Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 234

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 234 234. The Band Known As Starlights

Chapter 234. The band known as Starlights

The Starlights was a band which consisted of five members, all of them were graduates from Beijing conservatory of music.

In her third year of university, Lily has started this band and Professor Che Shu has helped her a lot, especially in recommending members for the band.

Just like a girl group, a band consisted of different types of people and it was hard to maintain a good atmosphere among them.

There were many examples of bands splitting after a month or two, but Lily and the other members of the band found a strange synergy between them.

They were quick to get along with each other and although, there were some differences between them, it was quick to resolve.

'It's a strange group but that's what makes them unique.'

Ren thought in his head as he looked around the faces of the members of Starlights.

First was the guitarist, Zhen Shi, the guitarist was a special position in the band and normally, a guitarist would be the most skilled member of the band.

It was because it was not easy to play the guitar compared to other instruments.

Many people can play the guitar but to play it at a professional level wasn't easy. It took years of experience and talent.

One may think of a handsome, young guy when one may imagine a guitarist but Zhen Shi wasn't like that at all.

Ren could see some traces of handsomeness from his face but it was hidden because of his long blonde hair and smoky makeup.

He even has piercings and tattoos on his body. He seemed like a delinquent rather than a guitarist in a band.

The second member of the band was the keyboardist, Ma Li.

Ma Li was not an exceptional beauty like Lily but she has her own charm. She looked like the kind of girl who would work in a place like a cafe.

That was the sort of atmosphere one would get seeing her. It was hard to guess that she was a keyboardist in a band.

It was because the keyboardist had a flexible role in a band.

The primary role of a keyboardist in a band is to provide harmonic accompaniment to the melodic components of the song.

To do this, the keyboardist must have an in-depth understanding of the music genre, the appropriate chord qualities to play, the right voicing or inversion, and the harmonic implication of the melody of the song.

Moreover, keyboardists are known to switch between other instruments if the needs arrive. That's why it was known as a flexible role in the band.

The next member of the band was Fu Tai, the drummer. He can be said to be the most normal looking person in the band.

With black hair and casual clothes, he gave the feeling of an ordinary person. At first glance, he looked like a university student.

In a band, the drummer mostly handles the rhythmic area.

The drummer lays the foundations, provides the pulse and brings the groove for the track, letting the rest of the band express themselves creatively.

The beat of the track ties everyone together and the drummer proving themselves as a reliable timekeeper breeds trust amongst other players, ultimately leading to better music.

That was the job of the drummer. It may look easy but it was more than anything because a drummer has to think about the other members more than himself when playing.

The next was the bassist of the band whose name was Ye Fen. His look was of a nerd with black glasses and well combed hair.

He should not have any connection to a rhythmic instrument like bass but he was the bassist of the band.

The role of the bassist in a band is the sonic link between the rhythmical and melodic elements of any band.

With drums, it provides the backbone. In addition, the traditional function of the bass guitar is to flesh out any bands' sound.

By being played in such a way that the percussive elements of the instrument reinforce and supply power and groove. This can apply to a busy rock or funk drum beat for example.

The instrument especially brings the thunder to any live performance.

This is specifically highlighted at live music concerts. When amplified and run through a decent sound rig, the very ground can be felt to resonate.

With the lower frequencies sounding upon the lightest touch of any of the four strings of this fascinating instrument.

The next and final member of the band was of course Lily, the main vocals and the songwriter.

The vocals of a band are the face of the band as people will think of her first when they will think about the band. She was also the spokesperson of the band.

Ren can see that Lily was the centre of the band and she was also the piece that completed the puzzle known as the Starlights.

'It's like a gathering of different persons who are ordinary alone but they become unique just by coming together.'

That was the conclusion Ren has on the band and he was right too.

"I still feel surreal sitting in front of Xin Ren. It's like a dream, one that I never saw before!"

Ren came back to reality when he heard that. He looked at the keyboardist, Ma Li who has said that.

"It's not a dream."

"Yes, you are acting like he's a ghost or something."

Lily said as he stared at her band members and Fu Tai replied to her.

"But he's a celebrity and a famous one. He was in the number one spot in the real-time search rankings just a few days ago."

Ren suddenly remembered his unintentional fight with heavenly king, Xiao Yunhai.

He didn't want to think about it much. He was glad that the issue had died down because both Ren and Xiao Yunhai had ignored the matter.

As there was no way to intensify it, the fight created by the media can only die.

"We will be celebrities too after our next song will release."

"Next song? You completed the song you were writing?"

"Yes, I completed it two days ago and it came out better than expected."

Lily said while swinging around her legs. She was enjoying the accomplishment after writing the song.

"Actually, Lily called me today about how she wanted to play the song in front of me and I agreed. Then, I got your call and thought that it would be a good thing for you to listen to it. Sorry that I didn't tell you about it."

Professor Che Shu said from the side.

"No, it's okay. Then, will you play the song?"

Ren said the last part of the sentence whole looking at Lily and she looked at her band members.

"So, should we play it?"

The band members looked at each other when they heard that and in the end, they all nodded their heads.

Ren had come here today to meet Professor Che Shu but being able to listen to a newly created song was like an icing on the cake for him.

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