The Rise Of The Ero Masseuse System Chapter 34

Chapter 34: 'Rumors'....

Sticks and his gang had finally noticed the crowd that was gathering around them.

'Hm? What's going on?'

'A fight?'

'Between who?'

'Aren't those guys?'

'You're right! Who is the poor victim they chose this time?'

'Let's see !? Isn't that the rumored ***?'

'What? You serious? . It's true. It's 'him'. It's for real"

As expected, it seems that our fight could not escape the notice of the crowd. While I was eavesdropping on their conversation, I picked up an interesting tidbit. From what I can understand, it seems that these stooges are actually more infamous than I thought. Should I know them?

Yep, still clueless.

However, the crowd's expression changed when I noticed they began to look at me.

? Why?

From what I remember, Lexi told me before that I was rather infamous in the school for 'various' reasons. But until now, I never had gazes as strange as these before. Is it something else I did?

Unless but no, that's a bit too fast.


Different from his previous belligerent attitude, albeit unwillingly, 'Sticks' slowly lowered his fist down.

It seems that even someone as 'smooth brained' as him at least he knows when to call it quits.

After signally the rest of his crew, 'Stick's and his gang prepared to make an exit.

However, just before he was about to skedaddle, 'Sticks' could not help but leave one last message for me.

"You just got lucky for now 'porter'. Don't think this is the end."

Pfft what kind of line is that? Some third rate villain's?

"Hmph, no matter what you guys do, it's probably not going to amount so much."

I could see that 'Sticks' is trying his very hardest to hold back his urge to attack me right now. Stay mad.

In the back of my mind, I understand that it wasn't very smart of me to provoke them in that way, but this point it's just adding more coals into an already made campfire.

And just like that, the 'Five Stooges' left just as fast as they first appeared to me.

After I was sure they had left my field of vision, I let out the deepest sigh I have ever made in my entire life.

They are finally gone! Damn it! And I still don't have my lunch.

Ahhh every time I remember what they had done, it makes me so pissed!!

If I was gonna miss lunch anyways, maybe I should have just

Fuck what am I gonna do about lunch now?

In the middle of suffering from the thought about my missed meal, it took me a second to notice a person approaching me.

"Haha, aren't you unfortunate. Having to deal with them. I'll give you my condolences."

When I finally noticed who it was, I was able to recognize this person was the male student who stopped the fight between me in the 'five stooges' from before.

"Uh thanks. I guess?"

"Haha It's all good!"

The male student gave a hearty laugh to my response. Is it really that funny?

Somehow he seems like a 'nice person'. Well, he did stop the fight.

I gave a cursory glance up and down the male student, taking it all in.

In terms of height, he's only slightly shorter in me by about an inch. give or take.

Short blond hair, bright green eyes. With a slight smile on his face, he gives off the impression of the 'dependable older brother' feel. Even though he's shorter than me.

Before I noticed, the male student stuck out his hand and handshake gesture.

"Hello, my name is Noah Hornes. It's nice to finally meet you."

I reciprocated his handshake.

"it's also nice to meet you. Thanks for your help back there. My name is----"

"I know, it's Daniel Foster, isn't it? I heard all kinds of things about you."

I was surprised. Even he seems to know my name now. I didn't even know him until just now! How far has my infamy gone!?

Knowing my name is one thing, but knowing my face as well to match it is another. Is there no privacy anymore?

"I-I see"

"Really, I never thought I would be able to meet someone like you in this way. Maybe I should thank Darren and his gang for this."


"Hmm? You didn't know? He was the guy that attacked you, Darren Lynch. He and his little group is quite famous for causing all kinds of trouble."

".Ah, I see" (Monotone)

So 'Sticks' has a name. He never introduced himself so I didn't know. Is it Dar-Darryl? Devin? Dummy?

I'll just refer him as 'Sticks'. It's easier.

But it seems 'Sticks' and his little group really are infamous. I'm using 'infamy' so much today it's starting to lose its meaning.

"Hehe. To able to teach something to the infamous Daniel Foster, I should get something in return right?" Noah raised his nose upward, trying to give off an arrogant air.

What's wrong with this guy? What happened to my first impression. Somehow I'm getting the feeling of something very annoying is going to happen. Hope I'm wrong.

"Well putting that aside by the way, is there any way you can tell me how you got to know about me? What kind of rumors are being made?"

"Eh? You don't know?"

" No."

It's not like I make an effort to go around trying to find what kind of slander is being said about me on a daily basis.

"Hehe, I see, I see. This is actually perfect. Let's do an information exchange. I answer your question and you can answer one of mine. Deal?"

"O-oh, well that's fair maybe?"

It seems my hopes are slowly diminishing. Why is it that he is so strangely exciting?

"You see, I heard a lot 'great' things about you. You're amazing. Really amazing. The 'exploits' that you did. Especially that 'Alexis Owens' I heard you had successfully seduced her. Known as one of Raeparth's Academy's most beautiful 'Queen', despite her fame there were never any rumors of her going out with anyone except for you! Not only that there had been another older rumor that says you seduced another female student as well. And she even has a boyfriend! Good going."


At this very moment, I had no idea what kind of response I should be making. I want to so badly deny all the accusations Noah heard about, but...

When you want to deny it, but it hits too close to the truth.

" Ahem, I see now Since we got my question out of the way, what is it that you want?"

I got my answer already, so I don't need more. I need to distract him to get him off this topic.

"Oh, you want to hear my question? Hehe, it can't be helped. If you insist."


The more I hear Noah speak the more of my impression of his is changing for the worst. What's up with this man?

"What I want to ask you is, of course, the secret to getting popular!!"

". Hah?"

The moment I heard him say his last words, my mind instantly blanked out.

The fuck is he smoking?

The 'secret to getting popular'?

"You (I point to him) want me (I point to myself) to tell you the secret to becoming more popular?"

"That's right. That is totally what I want!"

Even after making sure, hoping it was some kind of mistake, Noah's answer didn't change.

" Is that something you really need? Pardon me but, from what I see you aren't bad looking, to be honest. I don't think you would have any problem becoming popular."

Yes. This man, Noah Horne, is actually quite handsome by my standards. And probably even other people's standards. With his looks, he could have made a living off becoming a model. That how handsome he is.

Normally you would think he would be swarming with girls.

"Glad you asked! You see, I tried very hard to look this good. I mean, I did exercise------"

The moment Noah began going on a tangent on how hard he worked to become handsome, I immediately tuned out his words. I was a while before I tuned back in.

"-----and after that, I had finally gotten the look I was aiming for. Of course, the first thing I did with my new look was trying to hit on some pretty girls on the beach. But the results of my exploits were a dud."

" Why is that?"

"Well, my first impression seemed good when I first talked to them. All the girls I hit on, at first, looked kind of happy when I called out to them. But after talking with them for a little while, all of them turned me down, without fail. Why is that?"


Honestly, I totally get where the girls Noah was hitting on were coming from.

I too had been tricked my Noah's handsome visage. His personality, however

"Well, sorry to disappoint you, but I don't think I have anything I could possibly teach you."

"What are you saying? You successfully were able to seduce the 'Queen'! There is no way you don't have a secret to becoming popular."

"Nah, it's not like a seduced her or----"

"Awww, you can tell me. I'll keep it a secret, and won't' tell anyone. I promise. So what's the trick?"

This is bad. He's coming on extremely hard.

Even if Noah asks me about the 'secret to becoming popular', I don't have anything he could possibly use. It's not like I'm that popular with girls in the first place. Lexi and Kate are exceptions. It's not like I can tell him about my System.

Is there any way I can distract him enough to leave?

While I was in the middle of pondering my next move, a familiar voice calling my name sounded behind me.


? This voice is

I turned around.


It's Kate, who is speed walking towards me at full speed. Why is she here? Her lunch should have ended earlier today.

The moment Kate finally got close enough so I didn't have to shout, I began to talk to her.

"What's up Kate, for you to be here at thi---- mmgh!!?"

The moment Kate finally reached where I was, she did something I never expected.

In a tight embrace, Kate wrapped her arms around me and gave me a forceful kiss directly on my lips with everyone looking!

What's the heck is going on!?

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