The Origin Of Arcane Chapter 1040

Chapter 1040: ?coercion


Don't think that this is a good opportunity for them to chase after them. When they catch up, they discover that another Orc Musketeer is waiting for them to snare.

In the end, the tribes of the Western Odin Empire were beaten to understand.

As long as the Yongye army leader does not take the initiative to attack, they will not take the initiative to fight.

As the most cutting-edge tribe, the Huya tribe has the most scattered fights with the Yongye army leader, and the pressure it feels is the last.

There is also an urgent need for external forces to help them relieve pressure and tide over difficulties.

The prince of Skambari, who descended from the sky, was like a straw, once caught, he would not let go.

But within a few hours, after listening to the fact that Prince Skambari Liangming Ulaanbaaji was dead, he explained his true purpose.

In the entire camp, there was a dead silence, and the faces of all chiefs were even more ugly than those of dead parents.

Ulaanbaari has already encountered this incident, in fact, all Odin orcs have already guessed it.

After all, as the elemental iceberg melted, the corpses of 10,000 Jingqi had been found one after another, including some of the remains of the Golden King's Account.

They are just deceiving themselves and leaving themselves a little bit of hope.

Now this hope was shattered by the appearance of Prince Skambari.

Ulan Bari has children, and there are still a lot of them. Some of them have already shown their ingenuity, but they are still too young, and the older two are fairly talented. They usually dont like Ulan Bari. , Let alone cultivated.

If under normal circumstances, there are veterans who are loyal to the tiger royal court by Prince Skambari, Hari Chagai, Ozhele, and Chiefs, and both large and small upper ranks can maintain the tiger king. Court rule.

It just happens that the current internal and external troubles are superimposed together.

Prince Skambari went missing along with Ulaanbaaday, and the chiefs of Ozile and Krishna were detained under the command of Yongye.

With all the chiefs working on their own calculations and finding a way out for their tribe, these tigers and grandchildren were all left behind, and no one remembered.

The chieftain of the Huya tribe, Battelle, murmured for a long time, and murmured a few questions: "So, the presence of Lord Prince is not accidental, but from the enemy's tribe?"

"Yes!" Prince Skambari said expressionlessly. "Not only are Ozhele and Chief Klein opposite, but also the Supreme Commander of the Evernight Army, Lord Shaun, who personally made a promise to me. , As long as you chiefs can lay down their weapons and accept the adaptation, they will not only guarantee the safety of your people, but also ensure that the wealth in your hands will not be lost. Most importantly, Lord Shaun will help us govern the West Odin Prairie. Let there be revitalized like the East Oding Grassland. The chiefs are old people who have nomadic for many years. They should have discovered the difference in the East Oding Grassland. The lush vegetation here is not only the natural result of the good weather, but also has human factors. ."

Chief Barthes' mouth twitched unnaturally and said: "Your prince, your remarks are alarmist. We admit that the grassland of East Odin is indeed a bit unbelievable, but in our opinion, this is this. For more than ten years, the number of people grazing here is scarce, and the results of a lot of flesh and blood have been poured out. What does it have to do with the Yongye army leader? That young lord really arrogantly regards himself as a god? Can he control? The ups and downs of a grassland? If it is true, we would not be wronged if we surrendered to him! Your prince, although we do not have your knowledge and wisdom, we should not treat us as fools without any common sense."

"Sometimes reality is harder to believe than lies, but I can guarantee that everything I say is facts. Everything I do is for the sake of you and my people. Lord Seans strength has long been It's beyond your imagination, the words are empty after all, so let you see and see with your own eyes, and you will know how powerful the other party is, you will know what I said is true. "Prince Skambage no longer bothers, directly In the presence of these chiefs, a memory image was projected.

This is a memory image of a natural landscape, a bird's eye view of the East Oding Grassland.

This memory image is not normal at first glance. The playback speed is not the normal observation speed, but has been accelerated tens of thousands of times.

Therefore, in this memory image, all living things are foils, and those plants and trees are the protagonists.

For the first time, those peculiar lives of plants and trees were displayed so clearly in front of the chiefs of the Odin orc chiefs.

At the beginning, these chiefs almost didn't recognize the East Odin Grassland.

Because the East Odin grassland that just appeared was divided into strips of black fog, one piece from the east to the west, just like the scalp of a scorpion, as ugly as it is.

Those strips of black fog, they are naturally no strangers, it is the undead canopy that the undead empire has forced them into embarrassment and retreat.

At first, they thought that the undead canopy enveloped the entire East Odin grassland. Now it seems that they have overestimated the strength of the undead empire. According to the image ratio in front of them, the grassland that was originally covered by the undead canopy is only one or two.

The undead empire in the memory projection is obviously at the end. The army led by the Yongye Army has poured out from the northern fortress like a tide, and at a steady and slow speed, the ash tower that created the sky of the undead is removed. Dropped, purifying the undead inside.

The canopy of the dead is easy to remove, but the damage it causes is hard to heal.

Since all areas shrouded by the undead sky, the next few years will be gray and bald, and even the other grasslands divided by these gray areas have also been affected a lot.

The vegetation is yellow, short and gray, as if being seriously ill.

This situation did not improve until the third year.

The improvement did not come down in thin air, but as the Yongye army leader began to plant lighthouse trees on a large scale on the East Odin grassland.

Its really hard to imagine that the oldest of the lush lighthouse trees are only five years old, and the youngest are only one or two years old.

With tens of thousands of times of rapid playback, the lighthouse tree grows at a speed visible to the naked eye, and green rays begin to diffuse outward from the center, affecting the surrounding vegetation and drawing away the black fog that is poisoning here. The vegetation here is full of new vitality.

The timeline of the memory image progressed until the Western Odin Empire army pushed into the East Odin grassland, and then the memory image screen was divided into two, and a few minutes of close-ups were given.

The protagonists of the two close-ups are the lighthouse tree and its surrounding environment. It is just a lighthouse tree that was arbitrarily destroyed by the orcs of the West Odin Empire, and one stands intact on the grassland.

Then in the next few weeks, the two close-ups formed a sharp contrast.

Eh, the grassland where the lighthouse tree was destroyed did not wither on the spot, but compared to the grassland sheltered by the lighthouse tree, both the growth rate and the lushness of the grass and trees are obviously inferior.

The memory image came here, and stopped abruptly.

The entire chieftain's camp was silent, except for the heavy breathing.

From a completely different perspective, they re-recognized the grassland where they were born and raised.

It turned out that the entire grassland was alive, but they hadn't noticed it before.

At the same time, they are also shocked by the power of changing nature.

The picture in the memory image seems to be just the tip of the iceberg, but they know that this represents the entire East Oding grassland, because most of the land they have walked through is in this situation, and they believe that they are still entrenched by the tribe led by the Yongye Army That part of the situation is also the case.

Is it true that everything Prince Skambari said?

Compared with the luxuriant western Oding grassland, the East Oding grassland is not the mighty power of nature, but the handwriting of Yongyejun?

The real mysteries are those, the magical trees all over the East Odin grassland?

As long as these trees are planted all over the Xioding grassland, can it be restored to flourishing there?

While being shocked, everyone present couldn't help but rejoice.

Fortunately, they don't have much demand for trees. They rarely see the shadow of trees on the grassland. They are more cherished. The behavior of cutting down lighthouse trees is not that serious.

Otherwise, the fertile grassland has been ruined by them, and I don't know why.

After being silent for a long time, a dry question came from the corner, "This is not necessarily true!"

"Yes, this memory image is very problematic, you see, not only the time span is too long, but all of them are corroded from the air, who will be okay to wander the world over the Odin grassland? One wandering is for several years. How long? Your prince, you have been fooled. I am afraid that this memory image was given to you by those cunning Yongye people? You have been fooled!"

"I believe that those cunning Yongye people did this kind of thing. Your prince is the smartest person in our clan. How can he be deceived by their inferior means?"

After the silence was broken, the chieftains raised questions one after another. They didn't dare and didn't want to believe that everything described in this memory image was true.

Because if it were true, it would be terrible.

"You can question what happened in the front of the memory image. How do you question the second half? Everything in the East Oding grassland is truly placed in front of you. I dare not say anything else. I can guarantee that it is true. That is the erosion and damage of shadow energy to the human body and the land. Although this damage is not permanent, it will last a long time like the undead canopy created by the undead empire.

At least relative to human life, it is impossible to see the hope of self-healing even for several generations.

Along the way, have you ever seen the slightest damage left by the undead canopy?

Can you just ignore this?

As for the source of this memory image, it can only be said that knowledge limits your imagination.

You think about problems from the perspective of ordinary people.

Do you think that when a person's power can affect a piece of grassland, will the gaze you feel, everything he sees, be the same as ordinary people? "

Prince Skambari's tone is not high, but the statement made makes the chiefs irrefutable.

They did ignore this issue before. Thinking about it now, they did not see any traces of the Undead Empire along the way, including those gray bone towers built with bones, which have disappeared without a trace, as if they were completely swallowed by the grassland.

"Even if what is described in this memory image is true, it is this kind of magical trees that play a role. We only need to bring the seeds of these trees back to the West Odin Grassland to plant them. Is as luxuriant as the East Odin Grassland? Why bother to join the Yongye Army leader?"

"Good idea, I think so too."

"Haha... I didn't expect that the thoughts of the leaders were so naive. Do you really think that the kind of beacon tree changed the grassland? They are just a beacon that guides energy, the fundamental reason that really makes the grassland glow with different vitality. In the underground that you can't see at all, you can't even imagine how powerful energy is surging in the underground here.

And this energy is in the hands of Lord Sean. Only with his consent can this energy flow in the direction where the lighthouse tree is ~wuxiaworld.online~ so as to achieve the purpose of changing the recovery grassland, otherwise even if you turn the lighthouse When the tree seeds are planted, they are also ordinary trees that can no longer be ordinary. "

The situation described by Prince Scanbaj is basically close to the root of the whole matter.

The reason why he knew this was not because Sean took the initiative to disclose it to him.

But after the body is reshaped, his body's ability in elemental perception has greatly improved, making him more sensitive to energy fluctuations.

The huge root network of the Arshan World Tree conveyed the energy flow to the East Odin Grassland, in his ears, as clear as a rushing river, especially standing under the lighthouse tree, this feeling is clearer.

Coupled with this memory image that Sean gave him in order to make it easier for him to convince the tribal chiefs of The Odin Empire.

The combination of the two, according to the cleverness of Prince Skambari, is not difficult to restore things to the present level.

As if feeling the hesitation of the chiefs, Prince Skanbari threw out a new memory image and said: "If you still don't believe it, then finish reading this."

Compared with the last long memory image, this memory image is very short, only eight minutes.

But this short period of eight minutes left all the chieftains present with ashes.

Because this memory image records nothing else, it is the three-way melee that broke out on the Cook Wasteland by Sean, the succubus lord Sunelawo, Ulaanbaaji and the six angels of the Holy See.

It all started when Sean dropped three Dongfeng 5s and ended immediately before the 25 Dongfeng 5s fell.

This time, none of these chieftains questioned the authenticity of the memory images taken by Prince Skambaj.

They now finally know how the weird elemental iceberg on the Cook Wasteland came from.

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