Trapped In Her Heart Book 3 Chapter 187

Volume 3: Challenges Chapter 187 Listen To Your Heart

Helplessly shaking her head, Ellie sighed, "Listen to me Charlotte." Grabbing Charlotte's hand, she explained, "I know what is scaring you from being in a relationship but you have to remember whatever happened is in the past now and it's not most likely to repeat again. You can't just run away from things only because something bad happened in the past."

"I know El but I just don't want to suffer again." Helplessly shaking her head, Charlotte sighed, "All these years, I have been running and keeping myself away from things which are even closely related to love or anything like that but now, everything has just happened and I am going with the flow even when I so badly don't want to."

"Charlotte you have to understand that there are certain things that you don't have any control over, like your heart. So no matter how hard you try to our feelings about Brandon away, it's not gonna help because your heart is yearning for his love." Without waiting for her reply, she added, "You just said that it feels great with him right? And you are willing to do things which you don't like just for him."

Charlotte nodded her head and answered, "Yes, I like doing things which makes him happy."

"So, don't you see what is happening here? You are already in love with him but you are just very reluctant to admit it because of your past bad experience." Tightening her grip around Charlotte's hand, she continued, "Love is never bad or wrong, you just need to find the correct man for yourself and after you do that, everything will automatically fall in the right place and you will feel relaxed, happy and free."

Thinking for a while, Charlotte inquired, "What if it happens again? What if I give another man my everything and he also leaves me all shattered and heartbroken? What do I do then? Sit back and cry again?"

"Just because you think that this may not work, it doesn't mean that you don't try it at all. Do you think that I never got this feeling when Sebastian and I started dating?"

Biting her lower lip, Charlotte asked, "You did?" When Ellie nodded her head, she further inquired, "Then how did you overcome that feeling?"

"Well, I was scared too but then I decided to give in and give this relationship everything I have without restraining myself. I don't know what the end result might be but all I know and care about is that I love Sebastian and if we are meant to be together, nothing can separate us," Ellie explained.

"So you are suggesting me to give in too?"

Shrugging her shoulders, Ellie answered, "Listen to your heart, do you want to call him and fix things or do you want to just let things be and regret not giving it a shot later? Maybe this is the relationship you have been waiting for your entire life or maybe it isn't but how can you say without giving it a shot? You can't say whether a fruit is sweet or sour without tasting it right?"

Charlotte sighed and nodded her head, "Yes, you are right."

"You told us that after your first relationship, you have been distracting yourself with various things so maybe this is it, this is the right time for you to stop and do something that will make you genuinely happy. Something that doesn't include buying materialistic things and flinging with random men from the bar but only pure love which will make you feel special," Ellie smiled.

Crashing on the bed, Charlotte smiled, "Ahh I think the dead butterflies in my stomach are alive again and they are partying in my stomach, holding tequila shots in their hands."

Passing her the phone, Ellie added, "Call him and talk things out, I think you both will make a perfect pair."

Grabbing her bag, she added, "And just to let you know, first fights are always ugly and I am sure that Brandon must be feeling awful so try to coax him."

Getting up, Charlotte gave Ellie a hug and sighed, "You are my saviour and I love you."

Patting her back, Ellie chuckled, "It's alright, you don't have to thank me. This is what friends do, they help each other in need and show them the right path."

"If you need any help, I am always there for you, okay?"

Thinking for a while, Ellie hesitated for a while and informed, "Actually I might need your help over something but not now, maybe sometime in the future."

"Okay, just let me know and consider it done."

"Thank Char, now I'll take my leave."

After Ellie left, Charlotte crashed on the bed and grabbed her phone. Thinking for a while, she called her big man baby but when he did not receive her call, she frowned and tossed her phone aside angrily.


Living room.

"I think there is someone in Charlotte's room," Ava m.o.a.ned in between the kiss.

"Don't worry honey, it's most likely Brandon," Calvin answered before capturing her lips again.

Just then a loud 'BANG' interrupted their hot session making them jerk their heads towards the direction of the sound.

Picking up the metal showpiece from the floor, Ellie panicked, "I-I am very sorrythis." Awkwardly fidgeting with her finger, she snapped, "I'll take my leave."

Without waiting for their reply, Ellie rushed toward the door but before she could even get anywhere near the door, Calvin and Ava stopped her.

"Ellie, wait" Ava yelled before grabbing her hand.

Gulping in nervousness, Ellie said, "I swear I did not see the two of you making out on the couch."

"El please, listen to our explanation first," Calvin requested.

Left with no other choice other than listening to them, Ellie sighed and nodded her head before walking towards the couch. She had just stepped out of Charlotte's room when she heard faint m.o.a.ning sounds. Looking around when she stepped into the living room, she was completely taken aback after seeing Calvin and Ava making out with each other on the couch.

To make things a little less embarrassing, she had planned to just sneak out without letting them know about her presence but her plan got ruined when she tripped against a small side table.

Sitting right in front of her, Ava explained, "What you saw its"

Cutting Ava off, Calvin added, "It's not like you think."

Awkwardly clearing her throat, Ellie answered, "Okay."

"No what Calvin means is we were not just making out because we wanted to but we both are dating," Ava explained.

Letting out a nervous chuckle, Ellie clapped her hand, "Ah I see, congratulations." Without waiting for their reply, she glanced at her watch and gasped, "Ah look it's already so late, I should go home."

Getting up, she added, "It was nice meeting you guys, let's talk later okay? I am in a hurry now."

"Wait, you can't tell Seb about it yet," Ava snapped.

Stopping midway, Ellie sighed, "Ava, I am seriously very happy for the two of you but there is no way I am keeping things away from Seb."

Grabbing her hand, Ava requested, "Please El, you can't tell Seb about us right now."

"Yes, we aren't ready to face his wrath so please Ellie, you have to help us," Calvin added.

Slumping on the couch, Ellie pinched the bridge of her nose. "But I am not supposed to keep things away from him, it's not right and I am not comfortable doing that."

"I completely understand what you are trying to say but please think about us. You know Seb will not take our relationship positively and he will definitely lash out on us"

Cutting her off, Ellie frowned, "Why do you think that Seb won't support you Ava? You are his sister and he will always support you no matter what. Yes, maybe he will freak out at first but that doesn't mean he will stay that way forever. What don't you just tell him the truth instead of hiding such a big thing from him?"

Ava sighed and nodded her head, "Yes I know and I promise that I'll tell Seb about us soon but until then, can you keep whatever you saw and heard about us to yourself? Please."

Looking at the two of them who seemed really very worried, Ellie sighed, "Fine but only for a few days, I cant keep this away from him for a long time."

Giving her a hug, Ava breathed a sigh of relief, "AH think you so much El, you are so sweet and I love you."

"Alright but next time, get a room guys," Ellie advised.

Turning towards Calvin, she added, "And you are dead meat when Seb finds out about it, so you should be ready to face the worst."

"But" Before Calvin could say anything, Ellie's phone started ringing.

Looking at the caller ID, Ellie sighed, "It's Seb, I need to go but I am telling you guys again, I can't hide this for a long time so you both better decide and tell him everything as soon as possible.


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