The Substitute Flower Chapter 4

4 4 Where Are You?

Yuto finds Lily's address. He rings the doorbell. The door opens.

Lily was shocked to see Yuto. "Yuto." "Where's Ayame?" Lily stays silent.

"Maria told me about two years ago. Isn't true that she's my donor?" Lily bit her bottom lips.

"Please. Lily. I want to see her." She sighs. "She's not here. She went overseas." "But she..." "Don't worry. She's with my sister, they're traveling together. I'm not so sure where they're at right now."

"Can I have your sister's number?" She nods and went back inside. She comes out and gives him a piece of paper with her sister's number.

"Good luck." "Thank you." Yuto left and went home. He calls the number but it doesn't go through. He sighs.

He decides to leave a voice mail to her and hoping that she will call him back. Weeks gone by, then months. Still no phone call.


Ayame is sitting on the bench with her eyes closed, enjoying the breeze. (Two years has gone by. He probably got his doctor degree. And they probably have kids by now.)

She sadly smiles. (As long as he's happy. He's with Maria. Nothing else matters.) She opens her eyes. Someone taps her. "Hmm?" "What are you thinking?" "Lisa." She smiles.

"Thinking about him again?" "I've been caught." "Ayame." "Hmm?" "He left a voicemail on my phone." Ayame's expression darkens. "Ignore it." "Ayame." "He's with Maria."

"He said Maria told him about what you did two years ago." Ayame froze. "W-What?" "He wants to know where you at." "What did you say?" "I didn't call him back without your consent. Plus they divorced." "D-divorce?"

Ayame thinks about it. "Then he...already knows..." "Yes, he finds out that you're his donor." She clenches her grip on her cane.

"Ayame, should we" "No. I-I-I need some time." "Alright." Lisa pats her back. "No matter what Lily and I will support your decision." They head back to the hotel.

That night, Ayame couldn't sleep at all. She sits up and think about what to do next. (He knows. He's looking for me. But...what should I do?)


Yuto gets on plane in order to find Ayame. He arrives on Norway. He hits city to city but no one haven't see her.

In Svalbard, he takes a break at a coffee shop. He sighs. He notices a woman who's looks exactly like Ayame.

He runs after her and grab her hand. "Ayame!" But it wasn't her. He lets go and apologize to the woman.


At the same time, Ayame hears someone calls her name. She stops walking. "Ayame? What's wrong?" "I must hearing things. Someone calls my name." "Shall we go?" "Mm. Let's go."

Lisa and Ayame gets into a taxi and head to the airport, the taxi just pass Yuto.
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