To Love You Again Book 2 Chapter 345

Volume 2: Volume 2 Chapter 345 Xiong Zhi Of Two Years Later

Days quickly passed. The anniversary banquet of the Xiong Empire finally arrived.

This time around, a lot of people came. Private powered lifts and helicopters hovered above the building, and below came luxury cars lined up at the front of the best high luxury hotel of the Xiong Empire.

As usual, this year's event was extremely luxurious.

The mightiest and most influential figures of the nation gathered to tell the society that they were still very much alive and kicking. This banquet was important so they would not miss this chance.

While tigers, lions, and dragons gathered around, the wolves, snakes and foxes also came out. It was their field.

Xiong Zhi, the central figure of the banquet and also the target of every guest, finally arrived in the building. She walked in with smooth strides, her entire aura filled with confidence.

She was informed that her grandfather would be coming only in the latter half of the banquet. He entrusted the rest of the anniversary banquet to her. Perhaps this time he wanted to test how she would manage this group of wolves. It could also be his own way of showing everyone how much he trusted Xiong Zhi.

No matter what the reason was behind it, Xiong Zhi faced it all calmly and made sure that this day would be executed well. It would be the day when the history of the Xiong family would be rewritten. She has to do well.

Zhou Min pressed the private elevator button for her.

As the mirrored elevator doors closed, Xiong Zhi's reflection came to view.

She wore an off-shoulder pale rose evening dress, with an indistinct scatters of silver and golden embroidery on the edges of the sleeves and on the lower hem of the skirt.

The embroidery was usually invisible, until bright lights shone directly over the dress, and their real beauty shimmered hazily, captivating everyone's eyes. The dress perfectly showed off the curves of her well-proportioned body and made her skin appear creamier and smoother. Her lips were painted with a rosy nude color, a slightly darker and rosier shade than her dress. Her hair was elegantly braided and twisted up into a sophisticated updo with a rose gold hairpin.

Two loosely curled locks dr.a.p.ed casually on the sides of her small face. A small pair of silver-plated rose gold earrings dangled from her ears, and when light hit the dangling rosy gold threads, there was a hint of a golden color subtly shimmering, like her dress. The golden shimmer matched the simple and delicate pale golden moon necklace hanging on Xiong Zhi's neck, which made her swan-like neck appear more slender.

The Xiong Zhi in the reflection was very different to the youthful fairy-like Xiong Zhi from two years ago.

She exuded a bold and confident aura, no longer awkward as before. She could now smile and control her actions perfectly as the proud heiress of the family. She was also a lot sharper and gave off a feeling that she was untouchable, not because of the immortal fairy-like feeling from before, but rather because of the domineering female CEO aura she radiated.

However, the aloofness of her phoenix eyes still told people to back off. Now, she gave off the distinguished aura of a proud and legendary Xiong leader.


When the elevator doors opened, outside, an entourage of men in black formal suits bowed to her. They were the people of the Xiong Empire. Quite a number of them were from the Zhou family.

How many of them would be left after this event?

Xiong Zhi walked past them and slowed down in front of a pair of tall doors. Behind it was the group of men and women who wanted nothing but to take a bite of her flesh and use her for their own interests.

But she has no plans to become today's lamb for slaughtering. Today, she would be the hunter here.

The doors opened widely, and everyone inside stopped moving instantly. All of their eyes flew towards the door where the heiress of the Xiong Empire stood with glory.

Even the famous host, an esteemed national influential figure, momentarily stared at her, taken in by her strong presence.

Xiong Zhi paid them no heed and walked straight ahead, surrounded by many escorting people from the Xiong Empire. The host then introduced her and boosted up the atmosphere of the Xiong's Anniversary.

The host and the guests have been gathering and socializing inside the huge hall for around an hour. Now that the heiress was here, the real event would finally start.

Xiong Zhi walked to the front platform.

A microphone was given to her. She only needed to give her greetings because once her grandfather arrive later, he would also give a speech as the Head Master and owner of the Xiong Empire.

With what was set to happen later, no one would truly pay attention and remember her words.

Xiong Zhi swept her eyes around and observed the guests. She first checked the guest of honors.

The Tang family sent Tang Xinyang as their representative like last year.

The Guan family's representative thankfully was not the beast but Guan Xixin, the second young master of Guan family.

And for the Lu family

Xiong Zhi skipped him and checked other tables.

There was her Uncle Nuen Zai and Aunt Mei. Uncle Nuen Zai did not bring Little Ryu this time as he needed to return to Europe after the banquet.

She smiled slightly at them.

Then at the back were the people from the second branch, a lot of them wore grumpy expressions.

They did not like that the third branch managed to get a seat at the front instead of them.

Xiong Bilan sat with his two sons and smiled at Xiong Zhi. He clearly still thought that Xiong Zhi was his ally.

Beside their table was Xiong Cai and her two daughters. Xiong Guyi nodded at Xiong Zhi.

Lastly, Xiong De and Xiong Wuyue who have been lying low in the recent years. Seeing the two, Xiong Zhi could not help but smile, especially when she met Xiong Wuyue's hateful gaze.

After the retrial for Linfeng's case, she only managed to see them during the annual anniversary banquets.

Now, this year, she would be seeing them a lot again. And she was excited in their next meetings. Because she would meet them next with sharp knives to cut them off.

Xiong Zhi retrieved her gaze. She stood confidently under everyone's attention and greeted them with a smile.

With a smile, her cold features appeared more amiable, but still prompted people's respect and awe. Her demeanor was becoming more like Old Xiong in his heyday.

Her smooth, graceful voice resounded, welcoming everyone.

"Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for coming to our Xiong Empire's Anniversary Banquet. We appreciate all of your efforts in showing your goodwill towards us all this time. We will not forget the favor."

She casually said a few words to let them hear what they wanted to hear, and shortly expressed the vision of the empire.

Shortly after, she cut to the chase and concluded her greetings with a few heartfelt words.

"I hope every one of us enjoy this night. Let us witness another year of prosperity together. Thank you."

The guests applauded heartily.

She gracefully walked down the stage and went to her Uncle Nuen Zai's table. She nodded at the people of stature deserving of her cognition and ignored the rest of the eyes of the people following her.

Especially those pitiful silver-blue eyes.


At the same time, Butler Zhou Min went to the back, fished out his phone, and dialed a call.

After one ring, the other party answered.

"We are already here," Zhou Min said.

"En, thank you." A deep voice answered.


Zhou Min hesitated for a while and then spoke.

"It's not like you. What are you doing in the lounge?"

The lounge that Zhou Min was talking about was one of the private lounges in the building. It was five floors way up from here.

"Just making a surprise. Can you see her?"

Zhou Min turned his head, scanned with his eyes, and checked on Xiong Zhi who was now surrounded by people.

The Young Miss now could expertly weave through the crowd, unlike before when she barely could deal with socializing. Of course, the people she dealt and talked with were never the little girls brought simply for socializing, but with the core figures of the society, talking about finances, commerce, and politics.

"Yes. Are you not really going to tell her? Young Miss Zhi has been waiting for your arrival the most. She even put a gigantic calendar in her room and happily pulled out the pages as each day passed by."


The man on the other side turned silent. It was because he was smiling while looking at the scenery of the neon city lights in the capital. It was a sight he missed, still very different from that of the foreign countries.

His obsidian eyes glinted with happiness.

Xiong Zhi did not tell him that she bought something like that. If she did, he would likely request to see how she tore each page every day.

He wondered what her expression would be like while she did so. Longing, anticipation, or grievances?

Ah, he really wanted to see her right now.

But according to Baidu, a long wait would be rewarded generously. That was why he prepared this 'surprise' for her.

How interesting would it be to kidnap her first, amidst those predators? He would like to silently hunt his 'lamb' today.

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