Ultimate Book Of Creation Chapter 7

7 World Turned Upside Down

I stare at my ex who was laughing with my parents while Ella had her arm hooked in his. I was glad None of them noticed me. I quietly close the door and walk outside. Aaron was just pulling out the driveway when I run up to the window. He rolls down the window and stops the car, "Come in with me." I tell him, without giving him a chance to respond back, I open the door and unbuckle him and pull him out. Thankfully, the car was only in the middle of the driveway.

"Whats wrong Thea?" He locks the car and walks with me to the door. I held the strawberry, blueberry, and plain cheesecake on top of each other and open the door like I only just got there.

"Mom, Dad. I'm back and made cheese cake!" I swipe my boots on the floor and take them off, setting them in the corner. I was wearing tan high-waist skinny jeans and a white shirt with a grey blazer over it, and a thin autumn scarf. Aaron was just wearing casual clothes, dark blue jeans and a long sleeved black v-neck.

"Ah, Thea dear, you made it. Is your boyfriend with you." Aaron pops his head out from the door way and waves. "Aaron? I didn't know you were coming over. Have you seen Thea's boyfriend?"

"Yup, he's right here." Aaron goes back and takes his shoes off, setting them next to mine before walking into the living room and giving a bow. "Hello Thea's parents, my name is Aaron , pleased to meet you. I hope we can get along well."

"Y-you two are dating?" Ella asked shocked. I nodded like I didn't know what she has done. She was basically in control of my life, every thing those guys have asked me were in fact what she wanted to know. I was blindly following her minions who were following her. "Congratulations! I knew you two were going to get together some day." She smiled sweetly while softly clapping.

"Well it's about time you showed him to us, but I thought you said we never met him before?"

"Well, that was just a joke. To keep you guys guessing, couldn't have you knowing who he was."

"I'm just glad it's a guy and not a girl. Seriously..." She shook her head and sighed before taking the cheesecakes and walked to the kitchen with dad and them. I looked to Ella who had an innocent look on her face.

"Sorry sissy... It slipped out. I didn't mean-"

"Enough!" I sighed and rubbed my brows." Please just... No more lying. What do you want from me? I have little time to talk to people who use me." I entered my business mode and cross my legs, sitting in a chair across from her.


"Ella. She heard everything" Aaron cuts her off and smiles. Franks back went stiff as he stared at Aaron, then glared at me.

"So this is how you really are Thea? Ella was right, your such a slutty little whore. I can't belie- UGH!!!" He didn't finish his sentence because Aaron gave him his famous knuckle sandwich. A tooth flew out of Franks mouth followed by a path of blood. I almost didn't want to stop him, but I knew he would get in trouble if he went any further.

"Aaron, why do you have this bastards blood on your hands? Come on, you need to wash up." I glanced down at Frank who had a broken nose, a few missing teeth, and a swelling black eye. I would've nursed him before, but now... I just pitted him while happy Aaron did that for me. I led Aaron to the bathroom to clean his knuckle off. "You red heads are so crazy."

Thinking back to when we were in high school and a kid wanted me to be his girlfriend, I said no, but he took it the wrong way and started spreading rumors about me. Later when Aaron and I were walking the halls, his friends surrounded us. Aaron fought them all and protected me, although he did let me get a few kicks in between their legs from time to time. A knock at the door pulled me from my thoughts,

"Thea? What happened?" My dads voice came from out the door.

"That guy was just being an ass dad, he'll be fine anyways. Aaron didn't do to much damage to the kid."

"Kid huh... Alright, your moms helping Ella clean his face off, I'll be in the living room... The cheese cake is good to." I rolled my eyes knowing he's already ate a quarter of each one. I finished washing off Aaron's knuckle and made sure there were not scratches, only a little busing.

"Thea... Sor-" I cut him off with a quick peck on his lips.

"Don't worry about it, if you didn't do it then I would've." He stared at me for a few seconds before wrapping his arms around me and pulling me to his chest. I stiffened up before a tear fell, followed by a waterfall. The words hurt me. I wish no words ever could hurt me, but then they also wouldn't be able to help me. I already knew that without black you can't have white and vise versa. It made sense. But also seemed unfair, you never know when it will get balanced out with the positive.

When we got the stuff to make cheese cake for today, Aaron already told me how much he cared for me. My chest had gotten all stuffy and made it hard to breath, just when I thought things were balancing out once again, this happens. I sniff a few times and just stay leaning into his chest, enjoying the warmth from his embrace, wishing that time would stand still and being tempted to go into my book. "Oh god, this is so cheesy" I chuckle and snuggle a little more before drying my eyes and heading out.
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