The Substitute Flower Chapter 5

5 5 A Chance

Yuto went to the apartment that Ayame was staying at. The landlady comes out of her apartment. "Have you seen her?" "Yes. That's Ayame." "Is she here?" "Sadly, no. They just left not too long ago." "Where is she heading?" "She said she's going back to Tokyo." "Ah. Thank you."

He runs and heads to the airport. He bought the last ticket and gets on the airplane. He sighs. "Ayame." Few hours later, he landed in Tokyo and went to Lily's place. He rings the doorbell. Lily opens the door. "You again?" "Is she here?" "Ayame?" "Yes." "No, she's not." "...If she comes by, please let me know." He left.

Lily closes the door and heads to the living room. "Ayame. You sure this is what you want?" Ayame was sitting on the couch with Lisa. "It's better this way." Lisa and Lily looks at each other and both sighs.

Lisa speaks up, "Ayame. He's willing to fly all over just to find you. Why not listen what he has to say?" Ayame bit her bottom lip. Lisa looks up at Lily, who shook her head. "If you do not go and see him, you're going to regret it. What if something happens to him again, eh?"

Ayame sighs. "Lisa, take me to the closer coffee shop. Lily...go call him..." "Okay." A few minutes later, she's sitting by the window. Yuto comes running and enters the coffee shop. He looks around and sees Ayame sitting by herself.

He walks up to her. "Ayame." She's alerts about his presence. "I heard that you wanted to see me. What do you want?" He puts his hand on top of hers. She flinches and pulls back. "So it's true. You really gave up your eyes for me." "I did it because it's my fault that you lost your sight. It's at least I can do for you."

He shakes his head. "I was wrong. It wasn't your fault." "Yuto...if I saved you from a car and ends up losing my sight, you would feel sorry, right?" "Ayame." "But what can you do? You can't do anything. For me...I do feel sorry but I gave up my eyes for you because...."(I really love you. I'm willing to take any chances for you to see again.)

She bit her lower lip. "Ayame, I lo--" "Don't!! Don't say it." "Ayame." "Are you saying it just because I supported you? Because I gave up my eyes for you?" Tears fell down on her cheeks. "That love of yours...I don't need it." She stands up. "Let's not meet again. Others might misunderstand." She's about to head out but he speaks up, "Maria and I already cuts it off. Ayame."

She ignores him and walks slowly towards the exit. Yuto follows her. He grabs her hand. "Ayame. Let's start over." "There's no us, Yuto." He blocks her path. "Give me a chance, Ayame." Ayame hears a speedy car coming by and they're in the middle of the road. Ayame pulls him and pushes him behind her. He fell on the ground. Ayame closes her eyes. (Yuto.)

BAAM!! "Oh my god!! Someone calls the ambulance!!!" Yuto sits up and looks behind him. His eyes widen as soon as he sees Ayame on the ground, bleeding. "Ayame!!" He heads to her way but he got pulled back from two men. "Ayame!!! Let me go. I need to get to her. Ayame!!!"

Ayame arrives to the hospital and heads to the ER. Minutes turns to hours. Maria and her parents comes in running. "Yuto. How is she?" He shakes his head. "My poor Ayame." "Mom, sit down." They waited and waited.

Hours later, the doctor comes out of the ER. They all stands up. "How is she?" "She is fine, however.." "What is it doctor?" "Her brain has a loss of oxygen which causes her to be in a deep sleep. Her injury can be temporary and reversible, but it also can be permanent."

Maria asks, "so you're saying she might not able to wake up?" "I apologize. That's all we can do right now. It's only up to her if she wants to wake up or sleep. I'm sorry. I have other patients to attend." The doctor left.


It's been a month since Ayame has been in a coma. Her parents talks to her but Ayame still shows no sign of waking up. They lost hope. Later that day, Maria visits her. She sits down next to the bed. She takes her hand, "Ayame. Please wake up. We need you. Yuto needs you. He really cares about you. He just didn't know. Ayame...I'm sorry...I hadn't been a good sister to you...please wake up..." She cries while holding her sister's hand. "I didn't realize that you have feelings for him. Two years....I'd thought about it, you always looking at him secretly. I'm sorry, Ayame. Please. Don't sleep forever. Wake up. I beg you."


Maria looks up at her sister. "Ayame? Ayame?!!" She turns and looks at the heart monitor. BEEEP.

Maria shakes her sister. "Ayame?!!!" Maria rushes out and heads to the front desk. "Please get the doctor!!!! She's not breathing!!!" Half of the nurses stands up and rushes to aid Ayame. One of the nurses calls the doctor.

Maria calls Yuto on the payphone. "Hello?" "Yuto!!" "Maria. What's wrong?" "It's Ayame....waht should I do?" "Calm down. Tell me what happen." "Yuto, she's not breathing!"
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