The Origin Of Arcane Chapter 1041

Chapter 1041: ? Total Collapse


Three elemental bombs can send their ten thousand elite rides to the sky.

A dense group of elemental bombs exploded at the same time, wouldn't it be able to ruin their nearly 100,000 army in an instant?

Attacks of this level are far beyond the scope of manpower to resist.

If their tribal army faces such an attack, they really can't think of a good way to deal with it. The only thing they can do is to let their tribesmen run as fast as they can and stay away from this attack.

These chiefs pretended to be deaf and dumb, but Prince Skambari took advantage of the victory and pursued, "Before setting off, although Lord Sean promised me that they would not use this extraordinary attack as a last resort, but we must not Pin your hopes on the promise of the other side. Once you enter the war, many bottom lines will be easily broken. The wisest choice is to let the two sides not be dragged into the war. I implore you chiefs, for your own tribe and your tribe. , For your own sake, consider Lord Shauns proposal."

Speaking of the last time, not only the eyes of Prince Skambari fell on the chief of the Huya tribe, but the eyes of other chieftains also fell on him.

Obviously, the main decision-making power of this big account is in his hands.

As long as he is willing to nod his head, the remaining chiefs will definitely obey the trail.

You bastards, this is to throw the problem to me and make me bear the name of a traitor.

Chief Barthes cursed in his heart, wanting to rebuff Prince Skambari's proposal hard, but the memory image just now made him chill.

The other party only needs to fly over his own big account, drop an elemental bomb of the previous kind, and it will blow up a group of them to the sky, let alone go to war with the other party.

Wanting to agree to Prince Skambaris proposal, it will be difficult to wash away the infamy, and it is not clear that the Eternal Night Army will not keep the promise.

Once they are disarmed, they will really become lambs in the hands of the enemy, slaughtering fish at will.

Chief Barthes babbled for a long time, and finally adopted a postponement strategy, "Prince, can you give us some time to discuss? The news you brought is too shocking."

Prince Skambari said meaningfully, "I am very willing to give you time, but it does not mean that the Yongye Army understands it for you..."

Prince Scanbaris voice has not yet ended, a series of horseshoes came, countless Odin orc wandering sentry sent a brand new message into the big tent, the army led by the Eternal Night Army has been assembled, Large-scale flooding toward their tribe.

Chief Barthes suddenly changed his color and said, "Prince-sir, can you tell us what is going on? Why did the Yongye Commander change his strategy and take military action against us when you first came here?"

"Such a simple truth, do I need to say more? What I bring is not a simple suggestion, but an ultimatum. Once you reject this proposal, their army will forcefully break through your camp. Trust me, I personally They have evaluated their military strength. Before the arrival of the latest reinforcements, their army was able to smash your camp three times." Prince Skambari said in an extremely sincere tone, "I have always been for Odin. It used to be and is still serving. The judgment and choices I make now are also for the best future of our people."

"We seem to have no other choice, either to fight to the death or to surrender."

"Hope your prince, everything said is true, don't let us down, and the trust and high hopes of the people in you."

"It seems that our lives can only be handed over to Lord Prince."

Under the intimidation and temptation of the Yongye Army leader, most of the chief chiefs chose to compromise.

There are also a small number of hardliners who are unwilling to hand over the power to the death and surrender to the Yongye Army leader.

But relying on their strength is simply not enough to advance the pace of the Yongye Army leading the torrent.

At the beginning, the leader of the Eternal Night Army wielded the butcher knife.

In the end, the snowball got bigger, and they didn't need to do anything at all. The chiefs who were ready to surrender would do it for them, directly using their heads as a gift to the Yongye Army leader.

In fact, with the Yongye Army leader showing off his martial arts in front of him, Prince Skanbari has completely understood one thing.

That is, he is only the leader of Yongye, just a trivial chess piece in the hands of Sean.

No matter what choice he makes, the situation in the Odin steppe and the fate of the Western Odin Empire will not change.

The victory or defeat has already been decided in the three-way decisive battle in the Cook Wasteland.

Not only the West Odin Empire, but even the Holy See of the Holy Ether was completely defeated.

They have already lost the extraordinary power against the Yongye Army leader. Even if they can withstand the attack of the Yongye Army leader's normal army, they will not be able to withstand the subsequent attack of the extraordinary power, and collapse is inevitable.

What's more, the regular troops led by Yongye Army are not what they can carry.

During the ancient Andes Empire, there was a saying that the Kentana barbarians were invincible.

Not to mention the Kentana barbarian armed to the teeth by the leader of the Eternal Night.

These kole beast heavy cavalry, like a torrent of steel, surging on the Odin steppe.

Odins orcs bows fell on them, not to mention the heavy armors on their bodies, even the thick skins of the Kolei beasts might not be able to penetrate them.

None of the Odin orc tribes that tried to resist the annexation of the Eternal Night Army could stop them from advancing.

The fiercest battle was led by Chief Hari Chagai, another veteran chief of the West Odin Empire.

Unexpectedly, this chief who behaved like a wolf on weekdays was slick and loyal to the West Odin Empire. He was not under the chiefs of Ozile and K, but with his influence in the West Odin Empire, he forcibly gathered fifteen. Wan Odin's elite orcs took the initiative to attack, trying to attack the barracks led by the Evernight Army in a roundabout way.

But they didn't know that their every move was under the supervision of Yongye Army Leader.

The beacon tree not only has the function of guiding energy, but when necessary, it can also be transformed into Sean, into the eyes of the leader of Yongye.

This kind of thing does not require Sean to go out in person, naturally someone from the second world will do it.

Each lighthouse book is a small mage tower with a small team.

Their main task is to be responsible for the specific distribution of the energy guided by the lighthouse tree.

No matter how much energy is drawn from the plane of Abigail, it cannot be used unrestrainedly. Instead, it must be adapted to local conditions, coordinated with local land conditions, and natural weather changes to maximize the utilization of energy.

To give a very simple example, the energy utilization rate of normal vegetation during the day is much higher than that at night.

Because they need photosynthesis to be able to convert energy into a part of themselves.

With proper rain, the energy utilization rate is much higher than in the drought and flood seasons.

In short, the energy delivered by the Asaan World Tree is not directly delivered to the grass and trees to stimulate their vitality.

It's not that you can't do this, but it's too extravagant and wasteful. It's amazing that 10% of your power can be used effectively.

If it is through normal natural absorption, the utilization rate will be greatly improved, at least it can be more than 30%.

Moreover, the mobilized energy is not limited to the supply of grass and trees for absorption. If necessary, it can be used to gather energy or transform element attributes to carry out small-scale rainfall, or forcefully disperse the rainfall in some areas, so as to achieve rain here. The purpose of balance.

In short, the lushness of the East Odin grasslands is not just the result of the Abigail plane energy guided and transported by the Ashan World Tree.

It is the result of the hard work of countless people behind.

Part of the chiefs of the West Odin Empire simply credited the credit to the lighthouse tree after watching the image of the attacking memory of the leader of Yongye. It was indeed too true.

Even if the time comes, Sean won't use the energy delivered by the Asaune World Tree to card them.

With the free use of energy, there is no way to ensure that the West Odin Empire is as prosperous as the East Odin Empire.

Entering the war, they will naturally become the eyes of the leader of the Yongye Army.

If necessary, they can even provide magical assistance.

It's just that in this war against the Western Odin Empire, there is no need to expose this trump card.

Hari Chagai led an army of 150,000, thinking that he had beaten Yongye Army to lead a surprise.

In fact, waiting for him is already a pocket array.

After he got into the formation, the Yongye Army on both sides led the army and immediately encircled, and there was a flanking attack.

In just five hours, the 150,000 Odin orc elite led by Hari Chage was completely defeated.

In order to further deter other tribes of the West Odin Empire.

In this battle, the Yongye Army led the firepower fully without any mercy.

Over 80,000 orcs of Odin were annihilated on the spot, Chief Hari Chagai died on the spot, and the Western Odin Empire lost the last trace of resistance.

The defeat is just the beginning, not Sean's ultimate goal.

If things were so simple, the leader of Yongye didn't need to do anything to advance and retreat, and spent a lot of effort to persuade Prince Scanbaj to help them.

When the army of the West Odin Empire was still gathering together, the leader of the Eternal Night Army had enough power to defeat them.

First use the plane portal to send a wave of east wind No. 5 washing and bombing on them, and the Kory heavy cavalry will lead the team to level a.

The result of doing so is to make millions of Odin orc branches full of hatred for them to the entire Odin grassland, incarnate into horse bandits, and make them restless for a long time.

At this time, Sean's brilliance in sending Prince Skambari to persuade him to surrender in advance was gradually revealed.

Those Odin orc tribes who have not yet surrendered were just shocked, not completely chaotic, one after another through Prince Skambari, extended an olive branch to the leader of Yongye.

For these Odin orcs of the Western Odin Empire, the Eternal Night Army leader neither disrupted them, marrying the Andes, nor did they have the same scale as the Kentana barbarians. The migration into the territory to divide and conquer.

The annexation of the first two was not only based on local conditions, but also because Yongye Army leaders needed to do so.

When the crocodile tribe was annexed, the Yongye army leader was too thin, and needed to incorporate a large population to enrich itself.

Crocodiles who have the same origin and have not unified the country for many years are the most suitable candidates.

After nearly thirty years of unremitting efforts, the race integration plan that Sean had formulated at the beginning has already seen initial results.

The new generation of Yongye people born after the establishment of the Yongye Army leader has successively grown up and become the main force in the building of the Army leader.

Although they are called the second generation of Yongye, in fact, they are the real first generation.

They were born under the banner of Yongye and grew up under the banner of Yongye. Their sense of belonging to the identity of Yongye people even far exceeds that of the fathers who created the leader of Yongye, especially when they are outside. The people on the side are Yongye people, not Andis or Crocodile people.

Coupled with the high degree of uniformity in life habits, people who are not familiar with the situation can hardly judge whether their parents are of Andean or crocodile origin.

Not only are the crocodile people becoming the past tense, but the Andean people are also becoming the past tense, but merged into the Yongye people.

The Kentana barbarians have faith as a powerful weapon and do not need to resort to marriage.

Not to mention that Sean has been leading them, looking for a more suitable way of life, looking for a more fertile land for nomadism, even if they are driven back to the Kentana Icefield, it is difficult for them to resist emotions.

During the five-year catastrophe led by the Yongye Army, the nearly one million Odin orcs gathered together were also not of reference. U U Reading www.uukanshu.com

Because they all belong to the survivors of the East Odin Empire, they have already lost their rule for more than ten years, and in the past ten years, they have been dominated and ravaged by the undead empire. They have already consumed all their energy. All they wanted is The continuation of life.

In the face of this goal, others seem to become unimportant.

No matter whether it is Odin orc who ultimately dominates this land.

What's more, what the Yongye Army leader did in the East Odin Prairie is obvious to all, and it is not difficult for the Odin orcs of the East Odin Empire to return to their hearts.

The Odin orcs of the Western Odin Empire are different. They not only have a unified kingdom, but they are also numerous.

Not all those who migrated into the East Oding Grassland, only less than one-third, the rest are still struggling on the West Oding Grassland, fighting against nature.

It is roughly estimated that the total population of the Western Odin Empire is even 20 to 30% higher than that of the Yongye Army leader. This is still in the case of including the Huayu Plateau that the Yongye Army has just conquered.

With such a large size, relying on the previous method of dividing and conquering part of the Odin orc tribe by the Kentana barbarian is also undesirable.

For one thing, the number of Kentana barbarians is too small, and it's not more than one million in a pack.

This is also the result of a population explosion after the Kentana barbarians joined the Eternal Night Army leader, with abundant material guarantees.

Even if you throw them all on the Odin Meadows, on average, a few kilometers will hardly be assigned to a Kentana barbarian.

What's more, a part of the Kentana barbarians have taken root, and they will not be there.

The number of Kentana barbarians who have been migrating to the Odin Prairie will not exceed one third.

In order to ensure the continuation of their blood, the population is destined not to be too scattered.

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