To Love You Again Book 2 Chapter 344

Volume 2: Volume 2 Chapter 344 The Abandoned Love Token

Yin Han has a nagging feeling that Linfeng seemed like he was in a hurry. The Tang and Jang family already knew that he would be returning next week. But regarding the sudden change in the schedule, it seemed like he has not informed them yet.

"Well, I want to make a surprise entry." There was hint of smile in the low masculine voice.

"..." Yin Han was stunned. Why did she feel like this move was out of his master's character?

She carefully asked. "Master, did you hurt your head while staying abroad?"

"...No, why ask all of the sudden?"

"...Nothing, just, you sound different. Make a surprise entrance? Who will you surprise? Shin-ge?" Yin Han asked jestingly.

"Not him," Linfeng laughed. "Just someone~"

There was hint of enthusiasm in his chuckling voice.


Yin Han cleaned her ears. Was he really her master?

"Master, you sound like you are in love," Yin Han commented wryly, meant as a joke. She naturally did not mean it, or rather, she did not want to entertain it at all.

Somehow, her instincts started getting haywire. But she glossed over it.

Nah, how could master be in love.

But who would have thought that he would answer differently from her expectations.

"Haha. You'll know soon." Linfeng's magnetic laugh came from the phone, mesmerizing Yin Han a bit.

But, what he did he mean by it?

She lightly frowned in confusion.

"Anyways, for you to wrap up, is it enough until tomorrow evening? My men will come to you and pick you up."

"Fine, alright."

"Yin Han?"

"...I heard you. I am thinking about it. Just give me a moment to wrap things up here."

"...Alright, if you need help, don't hesitate to contact me."

Yin Han sounded an 'En'.

"Where should they get you?"

She told him an address. It was a low-key neighborhood.

"Alright. My flight should be later in the evening, so I can arrive there by tomorrow evening. Don't run this time. "


"See you then."


Linfeng finally took away the phone from his ear. His fingers was about to end the call but Yin Han spoke in a fast manner.

"I miss you!"


It was the exact time that Linfeng ended the call.

Yin Han, or rather, Tang Yin stared at her phone. After a while, she smiled bitterly. His master was the smartest person she ever met, but surprisingly, he has the lowest EQ in terms of the matters of love.


Right, she could not even tell him clearly what she felt about him. It was not because she was afraid. It was that... she was not even given the right chance.

Whenever she gathered her courage to confess, another annoying matter would interfere. She was starting to think that fate was doing it on purpose.

Like hell she would be defeated!

Maybe this time, after meeting with Linfeng and spending time with him for a whole day, she could finally confess her feelings to him.

Uhm! She should do that!

She clenched her fists and raised it to the sky.

Then she realized that her other hand was still holding onto the thing that hit her forehead hard earlier.

She looked at the crumpled box. What should she do with this box? That guy earlier threw it like it was trash.

She harrumphed. Maybe he got rejected, that was why he threw it with such a strong force that he almost cracked her head open.

Tang Yin shook the box. There was something inside here.


She hesitated for a moment. Her curiosity was piqued. There was an elegantly wrapped box in front of her and it was screaming at her to open it.

Finally, she decided that since the guy had thrown it, it meant it was something he did not need anymore, right?

You threw it away willingly! She yelled in her mind. It was now a piece of trash on the road! Finder's keepers!

The box appeared luxurious although it was crumpled. With such expectations, she opened it.

From the rectangular shape... Was it a necklace?

Seeing the contents, she froze slightly. She immediately fell in love with the blue crystalline rose that she first saw. It was perfectly carved, just like real, dewy petals. It was a thin fine pen, surprisingly light, with the crystalline rose embedded on it. It seemed to be a customized pen wherein the blue rose was requested to be attached.

Tang Yin was from the legendary Tang family and grew up in a wealthy environment. Of course, she would have natural affinity to see through expensive things.

This customized pen was definitely expensive.

Since it was customized, then likely

She turned the pen around. Maybe it has a name engraved on it?

Then she saw it on the cap.


"Zhi? That's it?"

She looked for more. She felt like there should be something more. She observed and admired the pen in every angle.

Then the light illuminated through the blue crystal. Suddenly, it produced beautiful refracted lights. But it quickly disappeared with a slight tilt of the pen.

Tang Yin's brow rose as she scrutinized the blue crystalline rose. Finally, she decided to test it. Using her flashlight's phone, she switched on her phone's flashlight and directed it at the crystalline rose, right on top of it.

It produced its own blue light shadows, like the refracted light curtains under the sea. A blue ocean-like rose was cast on the ground.

It was so wonderful, ethereal, and dreamy.

The most amazing was the exquisite characters formed by the overlapping blue shadows and lights casted along with it, floating inside the deep sea aurora.

'May you always be peaceful like the Ocean, brilliant like a Rose, and the light of my life.'



Tang Yin was surprised. It was really a love token.

Such an exquisite gift, it was definitely a masterpiece crafted by top craftsmen.

Too bad, it was abandoned ruthlessly, and she was now the owner.

She wondered... How much would it cost?

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