Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Book 3 Chapter 231

Volume 3: The Road To Become A Top Star Chapter 231 231. First Day Of Shoot 2

Chapter 231. First day of shoot (2)

The drama Slayers was set in the warring states period, albeit it has a little bit of supernatural setting added to it, with hidden powers like magic and qi.

The main character in the drama is known as Xie Xian, an orphan boy who was deemed cursed because of the small horn on his forehead.

He was actually a mixed breed child between a human and a djinn. The djinn were known as the cursed creatures and all of them have supernatural abilities.

The main focus of the story was on Xie Xian's adventure and how he became a vital part in the succession war going on in the Liang Empire.

In the world of Slayers, there are three major powers-Liang Empire, Chi Country, and Lu State, these three balance of powers held everything and were the most prominent countries.

Twenty years ago, there was a great war between the three states and the Liang Empire had come on top of the other two countries.

The main storyline also takes place in the Liang Empire. The male lead, Xie Xian was an ally of the crown prince of the empire.

After the great war, the Liang Empire has gradually advanced it's technology and warfare, becoming a force to reckon with but due to this, many greedy eyes are on the throne of the empire.

These greedy eyes are of the princes and their followers!!

The Crown Prince of the empire, played by Na Wen was young and had a wild ambition to dominate the whole world but he had to face off against his own siblings to gain the throne and so began Liang Empire's long and endless resistance conquest battle.

The male lead, Xie Xian would gradually become the centre in this succession war, helping the crown prince to gain the throne, while trying to find out about the mystery behind this parent's death.

One of the major parts of the drama was its characters, they were different from each other but all of them are involved in the succession war one way or another.

One of the characters here was Xu Xiang, the female lead played by Tang Lan. She would seem like a traditional soap opera love interest at first.

She may seem like a gentle, kind and an elegant princess at first but in the back, she has the power to manifest spirits and talk to them.

As the story progressed, she would come to be known as the 'spirit princess' by others and she would also take part in the battles to help her brother, the crown prince, to win the battle of the throne.

There, she will meet with Xie Xian and they will grow mutual feelings for each other but they will hesitate to convey them, because of the status in both of their identities.

Xie Xian especially will try to hide his feelings because he would feel inferior, just because he was a mixed breed.

When he would be running away from his feelings, he would meet the second female lead, Mu Nixuo, played by Lu Xinru.

The character of Mu Nixuo will come as a courtesan at first but she would actually be the same as Xie Xian, a mixed breed and gradually fall for him.

It was another thing that Xie Xian will not grow any feelings for her but in the end of the drama, he will make her his concubine.

In all of this, the character of Cao Xu will come as mysterious at first. He would be shown as an alcoholic illegitimate child of the emperor.

In the first 13 episodes of the drama, people will consider Cao Xu, a side character at best but in the 14th episode, he would be revealed as the one who was pulling the strings in the back.

It would be a major plot twist in the drama as Cao Xu will then come as the antagonist and there would even be a whole episode dedicated to describing his background.

Cao Xu has many shades to him.

From an alcoholic prince to a cold murderer, playing these many shades aren't easy and only time will tell if Ren would be able to play all the shades right or not.

* * *

"It looks like you have completely forgotten about me after becoming a big star."

"I don't think so. I was just busy, so it was hard to meet you."

"Busy? I heard about you becoming a workaholic from Chu Min. It looks like he was right."

Li Xinru said as she smiled softly.

It felt like flowers were blooming whenever she smiled. Ren didn't know if it was the effect of makeup or something else but he thought that Li Xinru had grown more beautiful.

Li Xinru noticed Ren staring at her face and she couldn't help but ask.

"Have I grown more beautiful?"

"Yes, you have."

"It's just the effect of me dieting and exercising, and the effect of Su Ling's spartan like schedule."

Ren laughed when he heard that. He still remembers Su Ling who was the manager of Li Xinru. Both of them share a close bond between them.

The meeting between Ren and Li Xinru was happening after a long time, precisely because Li Xinru was focusing on the whole Asian market.

She was continuously appearing in Korean and Japanese dramas and movies, she has even released her Japanese debut album last month.

She was promoting her album in Japan last week, that's why she was not present at the look test.

"I read the news about you and Xiao Yunhai this morning. I never knew that you would manage to beat a celebrity on that level of a heavenly king."

Li Xinru suddenly said as she giggled.

"It was just trouble in the end but it looks like it will soon die down since both of our agencies are trying to simmer the news down. I just feel bad that we have to delay the announcement of the cast because of me."

The announcement of the cast of Slayers was going to be held today but it was delayed because of the online drama involving Ren.

Wheel works production was afraid that the announcement would intensify the online feud.

That's why they delayed the announcement by a week.

"It's not your fault and everyone is fine with it. So, you should cheer."

"Dammit!! It was the 5th NG. Can't you do it right for once?? I am not asking you to give an Oscar level performance but at least do the job correctly."

As Li Xinru was speaking, they suddenly heard a shout.

Both Ren and Li Xinru turned around and saw Director Chen Pu scolding Na Wen, the second male lead in the drama.

Na Wen has his head lowered like he was afraid that he would get beaten up if he looked at Director Chen Pu.

Director Chen Pu was akin to a demon to him currently!!

One couldn't help but pity him seeing that.

"Na Wen is continuously making mistakes today and it is just the first day, that's why Director Chen is particularly hard on him. He's in a bad mood too. You should be careful."

"Yes, I will be."

Ren nodded his head slowly.

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