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The Most Op Protagonist In History summary:

In modern society, the believers of the supernatural are not many and our protagonist was one of them until one day. That day, he realized that he had somehow gained some superpowers which the science cannot explain. He realized that he can control things, people, object, destiny, life-and-death, and even the world with just his mere words. And this was not the limit of his powers. Time, gravity,...

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The Most Op Protagonist In History Chapters

Time uploaded
80 Woke Up2 weeks ago
68 Gender: Female3 months ago
64 More Trouble3 months ago
63 Sakshams Anger3 months ago
62 Buying Watches3 months ago
61 The Date3 months ago
59 Not Enough Ep4 months ago
50 Foreshadowing?4 months ago
46 Snake4 months ago
43 Future Plans5 months ago
42 Forgive Me5 months ago
43 Forgive Me5 months ago
38 5 Minute Power5 months ago
35 Looming Danger5 months ago
34 Shadow Clones5 months ago
32 Angry Elder5 months ago
29 Dead5 months ago
28 Cliffhanger5 months ago
27 Incinerate5 months ago
20 Woke Up5 months ago
19 Go Back5 months ago
17 True Limit5 months ago
13 Relatives Came5 months ago
10 Trouble5 months ago
8 Usage Of Power5 months ago
6 Anitha5 months ago
5 Sakshams Secret5 months ago
4 Lottery5 months ago
3 Next Kill5 months ago
2 Dead5 months ago
1 Sealed Fates5 months ago
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