To Love You Again Book 2 Chapter 346

Volume 2: Volume 2 Chapter 346 Bullying

After the call with his son, Butler Zhou Min returned to Xiong Zhi's side. The Young Miss was very busy associating with people of high society.

It was almost four years ago, when Butler Zhou Min first witnessed his Young Miss talked more than one sentence in one breath.

At that time, the Young Miss said that she wanted to build her own company.

Now, who would have thought that she would eventually soften Master Xiong's heart and choose her as his heir?

The Young Miss grew a lot in these past two years. She showed her capability as she handled various businesses assigned to her under the Xiong Empire. In one year, the projects she handled grew in worth. Now, two years later, many of the shareholders and board of directors were at awe for the heiress.

Seeing the Young Miss today, talking to the influential people of the society, she did not lose her temperament one bit. Those who initially came with an air of superiority of a senior towards a junior eventually lost their arrogance as they interacted with her. She was able to talk to these experienced old fritters as if they were equals. And the weaker ones, she was even able to intimidate them.

Butler Zhou Min nodded approvingly.

Long ago, he thought that he would never see the meek Young Miss become sociable with other people in the high society. He always feel moved every time he saw this spectacle.

Young Miss has grown up!

She really transformed in these two years. No wonder his capable son came to like the Young Miss.



Butler Zhou Min was suddenly stunned. Just now, he imagined in his mind the two standing together like an affectionate couple.

And he was not against it. The previous feeling of rejection seemed to have faded.

Zhou Min paused for a few second and then scratched his nose.

...Since the Young Miss was such an amazing woman, who could possibly match with her? Could it really be his son?

While Zhou Min fell in his thoughts, Xiong Zhi suddenly turned to him.

"Head Butler Zhou."


"Can you please tend to that table?"

Zhou Min followed Xiong Zhi's gaze. It was the table of the Lu's representative.

He blinked. Ah?

The two were close friends, but how come the other looked here like he was an abandoned puppy being punished by his master to stand still at one side, not allowed to come close?

He wondered, but immediately shook the ridiculous thought off. Throughout the event, he stayed at the Lu's table to entertain them.

The second young master Lu Yin Ze was naturally surrounded by people. But from time to time, he would look at Xiong Zhi's way with melancholic eyes.

After noticing this a few more times, Butler Zhou Min silently raised his guard.

'This young man... don't tell me, he covets my daughter-in-law?!'

He looked at his Young Miss, whom he unconsciously labeled as 'daughter-in-law'. The Young Miss was occupied with tending to other guests.

Fuuu. What a relief. It seemed that the Young Miss was not interested in this pretty boy.

Zhou Min secretly studied his son's rival. The young man was handsome, no, beautiful, with a unique and angelic appearance, rather exotic in the oriental country with his hair and eyes. Would his son win in terms of appearance?

Zhou Min inadvertently touched his face. His genes was good, so naturally his son would not lose! His son's appearance has earned him many admirers lined up enough to encircle the Great Wall when he was still attending school.

En. Not to mention, the Young Miss also seemed to think positively about his son.

Zhou Min lit up a candle for this rival and secretly rooted for his son.

Capture the Young Miss's heart today!

(EN: lighting up a candle, I think it was used to mourn for dead souls. This idiom is apparently used when you are confident that a person will definitely fail at what he was doing, and you are mourning for him in advance...)

As if heavens heard his prayer, he received a text message.

[Done. Is everything fine there?]

Zhou Min's eyes glinted. Since his capable son was now asking his help, he naturally has to support him as his father.

[Don't worry. I can handle everything here. Master Xiong is also on the way. So you can leave the event to us.]

He sent the message, paused and thought for a moment, typed in another message, and sent it.


[Fighting. Add oil. *burn*]

Linfeng just finished reading the prior message when he received this message from his father.

He raised his eyebrow. What happened to him to be this riled up?

Anyway, in a few minutes, his Young Miss would be 'kidnapped'.


The banquet continued on as the invited influential figures from the entertainment industry entered the stage according to itinerary and the people below enjoyed the delicacies and wine.

Xiong Zhi deliberately greeted Xiong De's table last. Even Xiong Cai, who has a weaker reputation than Xiong De was welcomed first by Xiong Zhi. This made Xiong De turn red in shame.

"Oh, Third Uncle. I didn't see you there."

"...Young Miss, how are you?" Xiong De swallowed the shame and greeted her as amiably as he could.

In the past two years, Xiong De's party became a lot weaker. Since the day that his shares were transferred to Xiong Bilan, many directors and shareholders went to Xiong Bilan's side with the thought that he was supported by the heiress and Old Xiong. As a result, various important projects which he though were within his grasp flew away.

Xiong De's influence in the Xiong Empire became weaker.

Despite this, Xiong De was surprisingly quiet, but he did not return to United States and chose to stay inside the country. He used the excuse that he was assisting his daughter's dream of becoming the queen of the entertainment industry in the country. So far, Xiong De has done a great job with it. Xiong Wuyue got a lot of big projects in the entertainment industry. She was on her way to the path of becoming the Showbiz Queen.

But it was only possible because Xiong Zhi did not move to touch her yet, as she was busy with more important things.

That would be different after today.

"I am fine, Third Uncle, thank you for your concern. How about you? It is important to always take care of one's health. Since a lot of people are sick now, even grandfather..." Xiong Zhi deliberately trailed off.

She spread the news that the Master of the Xiong family was not in good shape. Because the old man was increasingly letting Xiong Zhi attend to many of the dealings and events that he needed to attend, many people believed it.

Even the target believed it.

Xiong De's eyes turned sad after hearing it.

"I am fine. I don't know that Master Xiong would..." he also trailed off when Xiong Zhi turned her head and ignored him.

Xiong Zhi did not wait for him to finish as she has no intention of watching his disgusting act. As long as he heard from her mouth that the old man was not doing well, then mission accomplished.

She turned to her second target. Her favorite voodoo doll.

"Cousin, how are you today? It turned out you've grown well in the right places," Xiong Zhi greeted Xiong Wuyue with a smile. She was truly happy seeing her. She could play with her again.

Xiong Wuyue raised her brow in annoyance but quickly smiled when people turned to them.

"I am absolut"

"Oh, what's this? Are you wearing red because it is your birthday?" Xiong Zhi cut her off as she pointed at Xiong Wuyue's sophisticated red dress, imagining her finger as a huge needle stabbing onto the latter's body.

Stab! A needle pierced the voodoo doll. +10,000 crit!

"..." The voodoo doll who was rudely interrupted stiffened.

-10,000 hp!

The father and daughter duo turned red from the shame of being repeatedly cut off. This woman really came for trouble!

Unfortunately for them, Xiong Zhi's current status allowed her to freely interrupt them. It was a different case for them if they did not answer her question, no matter how foolish the question was.

Xiong Zhi's eyes turned cold. "You are not answering me now? How impudent."

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