Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 236

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 236 236. A Talk Between Actors 1

Chapter 236. A talk between actors (1)

"What do you mean by featuring my voice, Professor?"

Ren asked as he turned around to look at Professor Che Shu.

He hadn't expected that Professor Che Shu would recommend him to feature on the song made by Lily. It was a totally unexpected thing for him.

"I have heard your voice. It's soft and not as heavy. It can be the right fit for the song."

"Yes, but...."

Ren was about to refuse it as he felt that there would be better people that can have a feature in the song but suddenly, Lily asked.

"Will you do it?"

"Ah, I think there would be better people than me for the job. I'm just starting out as a singer."

"I know that but I would really appreciate it if you can do it. Please, it's my request!"

Lily said with an earnest look on her face. It was different from her usual easy going personality.

One can see the value she was giving to her song when she was even going as far as to request Ren. She was doing this just for the success of the song.

"Lily, Xin Ren is a big celebrity. We just can't ask him to feature suddenly."

"Yes, big celebrities take too much money. We would not be able to afford it."

"Moreover, I don't think he would have much time on his hand. Celebrities have fixed schedules and they have to contact their agencies before doing anything."

Her band members tried to make her understand that having a feature from Ren was nearly impossible. It was because of the status between their band and him.

Normally, celebrities will take money for featuring in songs but there are times when they will do it for free, if the singer is their friend or for some other reasons.

But it was a difficult thing when an agency came into play. They will try to get the most benefits for their celebrity and a small band like Starlights can't possibly afford it.

Ren also has to talk to his agency if he really wants to feature in the song.

Moreover, he doesn't have much time these days because of the shooting. It was difficult for him to even come to the underground studio today.

"I understand that. It was just my fantasy to think like that."

Lily said with a sigh. She dropped her shoulders like there was a whole lot of baggage on it.

The disappointment on her face was clearly visible.

'What should I do?'

Ren pondered over it again and looked at the professor but he was just giving him a blank look, as if saying that he should make a decision.

If he really said yes to the feature, then he would have to make adjustments to his schedule and explain about it to his agency.

There was also another thing. This time, Ren doesn't know the future.

He had never heard of a band called Starlights in his previous life. Maybe it was because he was not much interested in bands and rock music but in the end, he didn't have any clue about Starlights.

So, he can't say with certainty that the song will be a hit but when that thought appeared in his mind, Ren vigorously shook his head.

'Ah, damn it. I should not think about profit every time.'

Lately, Ren has been thinking too much about the profit and the success of a project. It was not a good thing because he didn't want to become money minded.

That's why, he said.

"I will do the feature."

"Huh? You will do it?"

Lily, who still has disappointment in her eyes, asks with shock visible in her eyes. Even the other members have traces of shock on their faces.

"Yes, I will do the feature. Although I have to adjust my schedule, I will do it for you."

"Will you really do it?"


"Will you really really really do it?"

"I will. Why are you asking the same question?"

Ren said as he furrowed his eyebrows and frowned.

"No, it's just too surprising that you will do it, considering your status and popularity."

"I can do it for a friend."

When Ren said that, Lily suddenly leapt up into the air and hugged him. It was so sudden that even Ren was surprised by it.

"Yes, we are friends. Sorry for thinking that celebrities are all arrogant pricks, there are some nice ones like you too."

"What are you doing?? No, wait, does that mean you thought of me as an arrogant prick before?"

"Ah, no, well, that was...."

As Lily was fidgeting her fingers, Ma Li pulled her back. The distance between Ren and Lily was too close, that's why she has to do it.

"Lily, how many times have I told you not to get so excited that you can't even fathom the situation you are in. I apologise for her behaviour."

Ma Li said as she lowered her head slightly.

Ren also leaked a sigh. That hug was so sudden that even he got embarrassed because of it.

'Her personality is really eccentric.'

Ren didn't think much of the hug. It was because he knew that her personality is like that. She can't control herself when she's excited.

"Will you really feature in our song?"

After a while, Ma Li asked to confirm and Ren nodded his head.

"Yes, I will do it."

"But it would be like we will be taking advantage of your popularity or something. In the first place, we can't say for sure that the song will become a hit?"

Ma Li was a type of person who tries to look for a reason behind everyone's action but this time, she was not able to find any reason behind Ren's action.

Ren was one of the top celebrities currently and if he really featured in their song, then it would seem like they were trying to take advantage of his popularity.

In the first place, this deal is more disadvantageous to Ren.

Ma Li can't seem to fathom the reason behind his action. Then, she suddenly recalled that Ren was known to do unexpected things.

She had read some articles about it.

"It's fine. It would be fun to record a song with a band."

Ren just said that in the end and the topic was closed. After that, he talked with the band members for some time and left the underground studio soon.

'I will work harder on this song and make it a hit!!'

That was the last words he had heard before leaving the underground studio.

They were from Lily who had become motivated after Ren agreed to the feature.

Like this, Ren's next song was confirmed. Although it was just a feature, it still held some value to him.

Then, the next day, Ren again returned to the shooting.

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