The Rise Of The Ero Masseuse System Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Kate's Frustrations

What is this situation?

Right now, Kate is kissing me. Not only that, but she is also doing it where everyone around us has a full view.

What the heck could Kate possibly be thinking!? This very unlike Kate.

Kate had never been the person to something as daring as this. It was not something I would have ever imagine Kate ever doing.

Noticing the sudden display of intimacy, the crowd of students surrounding us began to become noisy.

Noah, who had been at the sidelines the entire time, stared wide-eyed at the two of us. His mouth was left slacked from the surprise he is currently feeling.

This is kind of a bad situation.

After meeting Noah, I had to re-evaluate the far-reaching range the rumors surrounding me have. The kind of effect it would have on Kate if people start realizing was the rumored girl

Not only that, to those in the know, Kate is still Tony's girlfriend as far as they understand. The things they might say about her

Should I stop her? Isn't it a bit too late, now? Argh! What is the best thing to do!?

As I kept struggling to find a solution for my dilemma, Kate began to become more aggressive with her advances.

In the beginning, Kate only had her lips placed on top of mine. This lasted for a few seconds before I noticed Kate had started to use her tongue to lick my lips in a cursory manner. It was as if she was trying to find an opening as to jam her tongue inside of my mouth.

Her arms that were wrapped around me became tighter and tighter. My school uniform formed creases as her grip strengthens as if to tell me she is not letting me go.

I could not help but stare wide-eyed at Kate's actions.

As a result the Skill I had been used a lot lately activated once again.

I see. So that's it.

The turmoil in my mind gradually calmed down as Kate's feeling replaced it instead. I didn't notice before, but it is obvious to me now that Kate's arms that were grabbing me are shaking ever so slightly.

It was at that moment, I decided to throw away all of my inhibitions.

Stopping my resistance, I had only slightly relaxed my lops when Kate's tongue instantly inserted straight into my mouth. Her already tight embrace became even tighter.

Our tongues wrapped around themselves like pink ribbons on a present. The sweetness of her lips, the hotness of her breath, and the warmth of her body is all I feel.

It was if time stopped, a special moment where we only recognized each other seemed to have activated.

What should have been a moment that lasted for a few seconds seemed to have happened for an eternity.

However, the end always comes no matter what.

Both of us separated at the same time. The only sign that our passionate moment happened was the string of saliva that connected our tongues together broke to moment we separated, only to disappear into the air.

We continued to stare into each other's eyes in silence.

" Let's go somewhere else."


Leaving a completely dumbstruck Noah and an extremely curious pack of bystanders behind, I grabbed Kate's arm as I pulled along with me to find a place where we can talk uninterrupted.

For some reason, a few of the passersby tried to follow us. However, I was successfully able to throw them off my trail after running throughout the school grounds in a confusing manner.

As soon as we were able to become free from our pursuers, we were able to arrive in a familiar place.

The exact place where it could be said my life had reached a turning point. In other words, the back of the school.

"OK, I think we lost them."

"Haa haa so it seems. First, let me catch my breath. Fuuu~haaa whew~ now I feel better. I'm surprised, Dan. How were you able to run so quickly and for so long? I was barely able to keep up."

"Probably because I had leveled up recently." I gave a short answer.

The results of my leveling up have shown itself in an unexpected place. As I recall, my current VIT stat should be higher than Kate's at the moment. The difference between our Stats certainly shows.

"Never mind that. Could you tell me what was wrong Kate? It's rare no, this is the first time you had ever tried to kiss me on your own accord in front of a crowd no less. Did something happen?"

" That's I don't know what came over me. I just I really wanted to see you. I had been looking for you everywhere. When I didn't see you in the cafeteria, I started to become desperate. So when I was finally able to find you It was as if something came over me."

" And that is why you kissed me?"

" Yes."

Hmmm? Yep, I still don't have any clue. Even after her explanation, I am still in the dark as to why she would do that.

"You said you wanted to find me. Was there something you need from me?"

"That's I just had the urge to meet with you. If it is with you, I thought"

It was from here, Kate began to tell of a story. A story of what happened to her after we separated from homeroom and during the time I was convincing Mrs. Hayden.



I need to find Tony. Right away.

Just as I had told Dan and Lexi, I am going to break up with Tony. The sooner the better.

Lately, the only times I had been able to meet with Tony this school year has only been when we shared our lunches together.

I want to catch him before that. I don't' want to have to tell him with so many people around.

That is why I am now currently walking towards his class. Tony said he had his class here the last time I remembered.

Normally, whenever lunchtime rolls out, Tony was the one to go to MY class and picked me up. I had never been to his 4th-period class before.

Tony had always said that it was his duty as a boyfriend to escort his girlfriend, even if it's just for school lunch. This was probably one of the only times I felt that Tony actually cares about me.

After remembering that, I began to feel guilty despite myself. Regardless of his methods, it was true Tony had placed a lot of emphasis upon our relationship. Even more than I had.

However, in the end, it is only that. We are now just at a point in our relationships where I just know we can't go on anymore.

This time I am going to end this relationship properly.

I had finally arrived in front of Tony's supposed classroom. In order to finish this quickly, I had excused myself early from class so I would be here.

I gazed into the classroom. However, I was unable to find who I was looking for.

That can't be right Tony's class should be here. Yet I don't see him.

Tony also should not be sick. He sent me a text message confirming that he is here. But then where is he?

I waited until Tony's class finally ended and they were about to go to lunch before calling out to one of the students.

"Hey, do you know Tony Carson and where he is? I'm his girlfriend, by the way."

"Tony? Oh, him. Sorry I also don't know. Every day he always makes an excuse to go to the bathroom, but never comes back. He also brings his stuff with him each time."

" Is that so?"

"Yeah. The teacher told him off before for doing this, but as it's not technically against the rules he still does it. The teacher does take credit off his participation points though. I had always thought he does this to go pick up his girlfriend. Shouldn't you know?"

What's going on? For now, I thanked the student who gave me this information and left the class right away.

Tony leaves his class early? Every class day at that. Why is that?

To meet me? That still doesn't make sense. I had always waited 5 minutes after my class ends before Tony picks me for lunch. I had always assumed Tony leaves his class as soon as it ended because of it.

Something is fishy, but I don't know what.

On an impulse, I walked outside of the school. I don't know why, but I felt it something I had to do.


Is that Tony? Why is he there?

I had only scanned my surroundings casually when I had spotted what looked like to be Tony with a girl I never have seen before.

The bad feeling I had becomes worse and worse. With heavy feet, I found myself walking towards where I saw Tony and the girl.

"----how do you like this, babe?" This voice it's Tony.

"----aahn! Geez, why are you so naughty?" This voice must be the girl Tony is with.

The moment I got closer, the voices I didn't want to hear became clear to me.

"We go to make this quick. I can't keep her waiting."

"Does your little girlfriend still not know about us?"

"Of course not. There is no way I would tell her."

"Haha, how horrible! I kind of feel sorry for her. In a place she doesn't know, I'm having her boyfriend all to myself now."

"Don't say that babe. Katie is still my girlfriend."

"From whose mouth are you saying that?"

What is this?

What am I witnessing right now?

Right in front of me, my supposed boyfriend is currently flirting with another girl. The only thing I could think of is how long ago did this start. Was it after we had sex? Was it during the summer? Or maybe even from the very beginning of our relationship.

Whatever it is, it doesn't matter.

If I was a normal girl, I would have broken down into tears the moment I found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me. A normal girl would have been devastated at this point.

But not me. The only thing I can feel now is just a deep chilling coldness and indifference.

Without even thinking about it, I could feel my own feet began to walk towards the 'couple'.

I didn't even try to hide the sound of my footsteps.

Noticing the sound, both of them turned their faces towards my direction.

"Who are you? Could you not disturb us, we are having-----"

"Katie!!? What are you doing here!?"


Without giving an answer, my feet remained at a steady pace.

I had my head facing towards the ground. Unable to see my expression, I could feel Tony's rising anxiousness.

"Katie, this isn't what it looks like! This woman just dragged me here by force! I wasn't here by choice, you got to believe me!"

"Wha--- what kind of bullshit are you---!!?"

Right, of course

You for a long time been that kind of person. If it is disadvantageous for you, you would instantly throw it away. That is the type of person you are.

My feet finally arrived in front of Tony before I noticed. A pregnant silence passed between us. I continued to look straight down. Tony and the girl continued to fret silently.

"Katie, I---!"

I instantly raised my head up. At that moment, Tony was able to see my expression. The words he was about to say became stuck in his throat. He had become dumbstruck my looking my expression right now.

Right now, I had the biggest smile on my face. An expression I had never once shown to Tony the entire time we had been dating.

" Tony, we are breaking up."


Without warning, I chamber my right leg and raised my right knee into position. Then with all of my strength, I let loose the strongest roundhouse kick I could muster right into Tony's face.


Tony flew for a few seconds before landed in an ugly fashion as she slid across the ground from the force of my kick.


Tony's little fling screamed out his name in surprise before turning back to my direction with a shriek. I could see that she is looking at me with fear in her eyes. I did not care about her.

Without looking back at my handiwork, I merely ran back into the school. For some reason, I really wanted to go and find Dan, right away.

Allowing my instincts to take over, I went and searched for Dan.



After listening to Kate's story, I immediately gently hugged her into an embrace.

"You did well. It was tough, right Kate? You handled it well."

Surprised by my sudden embrace, Kate froze for a second. After the second was over, tears began to form in her eyes as she right directly into my chest.

I continued to pat Kate's back in a comforting manner, patiently waiting until Kate has calmed down. It took a while, but Kate was finally able to calm down.

I released Kate from my embrace. Kate's eyes still looked red from her tears, but her gaze was now stronger than before.

"Are you okay now?"

".Yeah. Thank you, Dan."

Kate let out a bright smile. It seems she really is better now.

" Was it that much of a shock to find out Tony had been cheating on you?"

Despite knowing that it's not the time now to ask such questions, I couldn't help myself. I just had to know.

Shaking her head, Kate answered, "That's not it. I just was frustrated. To think I had given my first time to trash like him it is the worst feeling."

So it wasn't that she still cares about him. That's good.

Despite myself, I could not help but feel glad that wasn't the case.

" You still feel frustrated?"

"Of course I do! While thanks to you, I feel much better. But, in the end, the thought that I had done that" Kate's fist clench tightly. I could see Kate truly looks like she is frustrated out of her mind.

Is there anything I can do to help. It's not like I could somehow bring back her virginity or someth---- wait I have an idea.


".Nn? Yeah, Dan?"

" Let's go on a date."


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