

"Escaped?" Ye Hao showed a mysterious smile, then he snapped his fingers.

Kaos, who should have been torn the void and escaped, appeared in front of them again.

At this time, Kaos also noticed that he had returned to the original place. He said in astonishment: "This... how is this possible? I have obviously used the law of space to escape.

How could I be here again! "

Ye Hao approached Kaos with a terrifying look step by step, and now Kaos was very scared of the man in front of him.

Because he also noticed that he had already lost the figure of the high-ranking master **** in the sky, and only the divine breath that was still dissipating was left.

This shows that the upper main **** of the Star Sky has fallen, and was killed by this guy in front of you!

Since he has the ability to kill a high-level main god, he must be able to kill a second high-level main god.

"Don't you want to run away? Why didn't you run away?" Ye Hao looked at Kaos in front of him jokingly, as if looking at a prey.

Kaios gritted his teeth, raised his hand, and the law of space appeared.

Only this time, he couldn't even tear the space.

"This...what's going on!" Kaos tried it many times, but it was still useless.

"Don't waste your energy. I noticed it when you wanted to escape. I made some tricks on the space channel where you were going to escape long ago.

Disguising it as a maze, making you think you can escape, but in fact it just turns around in a gap in the space and returns to the original place again.

And now, I have completely sealed off the surrounding space. Unless you are better at the laws of space than me, you won't be able to break my seal without a few days of work. "

Ye Hao shrugged, chuckled and looked at the guy in front of him who was playing with his palms.

Kaos sat down in despair, his body trembling constantly.

"Why... why... why can you have such strong spatial laws, why! Why! These are not mine!"

Ye Hao walked in front of Kaos and stared at the desperate Kaos: "Because you did not intend to learn and explore the laws of space.

All of these things you get are obtained by means of speculation, so these things are not yours after all! "

"Don't... don't kill me, I belong to the Olympus **** system, as long as... as long as you don't kill me, I can give you whatever you want!" Kaios suddenly raised his head and looked at Ye anxiously. Hao, begging for mercy.

He even knelt down to Ye Hao and kept kowtow. This scene was exactly the same as when he lost the bet during the Space Apostle activity.

It's just that this time Kaos himself knelt down and begged for mercy, like a dog.

"Actually, there is no enmity between you and me. I didn't want to kill you either. I taught you enough lessons in that place.

It's a pity that you are asking for trouble again this time, so..." Ye Hao's finger fell on Kaos.

Kaos wanted to resist in horror, but his body was already restrained.

Under the effect of Divine Art and King's Power, Kaos could not move at all.

Then Ye Hao released his magical skill of the law of time to Kaos.

Divine Art: Quicksand of Time

An hourglass was suspended in front of Kaos, the hourglass flipped, and the fine silver sand inside began to flow down quickly.

At the same time, Kaos' own physical condition began to age rapidly, his hair became pale, and his skin became wrinkled.

At the same time, his spirit and godhead are dying.

The divine power kept escaping from his body like escaping.

When the hourglass was in general, Kaos had changed from a middle-aged man to a white-haired old man, and his voice had completely changed.

"No... don't... don't..." Kaos was still begging painfully, he could feel that his body was dying away, and everything about him was losing speed.

Ye Hao stared at Kaos indifferently.

This magic trick of the time law was the first time he used it, and the effect was that when it was applied to a person, everything on that person would flow faster.

Originally, a high-ranking **** who could live for ten million years, without any resistance, would disappear without a trace in just ten minutes.

Become a particle in this universe.

And Evelyn and the others just watched a high-ranking **** in the space, and just vanished in front of them.

This scene really surprised them.

After all, even though the high-ranking **** of the Star Sky had fallen, the scene at that time was very shocking, and they didn't see exactly what happened.

And this time, they clearly saw the whole process of the death of Kaos, which was even more impactful.

They couldn't help but start in awe of the shameless man in front of them.

"Brother, I advise you to give up. You are really inferior to him." Angelia the wizard whispered to her brother now.

Bray swallowed, he was also shocked by this man, even if he was the upper god, he had never seen such a method.

It made him feel a little trembling.

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