The Substitute Flower Chapter 6

6 6 I Love You

Yuto rushes into the hospital and sees Maria sitting on the bench. "Maria."

She looks up. "Yuto." "How is she?" She shakes her head. "The doctor is still in there." Yuto sits next to her.

Minutes later, the doctor comes out of the ER. They both stands up and walks towards the doctor. "How is she?" "She is fine. It will take some time for her to wake up." "Thank you doctor."


Maria and Yuto stayed overnight in case. Ayame wakes up. It's been many days since. Maria told Yuto, "Yuto. You can go back and work. Your patients needs you. If she's awake, I'll let you know."

Yuto nods and looks at Ayame one last time before he left the room. Maria sighs and returns to sit on the chair next to the bed.

"Ayame. You're lucky to have a man like Yuto with you. I don't need to worry because I know he'll make you happy."

Next morning, Maria was sleeping on the side of the bed, holding Ayame's hand. Ayame's eyes slowly opens.

She felt someone's hand into hers. "She pulls her hand slowly without waking that person up. She gently reaches out to see who's right by her side. "Maria."

Maria jolts and sees Ayame. "Ayame." Ayame smiles. "Maria." Maria hugs her. "Thanks goodness you're awake."

"Am I still in the hospital?" "Yeah." "Right! How's Yuto? Is he hurt?" Maria gently poke the side of her cheek. "Idiot. You should worry about yourself."

Ayame smiles. "I'm sorry." Maria shakes her head. "I heard that..." "it's true." "Maria." "Ayame. There's no love in those two years. We barely met due to our career differences."

Maria puts her hands on top of Ayame's. "Ayame. You don't need to hold back. I talked to mom and dad, so they understand how you feel." Maria pats her head and left the room.

Later that evening, Yuto appears. "Ayame." She's alert since he's here. He sits down on the chair next to the bed. "How are you feeling?" "I'm okay." He nods.

They stay in silent for hours. Ayame breaks the silence. "You should leave. It's probably getting late. You have work tomorrow, don't you?"

Hiro puts his hand on top of hers. "Ayame, can you give me a chance?" Ayame bits her lower lip. "Let me prove to you that I do love you."

She sighs. "Alright." He didn't expect her to agree. He smiles and hugs her. "Ack!" "Thank you, Ayame."

Next day she was discharged of the hospital. He takes her home with her parents. Her comes and hugs her. "Oh Ayame." "I'm sorry mom, dad." "It's okay. As long as you're safe."

Her mom escorts her to the living room. They all sat down. Yuto speaks up, "I want to marry Ayame." Her father looks at her. "Ayame. What do you want to do?"

She startles. "Um i..." Her mom tightens her hand. "It's okay, Ayame. Tell us." She nods. "...I want to marry Yuto." They all smiles. Yuto too smile.


Months later they're holding a small wedding. Ayame walks down the aisle with her father by her side. Yuto then takes her hand and walks up the stairs to the altar. They exchange vows and the rings. Yuto leans in and kiss her. Yuto pulls her close and hugs her. Ayame whispers, "I love you. Yuto." His eyes widen and then he smiles. "I love you too."

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