Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 239

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 239 239. A Strange Relationship

Chapter 239. A strange relationship 


Xian Ju could not help but want to curse reading the comments about him online.

When he had heard that A celebrity daily life would feature him and he would come on television, then Xian Ju had gotten somewhat excited.

He had thought that he would become famous and he would finally experience some rain in his dry life. 

Xian Ju was already in his 30s this year but he doesn't even have a girl he is close with, much less someone like a girlfriend. 

In his heart, Xian Ju wasn't a bad guy but girls would always run away seeing his appearance.

In this world where physical appearance was deemed as the pinnacle of beauty, a person like Xian Ju was bound to suffer.

If one will ask someone, what type of beauty is the best? Then, 99 people out of 100 will answer that only the inner beauty matters.

But those 99 people would rarely think about the thing called inner beauty when they will be getting into a relationship.

The only thing that matters is the outer or the physical beauty. It was a harsh truth but it was a truth that one will come to accept sooner or later. 

Xian Ju was the same.

Through his life, he had already accepted that he was not good looking. He was burly and one can even associate him with a bear.

But honestly, he was not a bad person.

He also had normal aspirations of a sweet wife and cute children but he had sort of given up on it, when the hope inside his heart was again ignited.

It was because he was going to be featured in A celebrity daily life.

He didn't have many thoughts about it at first. He was someone who had swung his sword all his life. 

How can he know about the entertainment industry? But, after getting acquainted with White bear, he had come to know that one will be popular among girls if one got famous. 

Even White bear had gotten somewhat famous after he appeared on Movie making.

Why can't he be the same?

Because of that mindset, Xian Ju was somewhat happy these days but after the broadcast of A celebrity daily life, he was again met with the harsh reality. 

One of the students had shown him some online comments about him and reading those comments had made him puke out blood.

-Who is this bear like person?

-How can he dare to hit my idol?

-He should be sent to jail for assaulting Ren. Look at his expression, he looks to be in pain.

-Assault? Isn't it a normal mock battle?

-I don't know all of that. I only know that the bear-like person had attacked my male god. 

-Imma reported him to the police!!

-He is really ugly and he dares to hurt my Ren.

"What the heck is this?"

Xian Ju couldn't help but yell after reading all the comments about him. Not only were people called him ugly, they were even talking like he had assaulted Ren.

Well, Xian Ju wasn't at fault here. The only one at fault behind this were those fans of Ren.

A celebrity's fans can be hardcore and Ren also have those hardcore fans. These hardcore fans mostly consists of high school and middle school girls.

They wouldn't hesitate to fight anyone who is against their so-called 'Idol'. 

Here, Xian Ju had even beaten up Ren to a pulp. How can they leave him alone? 

Ren can't do anything about them. It was still fine as he was an actor. Idols or girl groups like Tristine or Lumous have it worse than him.

The number of their hardcore fans shows no bounds!

Although Ren doesn't have much fault in this matter, Xian Ju was still angry after reading all the comments about him online. 

He had to release his frustration somewhere and Ren was the perfect choice for it.

"I am not at fault here."

"If you are not at fault here, then who is?"

'What should I do here?'

Ren thought as his brain started thinking of ways to survive this predicament.

He had come to the dojo to move some of his muscles today, not to break his bones.

If he can't think of any other reason to pacify him, then Ren was sure that he would have to stay in the hospital for at least a week.

"Tell me, who is at fault here? People are cursing me online. Who do you think is responsible for this?"

"That will eventually stop. The matter is already over, so I think it will come to a halt soon."

"You think I'm brainless. There are already videos of that duel on SNS websites. Even after a year, people will keep commenting on it."

Xian Ju wasn't wrong.

There were already photos and videos of the duel he had with Ren on SNS websites and even some video streaming sites.

Even if the matter is already over, people will keep commenting and viewing that video.

"You should think of it in a positive way."

"How can I think of it as positive when people are saying only negative things about me?"

Xian Ju glared at Ren and his fists were ready to punch Ren. 

Rather than a sword duel, Xian Ju wanted to have a close combat duel without any weapons but Ren won't be able to survive that.

'I can only coax with now.'

Although Xian Ju was scary looking, he was not simple minded. Ren already knows that after practising together with him for weeks. 

"There's a saying that there is nothing like bad publicity."

"What do you mean by that?"

Xian Ju raised his eyebrow when he heard that. He was at least willing to listen to what Ren was trying to say.

It was not like Ren would be able to run away from him anyway!

"I will show you."

Ren said and took out his phone. He opened one of the video streaming websites and looked for the duel video online.

There were hundreds of thousands of videos online, so it took him some time to search for the video, but in the end, he was able to find a video titled 'Xin Ren getting beaten up'.

It was not a title that was to his liking but it already has more than 600k views on it.

He opened the comment section and looked for some comments onlines. Most of the comments were either about cursing Xian Ju or asking if he is fine or not.

After searching for two minutes, Ren finally found the comment he was looking for.

"Here, read this."

"Ah, what's this?"

Xian Ju took his phone with a frowning expression on his face but his expression quickly changed when he read the comment.

-The burly guy is scary but he's really strong.

There were three heart emojis after the comment. There was not only one comment like that.

-That guy beating Xin Ren is surely a master of martial arts or something. 

-He looks kind of cool.

-I wish I had a boyfriend like him. He looks like he will protect me If I'm in trouble.

Xian Ju's expression softened when he read more of those comments.

Seeing that, Ren finally took a sigh of relief.

'It looks like my method worked.'

As Ren was sighing in relief, someone unexpected entered the training room. 

"Brother Ren!"

It was Xiao Rin who peeked her small head inside the room to look for Ren. When she finally found Ren, a smile bloomed on her face.

With small steps, she walked to him.

"Xiao Rin, what are you doing here?"

Ren asked when he noticed her presence but Xiao Rin just pushed out the box in her hand as she said.

"I baked some cookies for you."

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