The Origin Of Arcane Chapter 1039

Chapter 1039: ?know Your Confidant


If there is no Yongye army leader, I am afraid that the Siodin Empire is still shrouded in the shadow of the Undead Empire.

Those enemies who were tireless, life or death, and diseased all over, now in retrospect, Ozile and Ke's scalp numb.

If Yongyejun leads the undead empire a little later and has caught up with the catastrophe for five years, the Western Odin Empire will have no power to fight back when facing the undead empire.

Ozile and the chief of Krishna talked for a long time, and after not knowing how to answer, they roared in anger, "If you have the ability to let me go, let's go single!"

"Haha, has my own force become your last fig leaf, okay, today let me tear off your last fig leaf, then, let me see what you have to say." Xiao En said, it has been lifted The restrictions on the chiefs of Russia, Russia, Russia, and Russia.

As soon as Ozile and Chief Ke felt that they had regained their ability to act, they immediately rushed forward with their fists and punched them.


This time, there was no such thing as the glue sticking to the fly, and Ozile and Chief Klein punched hard.

It's just that what he hit was not the energy clone of Sean, but the heavy elemental barrier.

An elemental barrier that keeps rotating.

The chiefs of Ozile and Krishna were blown away 30% of the force, and the remaining 70% was just splashing waves like waves on the elemental barrier, and there was a steady flow of elemental power in the air, converging into the elemental barrier. .

The elemental barrier energy consumed by the punches and kicks of the Ozhele and the chiefs of Krishna did not gather as much.

Previously, Shaun showed the soft side of elemental barriers, but now he shows the rigid side.

The assailant did not even move his fingers, and was not moved by the opponent at all.

The attacker exhausted all his strength, did not hurt the opponent without saying anything, but shook his fists with blood.

"Ozile and K. Enough, dont be ashamed. Didnt you find out that your strength is not at the same level at all. If you continue, you will only humiliate yourself." Prince Skambari took the lead in looking down. , Opened her mouth and stopped, "I have accompany you to go crazy. Now listen to my advice, and go back honestly and continue to be a guest. Only when you are alive can you know whether the choice I made today is right? Is it leading our people on a broad road, or a dead end."

"I don't believe it, I don't believe it, today I can't tear off his protection." Not only did the chiefs of Ozile and Kr stop their hands, but the speed of their punches increased, taking the fruits of their practice in the magical cage for a while. , All showed up.

But the result of doing this is only to make myself suffer more.

"You are crazy enough without me letting you stop!" Prince Skambari flashed, and he was born between the energy clones of Ozil and Chief Ke and Sean, "Come on, come on, have the ability to come to me, you Beat me to death first, and it's completely destroyed."


The fists of Chiefs Ozile and Ke stopped a few centimeters from Prince Skambari.

He hasn't really gone crazy yet, in public or private, he can't really attack Prince Skambari.

In fact, the anger of Ozile and Chief Klein was directed not only at Sean and Prince Skambari, but also at himself.

His heart is also at war.

The battle between foolish and loyal thinking and acceptance of realistic ideas.

For the Siodin Empire, his loyalty to Ulaanbaatar made him refuse to surrender to the Yongye Army.

However, considering the reality of the herdsmen of the entire West Odin Empire, accepting the proposal of the leader of the eternal night, surrendering to them, and accepting their governance is the only feasible way out.

The current idea of accepting reality has prevailed, which is what makes him most uncomfortable.

Death also requires courage, very courage.

The courage of Ozile and Chief Klein for death was wiped out by Sean's curse and a rolling duel.

Then he was thrown back into the magic cage by Sean.

In order to prevent him from regaining his loyalty to suicide, Sean changed the setting of the magic cage again and added the two major effects of weakness and hypnosis.

This will leave Ozile and Chief Klein in a groggy state, and even suicide can't afford it.

When the overall situation of the Yongye army leader and the West Odin Empire is completely settled, I believe that this die-hard thinking will somewhat change.

"I'm sorry, I tried my best." Although Prince Scanbaj was apologizing to Sean, he couldn't see the slightest apology on his face.

After all, what supported him now was not his loyalty to Sean, but a strong sense of responsibility to his people.

"I hope this small action just now will be the last time. If this happens again next time, I promise that you will regret it last, because at that time, it was your people who paid the price of blood." Xiao En He expressed his dissatisfaction with Prince Skambaris previous actions to help the chiefs of Ozhile and K.

"Your lord, rest assured, I know very well what I am doing. I just helped Ozile and the chiefs of Krishna only if I knew that the lord would not sit idly by, and would like to borrow your hand to beat him and stop him. Thoughts." Skambari defended his actions.

"The information you need, I have prepared the generals here. There are three targets for you to choose. You have half a day to choose the targets. After you choose the targets, you have to convince them to accept our adaptation, otherwise the generals waiting for them It will be a three-sided attack." There was a hint of coldness in Xiao En's words, "I hope that your prince can be worthy of the trust I give you. I don't think you will witness a one-sided massacre with your own eyes."

Thirty years in a high position has transformed Sean into a qualified leader.

Know when to be soft and when to be hard, especially when facing enemy groups.

In front of Prince Skambari, his benevolent and gentle side was almost shown.

All that is left is to show that they are tough and will not give in.

To eat the Western Odin Empire is the basic national policy of the Yongye army leader.

They will do this with the assistance of Prince Scanba.

They would do the same without the help of Skambari.

In short, let Prince Skambari understand a truth, and now let him go to be the vanguard, not simply for the leader of the eternal night, the most important thing is to give their tribe and their people a chance.

Prince Skambari is a wise man, and he knows the meaning of Shaun's words.

Just now he chose to shoot the Ozhele and the chiefs of Croatia, which is not a wise choice. This is tantamount to planting a seed of discord in the cooperation between the two sides that has not officially started.

But if he was asked to re-elect, he would still do it.

He is not an emotionless machine, it is impossible to start everything from a rational level.

Soon someone sent a wad of intelligence materials to Prince Skambaj.

This information is about the three relatively large Odin orc tribes of the Western Odin Empire around this barracks.

After a cursory glance at this information, Prince Scanbazh immediately felt the heaviness of it.

These intelligence materials are somewhat scary in detail, even exceeding his knowledge of these tribes.

The above not only records the distribution of these tribes, as well as the assessment of the combatable forces, and the status of the main leaders.

It even recorded the attitudes and tendencies of these chiefs toward the war and the leader of Yongye.

And gave a summary and judgment, as to whether they should adopt, win over or military annihilation.

Three tribes, three very different suggestions.

The one placed on the top is naturally the most worthy of wining.

The bottom one is the first choice for military annihilation.

The middle one belongs to the fence-riding faction. After showing strong force, it is easy to win over.

Based on the information he possessed, Prince Skambari confirmed and found that the truthfulness of this information was high.

The leader of Yongye once again showed his horror.

Know the enemy and confidant, win every battle.

The major tribes of the West Odin Empire were as if they were stripped naked in front of them, and the chiefs and chiefs on the opposite side knew that they had not even figured out the names of their generals facing the enemy.

Set a verdict on top of one another.

This information made Prince Skambari once again have to face up to his role in the leader of Yongye.

The other party didn't need the little intelligence he knew, all he needed was his reputation and influence in the Western Odin Empire.

For Yongye Army Leader, it was not a gift in the snow, but an icing on the cake.

The meanings of the two are completely different.

If the good role he played in it was far lower than the negative one, Sean would replace himself without hesitation. x

This change in cognition forced Prince Skambaj to re-examine his own thoughts, to prevent going wrong, and let his people pay the price of blood for their mistakes.

During the preparations of Prince Skamba Day, the army of the leader camp of the Eternal Night Army where he was also started to move.

When he rode a fast horse, left the barracks, and went to the selected tribe, the army of this barracks had already assembled, lined up, changed the previous strategic defense, and pressed on behind Prince Skambari.

Prince Skambari knew that he had only one chance, and he could only succeed, not fail.

Once it fails, the Koray heavy cavalry led by the Yongye Army will rush up like a tide, tearing them to pieces.

The first persuasion target chosen by Prince Scanbaj was not the tribe that was the easiest to compromise among the three goals, but the Huya tribe that was the least easy.

The reason for making such a choice is naturally based on Prince Skambajs own calculations.

It is true that he has extraordinary influence in the Western Odin Empire, but this influence also exists in circles and levels.

The Western Odin Empires rule is a pyramid, with large tribes leading medium-sized tribes, and medium-sized tribes leading small tribes.

Of the three goals, the Limestone tribe is the easiest to succumb, but the problem is that he is a medium-sized tribe that is not influential. In the past, their tribal leaders did not even have the opportunity to appear in front of Prince Skambari. For him The understanding of Prince Skambari was still learned through intelligence materials led by Yongye Army.

Prince Skambari is really unsure of how much he can influence them.

The Huya tribe is different. It is one of the eight pillar tribes of the West Odin Empire. The Huya Chief Battelle has always been kind to himself and can be called a wiser person.

If the leader of the Eternal Night Army sent others to come to meet and surrender, Chief Battle would naturally not bow his head easily.

Changing to Prince Skambari now has a different effect. x

The above are just the personal reasons of Prince Skambari. The most important thing is that he has no choice now.

In order to increase the combat effectiveness of his tribe, Chief Huya Chief Bart recruited all the chiefs of the other two tribes into his tribe to discuss joint defense matters.

Believe that this situation is not accidental, those tribes in the higher position will choose to do so.

In other words, the situation here, to a large extent, depends on the attitude of the most powerful Huya tribe.

If he surrendered, the other two tribes would definitely have nothing to say.

If he is unwilling to surrender, the attitude of the other two tribes will also be difficult to be completely clear.

As soon as the chief of the Huya tribe, Battelle, heard that Prince Skambari had appeared out of his tribe single-handedly, UU read www.ukahnshu. com immediately jumped up like a fire, and led a group of chiefs to personally welcome Prince Scanbaj into the big tent.

Before Prince Skambari expressed their intentions, although the people of Chief Battelle found the lonely Prince Skambari, all the doubts revealed in him, but the expectations placed on him caused them to ignore these. , Placed hope on him.

I hope he can turn the tide as before and use his ingenuity to lead the entire West Odin Empire out of the predicament.

Although the entire West Odin Empire is in a state of pressing, the leader of the Eternal Night Army is in a state of retreat.

But even the no-brained chief felt that something was wrong.

Because as they pressed closer, their army had been completely broken up. The distance between the tribe and the tribe was as little as ten kilometers, and the distance between them was hundreds of kilometers. It was difficult to communicate with each other, let alone each other. Provide military assistance. x

By the time they arrived when they heard the news, the war had already been over.

On the other hand, Yongye Army led the two concepts, taking the initiative to retreat and being repelled. There was no sign of chaos at all. On the contrary, the power was more and more concentrated.

It's not that the tribe sent its own elite rangers to try to defeat the disturbance, and the retreating Eternal Night Army led the tribe.

Without exception, they all hit the iron plate.

The tribes dominated by the Kentana barbarians did not even use their core force, the Kele heavy cavalry.

The orc musketeers alone have caused their elite rangers to have some trouble.

Compared with muskets, bow riding is inferior in terms of accuracy, shooting speed, and range.

When the two met, it was basically Odin Ranger being crushed and beaten.

Until the ammunition carried by the enemy was almost consumed and had to retreat. div

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