Unfortunate Luck Chapter 6

6 Love Or Dream

The next day she started working on building her own restaurant in the evening after her work. She finalized a beautiful place for building the restaurant with Cindy and also the people for working.

Next day, the work for her restaurant started and in 'The Dinner' there was a party of famous chefs from the around world so she had to prepare for that too.

In the evening after the party everyone enjoyed the food and wanted to meet the chef. They were quite impressed by her cooking skills.

"The food was delicious; we would like to shoot a T.V. show with you. What do you say?"

"The pleasure is all mine. Thank you Sir."

"So we will be shooting this weekend."

"Yes sir."



As soon as they left the restaurant Oliver congratulated her and then he said "Can I have a word with you."



She nodded and followed him to his room "I have a surprise for you, can we meet at my sister's house tonight."

Lisa blushed and nodded in agreement.

"Okay I will pick you up at eight; you can leave now and get ready."

"Okay, then I will leave. Bye."

"Bye, see you soon."

Lisa went home after changing her clothes. There was a parcel at her gate with a card. She opened the door, took the parcel inside and read the card 'Wear this dress tonight.'

Lisa smiled and opened the box inside was a beautiful purple dress with glass pencil heels. Lisa's smile widened and when she could not keep all this to herself, she called Cindy and told her everything and invited her over. Meanwhile she got dressed, made her hair and put on a light makeup.

Cindy was dumbstruck by her best friend's beauty so she cracked a joke on her "You can't be Lisa, tell me where is my best friend and who are you."

They both laughed at her joke then she spoke again to tease "You look breathtaking, someone is definitely gonna die."

Lisa blushed and then spoke "I am feeling nervous."

"It will be fine. Just go."

Before she could reply the car honked and Cindy pushed her out wishing her luck. She nervously went out leaving Oliver speechless. She blushed at the way he looked at her then after a few minutes he spoke "You look amazing."

"You look handsome too."

He opened the car door and on the way his eyes were fixed on Lisa. When they reached, Christen opened the door and let them in. The house was decorated by red and blue balloons all over and in front was a poster hanging saying 'WILL YOU MARRY ME.' Lisa froze there for a few minutes and then with a beautiful smile turned around. Oliver was already on his knees with a ring in his hands. She pulled her hand forward and said "Yes off course, I will."

Oliver put the ring, moved closer to her and then kissed her.

"I am still present" Christen interrupted them "and mom and dad are about to arrive."

Lisa gave a blank look so Oliver explained quickly "I want you to meet my parents and I want to introduce you to them."

"Oh but if I had said no then what would have happened."

"That is not the case so let us not talk about that."

Later after the dinner with his parents Oliver praised her and told them about her show on the weekend. His father was not comfortable with it "If you want to marry my son you cannot do this show."

Oliver was shocked "what are you saying dad."

"Don't interrupt and let her choose one."

Lisa was confused on what to choose on one side there was a dream she had dreamt of since she was young and on other there was a person she loved the most.
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