Trapped In Her Heart Book 3 Chapter 186

Volume 3: Challenges Chapter 186 Childish Big Baby

Lunch time.

"Another meeting?"

Sebastian nodded his head and answered, "Yes, Noah and I have to attend it again but I'll be back by lunch this time."

"Hmm but why wasn't it mentioned in the list then?" Ellie inquired.

"It is actually a very confidential meeting so we prefer keeping it under the wraps." He hated keeping things away from her but he didn't want to tell her about it until everything has been taken care of.

Opening the lid of the lunchbox that she had prepared for them early in the morning, she informed, "I have to meet Charlotte after work."

"Do you want me to pick you up later?" When Ellie nodded her head, he inquired, "Where are you meeting her?"

"At Calvin's place," she answered.

"Give me a call after you are done, I'll fetch you from there and then we can go for dinner somewhere."


Calvin's place.

Charlotte gasped and leaped backwards in shock when he saw Brandon sitting on the couch. "Oh goodness, what the hell are you doing here?" Realizing how rude she might have sounded, she cleared her throat and rephrased her sentence. "I mean, what are you doing here? If I knew you were coming, I would have stayed back to welcome you."

"I was just waiting for you, it's nothing so important," Brandon answered. After leaving Sebastian's office, he started feeling very confused and stressed. He was trying very hard not to think about what Sebastian had told him about love and his feelings for Charlotte but all he could think about was Charlotte, Charlotte and Charlotte. So he decided to leave work early and visit.

Looking at his gloomy expression, she frowned, "What happened? You look very stressed."

Keeping quiet for quite some time, he asked, "Can we take a nap together in your bouncy bed? Just for a few hours, I promise to leave you alone after that."

"A nap? But it's just twelve in the afternoon." When his expression turned gloomier, she immediately agreed without asking any kind of question. "Let's nap together for a while."

After getting her approval, he grabbed her hand and guided her to the bedroom.


Inside Charlotte's room.

Taking off his blazer and shoes, Brandon made himself comfortable on the bed before giving Charlotte the most innocent look. "I promise I wont do anything, I just want to snuggle and take a nice nap with you."

Snuggling beside him, she inquired, "Do you want to talk about it?" When he shook his head, she sighed, "Okay but always remember that I am here for you if you wanna talk."

Without saying anything, he wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his head on her neck.

Charlotte chuckled when he wrapped his leg around her, she wasn't used to cuddling and snuggling with people but Brandon's presence did not bother her at all. In fact, his warmth and the way he embraced her made her feel secure and at peace.


6:00 pm

When Charlotte woke up, Brandon was looking at her with a sweet smile on his face. Rubbing her eyes, she inquired, "What are you looking at?"

"You look so peaceful while sleeping," he answered before running his finger through his hair.

Pulling away, she sat up straight and inquired, "Why are you here Brandon? I know it's not just for napping."

Keeping quiet for quite some time, he hesitated for a while and asked, "Do you think we are in love?"

Widening her eyes in shock, she snapped, "What? What makes you think that we are?"

"Don't you think that we are?"

Leaning against the headboard, she shrugged her shoulders, "I-I don't know."

Supporting his head with his elbow, he sighed, "I am confused too but you make me feel different, happy, giddy and special."

Looking at him in a very suspicious way, she inquired, "Are you serious? Seriously Brandon, if this is some sort of a trick or plan to into my pants then"

"What? Is that what you think of me?" he snapped.

"I didn't mean that, I am just practically saying that because you were trying to convince me sleep with you since the beginning and"

Cutting her off, he sat up. "So you think everything that I have done for you till date is because I want to have s.e.x with you?"

"I never said"

"But what you said exactly meant that." Without waiting for her reply, he got down from the bed and fumed, "I cannot believe that you think of me like that."

"Brandon will you please stop getting angry and listen to me?" she requested.

Grabbing his blazer, he glared at her and yelled, "Not that you care Charlotte but never did I once think about having s.e.x with you when we were hanging out together, I genuinely cared for you but it turns out that I'll forever remain a jerk in your eyes so forget it."

Before she could say anything, Brandon walked out of the room angril without giving her a chance to explain anything.

Groaning in frustration, she slumped up on the bed and started grumbling. A few minutes ago, they were having such a happy time but now everything was chaotic and they were fighting.

Just then Ellie entered the room and asked, "What happened to Brandon? He looked very angry."

"Well, he can go to hell that sick bastard." Getting up, she gritted her teeth, "What the hell does he think of himself? Who walks out like that without even discussing a matter properly?"

Keeping her bag on the bed, Ellie sighed, "Alright, walk me through it properly."

"Have a seat first, I'll go wash my face first." Without waiting for her reply, Charlotte entered the washroom.


Ten minutes later.

Angrily pacing back and forth in the room, Charlotte snapped, "What will you think if a guy who was trying to get into your plans since the first day you met suddenly tells you that he might be in love with you?"

"Wait what? I don't understand, who are you talking about?" Ellie frowned.

"Brandon, I am talking about the childish big baby who walked out of a conversation without discussing things like a.d.u.l.ts," Charlotte snapped.

"Okay so what exactly happened? You both fought for the first time?"

Scrunching her brows, Charlotte muttered, "Yes, this is actually the first time we fought."

"So he told you that he loves you but you think that he just wants to get into your pants?" Ellie asked.

"How do you know that?" she frowned.

Shrugging her shoulders, Ellie answered, "Apart from the fact that you just summarized the situation in a nutshell, Brandon visited Seb in his office today and when I asked himI mean Seabstain about it, he told me that Brandon is in love with you."

"Seriously? He told Sebastian that he is in love with me?" Charlotte was having a really hard time believing that Brandon was really in love with her.

"Yes, that is what Seb told me and he never jokes about things like this but what about you, do you also have feelings for him?" Ellie inquired.

Sitting beside her, Charlotte sighed, "I called you over to discuss something that is partly related to this." Without waiting for her reply, she added, "I can't talk to Ava or Melissa because well, no specific reason but I feel like you are the best person with whom I can discuss this without any hesitation."

"Okay, what is it?"

Thinking for quite some time, Charlotte started explaining her problem, "So the thing is, Brandon and I are spending lots of time together, it's like we are always together and manage to meet each other everyday either for breakfast, lunch or dinner and sometimes for evening walks or long drives."

"And that is bad because?"

"Not saying that it's bad but it's weird because it feels great with him and I haven't even met anyone or hooked up with anyone else for the last two months, that also doesn't feel weird." Pointing towards the bed, she added, "We just had a nice long nap and it was probably the one I had in years."

Pausing for a while, she frowned, "The strange part is, I don't nap during daytime because it's not good for my skin or body but I actually broke one or rules for him and cuddled with him for a long nap only because he wanted to do that."

Staring at her, Ellie raised her brows, "Like, are you sure that you don't know what it is or you do know what the problem is but you are shamelessly denying it because that fact that you're in love with Brandon is too much for you to handle?"

Slapping her own forehead, Charlotte sighed, "This is exactly what I was worried about." Helplessly shaking her head, she grunted, "Just when I thought that I had completely lost the ability to love anyone, Brandon just shows up with his handsome face and caring nature to force me to go through that hell like journey again. I am telling you Ellie, I am not going through everything all over again."


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