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  • There Will Come A Day When Youll Like Me

  • Genres : Romance -  handsome male lead -  Female Protagonist -  Childcare
  • Status : Completed
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There Will Come A Day When Youll Like Me summary:

At the age of three, she will be a lifelong, and at the age of 20, she will be the personal bodyguard of his chief executive, so that the bamboo horse can be ridden by others. Her martial arts career in these years is considered a hairy? Sadly, she was the one who was oppressed from beginning to end…Five years later.“Mummy! Why doesn’t the lovely Xiaobai have a daddy?”“How do I know! Ask your daddy!” Xia Yuxun stared at the new couple on the TV and said without looking back.Half an hour later, at the wedding banquet on TV, the milk doll hugged the groom’s thigh and shouted daddy.The man stared at the pocket version of himself in front of him, “Where is your mommy?”Xia Yuxun, who was watching TV at home, sprayed a sip of water on the screen, “Smelly boy, you are fucking mother!”- Description from MTL

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There Will Come A Day When Youll Like Me Chapters

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Chapter 6: Dead4 weeks ago
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