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  • Trembling At A High Altitude

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Trembling At A High Altitude summary:

When I woke up, I appeared at an altitude of more than a thousand meters.This is the top of a towering stone pillar.How did I get up?How should I get down?Help!Unfortunately, not only would help not arrive, but this would also be the start of an endless nightmare!Follow Li Teng’s nightmarish adventure as he tries to survive on a 1,000-meter stone pillar, with only a bed and his wits!“Extreme weather phenomena? Bring it on!”“My abductors want me to participate in gruesome films in which 1 in 8 people have to die? I shall emerge victorious!”“Want me to die? Not so easy!”- Description from MTL

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Trembling At A High Altitude Chapters

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Chapter 78: Bun4 weeks ago
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