The Queen Of Everything Chapter 155

Chapter 155: I Will Keep Working Hard, Thanks Everyone

Clean and pure?

Children live in an innocent world? And Su Cha's voice is too flippant and impetuous?

Quan Jia told herself to calm down in front of people, but she wanted to shake Yu Siqing's head and ask her what she was thinking about.

Yu Siqing had made the wrong judgment, which was fine. But Quan Jia was unhappy that she had praised Su Cha's voice and said it was clean and could match the song well.

And Yu Siqing's words were totally against hers.

You think her voice is clean?

But I find it flippant and impetuous!

How could an amateur challenge a professional judge?

Even Xu Cunjian believed that Yu Siqing had lost her mind.

Not only the judges were thinking to themselves, but the contestants also found it strange. Yu Siqing had always agreed with Quan Jia, but now for the first time, she was against her.

More importantly, everyone knew that Yu Siqing was not a professional but Quan Jia was.

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