Unparalleled Crazy Young System Chapter 2829

Chapter 2829: What Am I Afraid To Kill?

Chapter 2829 what do I dare to kill?

"Next, you should pay a small price for what you did to my friend.

Who should start first? "Ye Hao rubbed his chin, looking at the people around him as if sifting through toys.

Feeling the humiliation he has suffered, he roared angrily: "The price? Then let you see, the price to provoke our Star Sky God System.

Everyone obeyed and killed this man for me! "

Following the order of the upper master **** of the Star Sky, all the warriors of the Star Sky God System launched their own attacks on Ye Hao.

Countless stars flew from all directions, as if to blow Ye Hao and others in the center to pieces.

Facing such a situation, Evelyn and the others felt powerless.

Although they are strong, but in this case, for them, this kind of attack is really like the end of the day.

It can make them feel a deep sense of powerlessness.

Evelyn looked at the back of the man in front of her nervously and expectantly. I don't know why, she would feel relieved when she looked at the back of this man.

As long as he is here, all this is not a problem.

Angelia and the others were also curious and nervous looking at the strange man in front of them.

The wonderful operation just now made them believe that the man in front of them might really create miracles for them.

In fact, it is not that they believe it, but this is their only hope now.

On the other hand, Ye Hao, facing the sky full of stars, this is so terrifying that it can even directly smash a planet's attack.

Without changing his face, he calmly raised his hand.

Divine ArtSpace Exile

A large piece of void space appeared around Ye Hao and the others, and all those starburst attacks were swallowed up by the void space and disappeared completely.

As if it had never appeared before.

"This is... this... how is this possible, how can a mere mid-level master **** release this degree of spatial exile!" Kaos witnessed all this, and he didn't want to believe this scene.

As a person who also practices the laws of space, he is very aware of how terrifying this level of magic is.

But the guy who looked down upon him was only a guy with the strength of the middle main god.

It was so easy to release it, which simply subverted his worldview.

"There are some things that are not as difficult as you think. A special law like the law of space is not only the subtlety that can be displayed when the realm is high.

It's just that you don't deserve to master it thoroughly. "Ye Hao looked at Khaos sarcastically.

Kaos was furious, and this guy dared to humiliate himself so much: "Asshole, it's impossible! Impossible! It must have realized something in the gap of time.

Otherwise, relying on the strength of your mid-level main god, how could Leng Gong master these.

If I enter the gap of time, I can also master this, these are all you stole from me! "

Kaos didn't want to believe that this was Ye Hao's own talent, instead he was willing to believe that this was what Ye Hao had obtained in the gap of time.

"If you don't realize it, let you understand what is the real terror." Ye Hao snapped his fingers.

The surrounding air seemed to be frozen at this moment.

Divine ArtIce Emperor Realm

The bodies of the Star Sky God Warriors of the lower main gods all began to freeze at a speed visible to the naked eye.

"How is this going!"

"Why, I feel so cold!"

"I... my elemental power has no effect at all, my elemental power has been frozen."

These people were shocked to find that they had been freezing their bodies a little bit and there was no way at all.

They can only watch it like this, watching their bodies turn into ice sculptures.

In fact, this is Ye Hao's new epiphany of the ice law, and it can be regarded as an upgraded version of the Ice King.

And also added some insights into other laws, the power is definitely second to none among the middle main gods.

And how can these guys who only have the lower main gods release Ye Hao's magical skills.

"Then it's your turn!" Ye Hao looked at the middle-ranked master gods, and when dealing with them, he had to add a little bit more condiments.

Kunpeng Law Heaven, Earth, Xuanhuang, Heavenly Array

With a sudden step on Ye Hao's feet, several huge Kunpeng phantoms appeared, and these Kunpeng phantoms roamed around.

But as they roamed, the texture of the magic circle appeared one by one.

After that, the Kunpeng who seemed to be scattered and disorderly suddenly burst out with roars and swooped down towards the middle main gods.

Those middle-ranked main gods have responded to this attack in their own way.

All kinds of magical stars appeared.

However, these Kunpengs are really terrifying, these middle main gods were able to parry at first, but soon discovered that they had no way to fight against this Kunpeng law.

And when they wanted to escape, they were horrified to find that they didn't even know when they were placed in a huge spatial position.

Facing this spatial position, they had no way to escape for a while, they could only watch as they were tired and swallowed by those Kunpeng.

This scene reminded them of how similar they were when they trapped Evelyn and the others.

It's a pity that the victims are now replaced by them.

Soon, these middle main gods were all wiped out.

"It seems that it's completely quiet now. As the protagonist, I can give you a chance to choose the way of death." Ye Hao jokingly looked at the remaining Star Sky High Lord God and Kaos.

At this time, they were truly aware of how dangerous they were facing Ye Hao now.

When dealing with Evelyn and the others before, they thought that it was a very lucky thing in this deep dome ruins.

But now it seems that this point is completely reversed.

Here, it was simply a battlefield prepared for Ye Hao, so that the upper Lord God that he could not reach before has now become a prey that he can hunt arbitrarily.

"I warn you! I am the upper master **** of the Star Sky God System, and now the Star River God Emperor is here. If you dare to move me, our Star Sky God System will make you pay the price!" The Star Sky upper master **** pointed at Ye Hao Threatened.

His own forehead was already covered with sweat at this moment.

Ye Hao laughed, he clutched his abdomen: "I didn't expect people with high realm to have such stupid people.

Since we dare to appear here, I think you should know what our purpose is?

We have already chosen to fight against some Star River God Emperor, a high-ranking Lord God, what am I afraid to kill? "

With that, murderous intent appeared in Ye Hao's eyes.

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