Ultimate Book Of Creation Chapter 6

6 Nebula

I wake up and check the time. I was asleep for a few hours, meaning not much time has passed on earth. 'I should go to the other planets.' I swipe my hand and swim to shore while I pick which planet I want to go to. "Hmm. I should make something up here first." I make some more earth raise from the ground. I put dense fog around the only mountain and made a water fall flowing from the top from springs and a giant lake.

"Let's make some trees here and there. And... What should I do, what should I do?" I squeal and make some thick clouds surrounding the top of the mountain with the fog and make cloud birds. I also made some regular birds with a slight twist, like the toucans for example, they can grow larger in size and the parrots can change from bird to human form. Although when they get that far, they'll still have feathers on their head as hair and some on the elbows and collar bones like necklaces. I set a timer fro their evolution. Every fifty years, they'll be closer to the final stage. I also made it so their langue is more like whistling. The notes stand for different meanings.

After I was done with that, I went to Nebula. Nebula was my green planet, with many trees covering almost all the planet. I had trees that lived in salt water, swamps, and lakes. I used the same fishes as Oceanic for the underwater world. I added a few silver and gold fishes that had their scales fall off making gold and silver shaped scales coins. After thinking about it, I made copper and bronze ones as well as making it so they evolve. I always wanted a dragon, now I can make my very own dragon! I made it so the fish would have to be killed in order for them to become a dragon. Only, they would have to be at least one hundred years old in order to do so.

Squealing like a girl, I start to make land creatures, starting with the herbivores. I made white deer with blue swirls and dots on them, bunnies with big ears and purple, green, and red eyes. Their bodies had little arrows on their backs like a race car, since they can run really fast. Next were gazelles , but I kept them as they were... Maybe a little bigger then the norm, only five meters tall. I made a bunch more animals that were herbivores, then made the carnivores. I made wolves, bears, tigers, and adorable big blue-eyed type of deer, well, they shouldn't be called deer since they eat meat and are small. They also travel in packs, are small, but have small, pointed teeth and dagger like curved spikes on their back.

When I got to the last classification, I was tired and sat down to take a breather and watched the animals. Pride swelled in my chest as I watched them hunt, reproduce, and empty out their waste anywhere they pleased. Although I had to turn my head at most of the things they did, I'm not into animal porn.

I stood up and made a few pink, black, white, brown, and black and white porky pine bears then scattered them all around. Smiling, I made more animals that ate both berries and meat. Not feeling like making humans yet, I make habitats for them and some mountain ranges with big cats like pumas and jaguars travel on. Patting myself and doing a few embarrassing dances, I go back to earth and see only a few hours had passed.

My stomach growled and I made my way to the fridge, where I was almost out of food. I wondered weather I should make animals that loved to cook, or perhaps even elves. I could hire them as my cooks and just put on a 'holy light' so they don't see me. I put 'create elves' on my creation to-do list. Humming, I made a PB J and watched The Jogging Dead, 'that would be fun to have a zombie apocalypses. I'll set it for 3029 or some time for another planet.' Thinking of how fun it'd be, I ogle the archer and skip some of the episodes that didn't have enough gore in them. I watched TV for a few hours before falling asleep.

When I woke up again, Aaron was laying on my legs, thankfully he wore some pants. I thought back to how I messed with him and to what my sister had said. I rubbed my head, relationships were harder then making a universe. I laid my head on the side of the couch, watching him sleep. I'd be lying if I said I was never attracted to him, but I didn't want to loose my best friend over a relationship. I don't even know if it would last.

"Why is life so complicating... Why do I make things so complicated, I'm such an idiot." I stroke my hand through his soft, silky red hair. "What am I doing... Crushing on my best friend knowing he likes me to, but not knowing how to tell him. What about starting with the distractions that I didn't mind but never matched up to him, or how about sending girls his way so he could look another way and not see my eyes... Hmm. I never did think if doing all that would ruin our friendship, although it seems like were friends with benefits even though were not. I really took it to far today."

I didn't notice the change in Aaron's breathing until I watched his back. "...Your awake... Aren't you..." He lifted his head up with mixed emotions in his dark green eyes as he stared at my brown ones. 'Shit, I'm screwed... I knew I should've talked in my head.' "Ahh... s-so, um... My mom uh- s-she wants me over for the holiday a-and, I uh, have to go shopping. So..." I trailed off avoiding his gaze.

"Thea. You've been avoiding me for a long time. We can talk about this after we get some food for your parents. Don't even try to run away, I know all your little hiding spots."

'well I didn't tell you one. I could always hid in your parents house.'

"-And my parents house would be the first place I check."

'shit, at least it's not now.'

"Good. Now lay down, I'm tired." I stare at him as he made his self comfortable and fell back to sleep. A small smile made it's way onto my face. I laid my head back and went back to sleep.
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