Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 233

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 233 233. Meeting With The Starlights

Chapter 233. Meeting with the Starlights

'As expected of an actor like Ren!!'

Assistant Director Luo thought in his mind as he stared at Ren who was currently discussion something with Director Chen Pu.

It was like his earlier worries were for nothing!

Ren has already become an actor that was capable of handling any role and he was considered as a bankable actor among producers.

His growth can be easily seen from his debut till now.

'Maybe, he will be the next heavenly king in the industry.'

That thought flashed through his head and as he pondered on it more, he became surer of it.

In just a year, Ren had become a first tier actor, surpassing all of his peers and even making a mark on the Korean industry.

His two dramas The stars above and Heirs were really successful in Korea and other countries.

Even A born star had managed to acc.u.mulate millions in the Korean and Japanese box office, making it one of the highest grossing foreign movies.

Although, he doesn't know if it's just a rumour or the truth but Arc production and Director Ying Yue have been reportedly being in talks with a Hollywood production house.

In the coming years, A born star can be remade in Hollywood.

It was a huge deal, not just for Ren as the male lead of the movie but also for the whole Chinese entertainment industry.

'Maybe he can even get an Oscar.'

Assistant Director Luo shook his head when that thought appeared in his mind.

Oscars were not something anyone can get, it was the highest honour for an actor. It is the award that will make an actor famous all over the world.

But one has to give a once in a lifetime performance to obtain it and that was definitely not an easy thing to do.

"Hey, don't just stay standing there. We have work to do."

"Ah, yes, I'm coming."

Assistant Director Luo started working, completely forgetting about the thoughts in his head when he saw Director Chen Pu shouting at him.

Only time will tell if his thoughts were right or wrong.

* * *

Three days into the shooting, the staff and the actors got familiar with each other but there was still a little awkwardness among them.

But that would also cease to exist soon.

In these three days, Ren finally got the taste of working under one of the golden directors of the industry.

Director Chen Pu was unlike any other directors he has worked under. Ren was quickly able to see the difference between him and the other directors.

First of all, he ruled the set with an iron hand. He would not tolerate anything that will hinder the shooting or the atmosphere of the set.

Second, he won't be satisfied until the actor gave it his all in the scene.

There was one time when Tang Lan was harshly scolded for not being able to properly play her character.

It was not like there was some defect in her acting but Director Chen Pu wanted more from her. Not just the expressions but the body language too.

It was a hard job for Tang Lan who was playing such a character for the first time. In the end, that scene alone took 12 takes until Director Chen Pu was satisfied.

More miserable than Tang Lan was the second male lead, Na Wen.

He was completely chewed out. It was to the point that Ren and White bear have started pitying him. One could not help but give him sympathy.

Everytime he gives an OK take, the expression on his face would say that he has passed a big hurdle.

Ren was sure that after Slayers, Na Wen would surely become a first tier actor and his acting would improve by bounds.

The most interesting person on the set was the heavenly king, Hou Qian.

Ren and him have quite a lot of conversations with each other in these three days. There were times when Hou Qian would actively seek him out to discuss scenes.

He would always look like he was enjoying himself on the set.

Because of the shooting, Ren was not going to the dojo but he was still practising the training methods and the breathing technique every morning.

Like that, his schedule has again become busy but after the shoot ended on Sunday, Ren decided to visit Professor Che Shu in his underground studio.

He has already informed him of this visit but when he reached the underground studio, he found that aside from the professor, there were other people there.

One of them was Lily while the others were unfamiliar faces.

Seeing him enter the studio, Professor Che Shu and Lily stood up to greet him.

"Oh! You are finally here. I was waiting for you."

"I didn't know you were coming here today."

"I wanted to ask the Professor some questions, so I came here."

Ren said looking at the both of them. Then, his gaze lingered on the people sitting around the sofa.

"They are?"

He asked looking at Professor Che Shu but before he could answer, Lily answered in his stead.

"They are my band members."

Lily was quick to introduce him to everyone. Her band consists of five people including her.

Other than her who was the vocalist and the songwriter, the other positions were drummer, guitarist, bassist and the keyboardist.

The band members were fairly young and Ren could see their shocked expressions on seeing him. For a while, they were not even able to say anything.

"Xin Ren!! You are Xin Ren, right?"

In the end, the guitarist of the band, Zhen Shi said with a high pitched voice. The other members also quickly chimed in.

"He looks like him."

"No, I think it's him. I was just watching one of his interviews yesterday."

"But why will an actor come here?"

They whispered among themselves but Ren was able to hear most of it. They were not standing far from him in the first place.

"Okay!! Calm down, you are embarrassing me. He's really that Xin Ren, the celebrity."

"Lily, you two know each other?"


Lily said while raising her head upward, like she was standing in a proud manner but her band members still have traces of suspicion on their faces.

Noticing that, Lily hopped towards Ren and actively poked him on the cheeks like she was showing how close both of them were by doing this.

"What are you doing?"

Ren asked in a grumbling tone.

"Just showing some skinship."

"When did we become so close to show skinship with each other?"

"Aren't we always close?"

"From what I remember, we just met recently."

Seeing their interactions, the expressions of the band members became strange.

Unable to contain their curiosity, the keyboardist of the band, Ma Li asked as if she was confirming it.

"Lily, you two are really friends?"


She answered with a bright smile on her face and Ren stopped her from poking his cheeks more.

Then, he looked towards the other band members and introduced himself.

"Hello, I'm Xin Ren. It's nice to meet you all."

The band members looked at each other when they heard his greeting and then, the guitarist of the band, Zhen Shi came forward and said.

"We are the Starlights!!"

That was Ren's first meeting with the Starlights.


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