The Order Of Golden Roses Chapter 17

17 Through The Dungeon

"Eh, but we've merely entered the dungeon. Please, wait until we can find a rest area or something," I said to her as the gate behind us closed itself.

Her shoulder deflated, she was silent for a moment until her face lit up.

Oh, I harbor a really intense bad feeling about this.


Not those eyes again! I exclaimed while she utilized her offensive measures against my persistence in the form of the cruelest mystic eyes; puppy eyes!

I still reflect on how she performed something like that with the bland look of her face, It was utterly amazed me many times over.

Yet, I have stood strong against the waves of the mystical power of her eyes!

Heh, It won't work on me twice! I have been preparing for this day to come!

Sensing her strategy didn't work against me, she did something I couldn't possibly block at the moment as expected of my servant she adapted quickly.

Oh no, don't do that, don't you dare Altria!

She used another deadly maneuver as she placed her hand up her chest, with teary eyes and a sob voice.

"Is itno good", as she looked me up expectantly, her golden eyes are mesmerizing for a moment.Q

Critical Hit! How can my glutton berserker possibly be this cute!

Ugh, my HP had reached zero.

You win Altria. You win as I raised both my hand in defeat.

Huh, I hope we just quickly clear this quest as I have a ton of bucket lists to do.

I promptly used the features of 'my room' to transport us there and make Altria some food, but unable to do so or to be exact I can't detect my system anymore other than the SS.

A rare message came out to my vision.

[This area has been deemed as Quest ground, therefore every system features will be suspended until host cleared the quest or leave the quest ground]

The f*ck. Nobody told me this! And every system features?

I frantically recall my inventory as a battle rifle with an Artoria lion strap chain came out of a blue ripple and dropped snuggly on my hands.

Phew, thank goddess, it's unsuspended. Maybe it because the system recognized it as my skill rather than the system features, granted it's not system features, to begin with as it was from the gift box goddess sent me.

Why was I panicking? It because The inventory Integrate and automatically synchronize with the system as it will execute automatic sorting, and well, in case I overlooked what was inside of it. And I fear the system will judge it as one of its features which in relief I found it's untrue.

The inventory is my main offensive attack. Well, it was one of the cheapest moves I could get since it only draws a small fraction of my magical energy to open it regardless of the sizes or how many stuffs I draw from it.

It could be a cheap yet devastating move, for example, if I have some MAC cannon that could obliterate a single city inside it, can you imagine the sheer firepower it could bring while I merely require some measly magical energy to open the gate, unleash it out and handled it with my domain.

I will be Gilgamesh all over again, fuhahaha!

I tried contacting Azusa inside 'my room,' luckily it seems I can communicate with someone inside just all right.

"Eh, Will? What's the matter?"

"No, Nee-chan it just" I explained to her about our current predicament.

"EHH! In that case, that means I can't follow you to the dungeon!"

Eh, that is what you worried about.

"It's pointless Nee-chan, in the first place all of your magic is AOE attack spell save some the healing magic you possess" I pointed out, far from completing the dungeon it will only destroy it.

"Maa if you pointed it like thatuhm! I have decided, I will create and train my magic more!"

I like pointing that she needed training in her magic control but she is surely quick to recover, eh.

After that, I have explained it to Altria, since all of the cooking equipment is on the kitchen and I can't cook without it but she insisted I could just project it. Fair point, Altria. Fair point indeed.

Muttering under my breath, "lsen"

My unique projection in the form of the skill 'craft elucidation' with my proper understanding of the blueprints of the object I could easily project any object I have learned.

Though creating noble phantasm is a bothersome task, if you inquire me.

Unlike Emiya tracing who only need to expend magical energy to materialize and recall Noble phantasm copy inside his UBW, I need to produce every single of an NP legend, power, concept, composition all over again every time I need projecting it.

It's excessively lengthy to project NP, that's why I opt to use my inventory and create my own weaponry rather than trace it. And it's not like I ever encountered any other NP other than Altria's

Back to the present, as some kitchen utilities materialized in front of me, I proceed to make us some meal.

After a brief walk from the entrance, we discover a single room with some large stone debris and rubble scattered around in front of us.

"Will," Altria said in a low voice, her antenna twitching slightly in the dingy hall.

We don't need any lighting as it will possibly compromise our position, and it's not like we need any lighting to see either, perk of natural body and reinforcement.

"Enemiesfront." true to her word, 5 humanoid shaped automata with blunt weapons at their hand came out of our vision.

They werejust standing over there, waiting inside the room.

I pulled the battle rifle at my back and aimed at them.

I grasped at them, golem at level 40 and 50 with the one being the latter.

It was made with various sizes of rock slapped together to resemble a human, crude.

And there's a magic core as its center.

"Don't engage yet", Altria still watched at the newcomer as she summoned the hilt of her sword.

Hmm, should I confirm there will be no biological monster in this dungeon?

Are they wiped out since granny expedition years ago?

But according to granny, some dungeon is capable to regenerate itself and replenish its monster repertoire.

No, in the first place nobody knew if this is a dungeon or just some kind of ruin.

Should I grasp the entire dungeon for more information?

Not an option, there will be a severe backlash for receiving too many data to process.

Nevermind, I shifted my focus to the golem again.

Regular BR ammunition should more than suffice to pierce the core inside it.


Three streaks of light travel across the room and hit one of the golems.

It crumbled down into a pile of rock.

Alerted that one of its own has been destroyed, the rest of the golem ran toward us.

Before, they could strike us. A concentrated fire lodges their way to the centerpiece of each golem, discharging them back to dirt.

Lowering my sight, I grasped at the room once again to make sure, "clear."


We'd descended 9th floors below the ground if the number of stairs we've descended upon was a clear indication.

Along the way, we've encountered various forms of automation.

Ranging from the simple rock-golem into more sophisticated one like the one made with magic infused carbon steel with the highest level of 90.

Making it easily, one of the toughest motherfu'ker we'd encountered here.

With magic infused inside of the steel, -making it betray its bulky appearance, also with a fast and flexible leg with monstrous strength it carried.

Mind you. The carbon steel is not the ordinary one you usually encountered.

Carbon steel, back in my world was one of the staple alloys we used in early starship frame and armor.

It was generated artificially by converting steel to stimulate diamond hardness, the early engineer also frequently call it steel diamond for its property.

And I don't identify any difference with the one I encountered in this world, primitive maybe it could still block most of my bullet repertoire due to magic energy inside it.

To counter I also infused reinforcement to my bullet, -to increase the capabilities and velocity, and my gun, -to make it able to withstand the strength of the bullet velocity.

A sword buzz reverberates beside me, as the loud clanking of metal could be heard.

I saw Altria with her usual expression cutting down one of the golems who tried to sneak and ambush on us from one of the hidden compartments inside the wall.

She held her buzzing sword it maintains the similar color of blood as her eyes turned to a shade of gold.

Predicting the incoming arrow projectile from our rear, she slashed it down effortlessly with her sword.

Then, projecting a red spark in her unoccupied hand, she held it toward the golem as a blood-colored lightning streak across the hall and fried the golem who gripped a crossbow on its hand.

With a satisfying glow, the golem falls down and began to paint the floor with its molten metal.

Phew, I wonder how much heat is generated to dissolve the metal like it was a mere of paper before a flame.

Yeah, besides the increasing number of enemy varieties, they also become more intelligent as floor pass by.

Initially, they imitate an adventurer party, with its typical composition from a swordsman, a tank, an archer, even a healer behind it.

Almost all of the mob party we've encountered so far were like this. They patrol in units.

Often, they ambush us along the straight hallway while setting a trap, they came from a hidden compartment behind the wall, or crawling above the ceiling while knocking a bow or leap their self to us.

Some unexpectedly called reinforcement with a silent signal wave, while we busy fighting the other.

Thanks to Altria we could detect them before they call the reinforcement, and with my grasping, we could prevent the ambushes and detect which golem is more "equipped" than the others.

Yes, many of them didn't come in factory template or something. They were modified and each has its own skill and specialization.

For example, the clockwork golem with an uncanny semblance of sci-fi robot and glowing one eye, one we've encountered was able to talk and comment on our fighting performance while it was watching on the sidelines, though it refused to give us more information when captured and self-destruct itself.

While the other one, carrying a significant number of human skulls in the form of a necklace and utilize a wooden bludgeon as its essential weapon.

The most astonishing thing was none of them were sentient enough to perform all of that, it just inside their program.

Then the next one enters a massive number gathered inside a single room like an arena, at first they were like a mindless crowd, charging without any regards.

Then the 8th floor, their behavior was like an army-a hive since there's nobody commanding them.

They cleverly charge in a formation, surrounding us first, then attack in large with arrows while proceeding to gang us from every direction.

The golem who still barely functioning can be dragged down by its comrade to be repaired with a healer golem.

With such tactics, it was almost impossible for us to win in such situations with only two numbers, however our strong maybe.

Without any choice, we unsealed the twin-secret calibur to burst them into kingdom comes, but not before I depleted my magic swords inventory to further the golem casualties.

To include the salt on the injury, we've lost the track of time and each floor is excessively long with some of its lasting and unwinding straight hallway producing an illusion if we were really advancing through the dungeon.

Walking down the dark hallway, we reached a room with a single giant metal gate on the other side with intricate relief sculpted on it.

There's another strange epithet in the middle of it, with lots of unknown symbols to me. Even, Altria, who is a servant, couldn't perceive it as a servant has the capability to understand all of the earth languages. Then again this was not the earth, to begin with.

Heh, even without we perceived its clearly screaming 'boss area! proceed and die,' or something like that.

Granny roc didn't provide us how many floors this dungeon possess, but let's hope this will be the last.

No need to rush as I ask Altria to stand guard as I will make the bounded field to establish a safe area.

Now, that we've been out of combat I barely noticed my magic circuit has been constantly enduring the wear and tear we've done inside the dungeon as we didn't rest a single bit during our journey here.

I change my mystic code into the one specialized in cooling magic circuit, in addition, it has an automatic cold dispenser inside it to further up the effect.

I tried recalling each blade inside my inventory but nothing came out.

Sigh, this means I have run out every single blade inside it, mostly during our fight with the golem army.

Guess there's no choice as I recall a lump of metal. It's the carbon steel I have looted earlier.

Without tools maybe, I, however, possess the skill of instant construction to produce magic item, though the effect would be diminished if I didn't use proper tools.

Hmmcould I just project the tool needed for the item creation? Aah, how to fool I am for not noticing this.

Still, some measly enchanted sword wouldn't be enough for whatever we will encounter behind this gate, I am absolutely sure fate is a bitch and whatever this hellish place creator.

Maybe projecting some pain in the ass trump card would help our survivability after this.

Sigh, let's do this! As I tried to encourage myself until I noticed Altria tugging the hem of my shirt with her usual feed me eyes.
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