Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 238

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 238 238. A Talk Between Actors 3

Chapter 238. A talk between actors (3)

In just some time, all the indoor scenes had already been shot. The staff was now preparing itself to go to southern China to shoot the fight scenes.

It was miraculous because the staff had thought that the indoor scenes would take at least 1 and a half months, but they were finished in just a month.

Fight and battle scenes were the main highlights of the drama «Slayers», and most of the fight scenes would be between Ren and Hou Qian.

Before going to southern China, there was something else that would need Ren's presence.

It was the Golden dragon movie awards. 

The awards were originally given annually, beginning in 1981. At that time, it was a highly prestigious award show and getting a Golden dragon movie award was a big honour.

There was even a quote that 'One can't become a big actor if one can't even get a golden dragon.'

Award recipients receive a statuette in the shape of a golden dragon, and are selected by a jury of filmmakers, film experts, and film historians.

The awards are supervised by the China Film Association but over time, the Golden dragon movie awards had lost its touch but in 2005, it again rose.

It was because of the decision of involving Taiwanese and Hong Kong films in the award shows. 

It was done to increase the competition and it worked wonders as the award again gained the prestige it had previously.

In the past, there were many actors from Hong Kong and Taiwan that had won the award.

The awards ceremony does not only pay attention to commercial movies but also the artistic ones and doc.u.mentaries.

This move generated some critiques from the society because they believe that it cannot help much with the Chinese commercial movie industry.

However, the awards ceremony plays a significant role in helping the movie industry and drawing more people's attention to Chinese-language movies.

As for the eligibility, it definitely has the eligibility as the nomination and winner selection is done by a highly respected jury.

"Ah, I'm both excited and nervous about the Golden dragon movie awards."

On the last day of the indoor shoot, all the main actors and actresses were sitting together during lunch.

It was then that Li Xinru started the talk about the Golden dragon movie awards. 

"You are nominated for the best supporting actress category, right?"

Na Wen asked as he tilted his head.

"Yes, I don't think I will win the award but just a nomination is enough for me."

Li Xinru said as she smiled faintly. Although she said that, she still wanted to win the award.

It was the first time she was nominated for the Golden dragon movie awards. That's why, she could not help but feel a little hopeful about it.

Her getting a nomination was also like accepting her acting capabilities. Getting a nomination was akin to everyone accepting one's acting capability. 

Earlier this year, Li Xinru had acted in a romantic drama movie which was a big hit. She was getting nominated for her role in that movie.

"I think everyone has a chance to win it, especially Ren. He had even been nominated for the best actor award."

When Hou Qian said that, the topic automatically shifted towards Ren, who was silently eating his lunch.

As everyone stared at him, he didn't have any choice other than to talk.

"Yes, but my winning chances are low. There are some performances that were way better than mine."

Ren was obviously nominated for «A born star». Not only him, but Xiao Rin had also been nominated for the best actress award.

«A born star» had even got several nominations itself, mainly for best film, best film score, best screenplay, best film song and best debut director for Director Ying Yue.

He doesn't know if he will win the award or not but being a little hopeful was not a bad thing.

Every actor wants an award because it's like a confirmation of his acting ability and popularity. It's a thing that one can proudly show off.

Winning the best actor award was the same as being proclaimed as the best actor in a year.

For someone who was not even a third tier actor in his previous life, winning the best actor award was just a pipe dream. 

"Yes, there are many good performances this year. My chances of winning are also sceptical."

Tang Lan said from the side. She may sound humble but she greatly wishes for the award.

She was nominated for the best actress award.

Actually, all the nominated actors and actresses were hoping for an award but Ren who was from the future knew about the winners.

'Tang Lan would only win an award some years later. Li Xinru was not even nominated in my previous life. Hou Qian was not nominated because he hadn't acted in any movie this year. As for Na Wen, his performances weren't good enough for a nomination!!'

Ren made a judgement inside his heart as he looked around the room but there was full possibility of him being wrong.

It was because the future he knows of and the current future was vastly different. So, he doesn't dare to think that everything will happen just like his previous life.

Especially because he was the one who had changed the future in the first place.

"Anyway, I will wish you all luck for the awards."

In the end, the lunch finished with the words of Hou Qian.

* * *

After the shooting, Ren went to the dojo. It was after a long time that he was going into the dojo.

He felt the same way, he had felt when he had first visited the dojo. He wondered if he should greet the old man as it had been days since he had met him.

As Ren entered the inside of the dojo, he saw students swinging around their swords.

He quickly passed through them and reached the training room. He knew that Xian Ju would be practising his sword here.

'I wonder how he is?'

Although their first impressions were not good, Ren and Xian Ju had become some sort of friends.

Their relationship was much better than before.

"You are finally here!!"

But as soon as Ren entered the training room, he was met with the angry expression of Xian Ju.

"What happened?"

Ren asked as he raised his eyebrow in confusion but the only answer he got was not what he was expecting. 

"I challenge you to a duel. It's either you or me today."

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