To My Dear Mr. Huo Chapter 385

Chapter 385 Slowly Teach Her A Lesson

Xiang Caiping was not wearing a pleasant expression at all. At this moment, she had completely lost all interest in purchasing this jade pendant.

She lifted her arms to shake off Madam Luo’s and Madam Song’s grip, attempting to get away from them. However, their hands remained clasped around hers tightly.

“What are you doing?”

Besides the ugly look on her face, Xiang Caiping’s voice was extremely cold too. She glared at Su Peizhen, thinking that this girl was absolutely detestable.

“Tell them to let me go.”

“Auntie. The boss is here already. Didn’t you want to buy this? Why aren’t you interested anymore?”

Su Peizhen’s scornful laughter was jarring to the ears. Xiang Caiping had already lost all interest in buying the pendant, but now she was just pissed off.

“Su Peizhen, don’t push it.”

“Oh, Auntie, just look at yourself. How am I pushing this? Didn’t I say that I’d buy this for you as a gift? Don’t be ungrateful.”

“I don’t need you to buy me anything as a gift.” Xiang Caiping glared at Su Peizhen. This girl must have grown up wrongly somehow she shouldn’t have any connection to her at all.

Su Chenghui was such a modest gentleman when he was young, yet now he had a daughter like that.

Xiang Caiping lamented her fate, and suddenly, the idea of educating Su Peizhen dawned upon her.

“Miss Su, as someone who has clearly lived longer than you, I would like to give you some advice. Don’t just look at the surface of things, whether it concerns a person or something else if you don’t understand, you’re better off keeping your mouth shut.”

“You” Su Peizhen never expected to be chided by a homewrecker like Xiang Caiping. “What did you say?”

Xiang Caiping gave Madam Luo and Madam Song a cold look. She had not bothered to maintain her appearance in these last few years, so she appeared to look much older than she really was.

Facing a glare like that, Madam Luo and Madam Song couldn’t help but release their grip on her.

Xiang Caiping glanced at the jade pendant on the countertop. “Sir, from what your shop assistant told me earlier, the price of this jade pendant after the discount is 440,000. I don’t like this number at all. I’m interested in buying this jade Buddha as a gift to somebody else. Tell me straight is it possible to sell it at 390,000? If it’s possible, I’ll swipe my card right away.”

The shopkeeper stopped short before returning her gaze. The quality of this jade pendant was indeed great. It was just that he did not expect Xiang Caiping to be so committed to buying it.

“You can’t? That’s fine, then.” Xiang Caiping had really liked that jade Buddha, but it wasn’t like she couldn’t live without purchasing it. She still could afford to get something nice at the price she was willing to pay.

“Sorry to interrupt.”

“Yes, we can negotiate the price. Your offer sounds good to me.” The shopkeeper said as he wiped away the non-existent sweat on his forehead. “For Miss Su’s friend, I can make a discount.”

Xiang Caiping was already meaning to take out her card to make the payment but stopped short when she heard that. “Sir, sell it only if you’re willing to. Don’t feel like you need to make any special discount for me. I don’t want any favors.”


The shopkeeper felt that he could neither agree nor disagree.

Su Peizhen and her entourage stood there without uttering a word. They didn’t intend to say anything more for the moment.

“It seems like it is impossible, then. If that’s the case, I don’t think we have a deal.”

Xiang Caiping had an indifferent expression on her face and did not intend to stay any longer. She turned around and started to head out.

Madam Luo and Madam Song both sneaked a glance at Su Peizhen, clearly waiting for her reaction.

Su Peizhen watched Xiang Caiping’s back and sneered, “If you can’t afford it, just admit it. Why do you need to justify it by saying you don’t want any favors from me?”

She turned around and gazed at Bo Gu Zhai’s shopkeeper. “Sir, you don’t have to take my presence into account. Just tell this lady if you’re willing to sell the jade piece at the price she offered or not.”

“Miss Su, look at the way you phrased it.”

The shopkeeper could finally tell the animosity between Su Peizhen and the woman just now.

He had dabbled in this business long enough and his sharp, perceptive eyes were well-trained on such nuances. The woman might just happen to be able to afford it.

However, he didn’t want to offend Su Peizhen. He gave it a moment’s thought. Then, he walked from behind the counter and stopped before Xiang Caiing.

“Ma’am, you don’t need anybody’s intervention if you really want to buy this piece. How about this 390,000 it is. If you still intend to purchase it, I’ll have somebody pack it up for you.”

Xiang Caiping had already intended to leave. However, seeing that this shopkeeper meant well, she wasn’t totally unforgiving.

“Sir, think carefully. This isn’t a matter of pleasing anybody. Are you sure you’re willing to sell it at this price?”

“Yes. Of course.”

A transaction of a few hundred thousand he would be an idiot for not going through with it. With a wave of his hand, the boss called for that shop assistant to wrap up the jade Buddha.

“Now, would it be a card or transfer?”

“I’m old-fashioned, I don’t really know how to use a transfer app. The card will do.”

With that, she went away with the shop assistant to swipe her card.

At this moment, Su Peizhen, Madam Luo and Madam Song all witnessed this scenario with their own eyes: So, Xiang Caiping actually had the means to make the purchase?

It did not mean that much to Madam Luo and Madam Song. That was somebody else’s business after all they need not intervene.

However, Su Peizhen had an ugly look on her face.

She remembered that Li Qianxue had told her once that Su Qingsang’s mother had hailed from a simple background. So if she could afford an expensive jade pendant, what did it suggest?

Despair crept up her heart. She felt that Su Chenghui had given Xiang Caiping the money when she was in the dark.

She wouldn’t feel a thing if she was spending someone else’s money. Otherwise, how could she afford to be so generous?

Su Caiping didn’t know what Su Peizhen was mulling about. She swiped her card and accepted the jade pendant from the shopkeeper’s hands.

The shopkeeper snapped out of his daze. He caught up by listening to the shop assistant’s account of how this situation came to be.

He glowered at the shop assistant. She bore an extremely ill expression clearly, she painfully regretted her erroneous judgment now.

After all, now that the boss was here, she wouldn’t receive any commission for the sale of this jade pendant.

The boss threw a resentful glare at her, thinking that this particular shop assistant of Bo Gu Zhai deserved more proper training.

Seeing that Xiang Caiping was about to leave with the jade pendant, he called for his shop assistant to retrieve a jade bangle priced around 60,000.

“Ma’am, look, our shop assistant’s attitude towards you was a little questionable just now. This jade bangle is of pretty good quality and it’s our gift to you, so please accept it. If there’s anything else you fancy, please visit us at Bo Gu Zhai again.”

Xiang Caiping looked at the box offered by the shopkeeper. The meaningful glance reflected in the shopkeeper’s eyes was much kinder than the expression on Su Peizhen’s face.

“Thank you.” She graciously accepted the jade bangle. That was an added bonus for her.

“If there’s anything else I fancy in the future, I’ll pay you a visit again.”

Parting with these words, Xiang Caiping turned and headed out of the store.

If Su Peizhen doubted whether Su Chenghui had given Xiang Caiping the cash earlier, the shopkeeper’s actions had just confirmed whatever doubts she had in her heart.

The shopkeeper gifted her a bangle the moment she swiped her card.

What does this mean? It seemed to suggest that the card the woman had swiped belonged to a person the shopkeeper knew. Overthinking it, she was sure that there was something dishonorable going on between Xiang Caiping and Su Chenghui.

She felt as if her heart was set on fire, burning her almost to the point of insanity.

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