The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 1391

Chapter 1391 Still Father And Son? 2

Qi Qiming was in a daze again. Haunted by the thought of Wang Qin in his nightmares for days, he was exhausted. Even after seeing a psychologist privately, his symptoms persisted.

Of course, it was not really about the nightmares. It was how Wang Qin would look at him in disgust every time, or how she turned around in disdain every time.

He had to admit that Wang Qin had been on his mind. He felt extremely ridiculed by that fact, but he could feel indescribable loneliness and grief in his heart.

She was gone!

While his mind still wandered, he finally took his chopsticks and picked up a thin slice of sweet and sour tofu in front of him, and put it in his mouth.

It tasted very good. It reminded him of Wang Qins cooking though he did not seem to recall paying much attention to Wang Qins cooking before because every time they sat down together, the tension between them was so thick that one could cut it with a knife. Over time, he just got tired of it.

While Qi Qiming ate three slices one after another, he ate very slowly. Opposite him, Qi Lei was eating just as slowly as he was. It seemed like he did not even notice that Qi Qiming was opposite him.

It was strange that even though Qi Leis attitude was cold, Qi Qiming felt content at this moment. He seemed to feel a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind. In fact, it had been a while since the father and son sat down and enjoyed lunch together quietly.

If Wang Qin was still there, it would still be great for the family to get together like this and share a meal.

While Qi Qiming was eating, there was a lot going on in his heart. It was overwhelming and he found it hard to breathe. After collecting his thoughts, he looked at Qi Lei and said calmly, "You probably dont want to see me now. Honestly, Im sad about what happened to your mother. Recently, Ive been dreaming about me and her in the past, and I have to admit that I was a bit of an a*shole."

"You dont have to tell me that. I dont want to be reminded or think about all that again. You can go back after this meal. After all, even without me, you still have another son. Mother and I are connected, and one cant go on without the other. You dont need to feel guilty, and theres no need to feel sorry for me or my mother. From your point of view, youd think you were right if you were more selfish."

Qi Leis tone was very calm. He did not even look at Qi Qiming as he said this. He looked as if he was dead inside while his face was calm as still water. Qi Qiming could feel the pang of hurt in his heart again.

"Ive been thinking about things these days. Instead of getting disgusted by the sight of me, it would be better for us to just not see each other again. Im not trying to get anything out of that, unlike Mother. I want to cut all ties, but its a pity that the blood I carry is yours and thats an undeniable fact. I wish I could just remove everything in my body that is yours and return them, but Im afraid of pain."

"Lei, you are my son, and that will forever be the truth." He felt hurt by Qi Leis words, so he immediately cut Qi Lei off. "You are blaming me for this incidentfor not getting you out in time."

"I dont care anymore. Anyway, Im safe and sound now. Now, Im giving everyone the opportunity to stand on their own feet, be self-reliant, and stop thinking about Qi Kai. I also dont want us to meet and get sick of each other. Is it that difficult?"

"I have never thought about driving you out of our family. Lei, you will always remain part of the family, do you understand?" Qi Qiming had never felt so powerless, helpless, or even

"Do you really think I can still be part of this family now?" Qi Lei rebutted while filling the cup in front of him and downing it in one shot. "Please let me be. Ill be grateful to you. Father, I beg you. If you wont leave me alone, the next thing Ill deal with will be death just like Mother!"

Qi Lei gently put the cup in his hand down as he said that. He got up, and without looking at Qi Qiming again, he turned around and walked towards the stairs.

"Lei!" Qi Qiming watched Qi Lei leave coldly, and he suddenly felt desolate.

"Whatever happened to your mother will never happen again!" Qi Qiming said determinedly, "Ill never let go of whoever killed your mother! Gu Qiwu was locked up because of this, maybe it was really him! "

Qi Lei stopped in his tracks at the stairs when he heard that, "Gu Qiwu? What good would it have done him to kill my mother? Is it because of Gu Lingsha? Or is it because of Qi Feng? He literally just gave Hui Gu to Mu Lingshi now. Do you think hed kill for Gu Lingsha and the rest? Dont you think that sounds ridiculous?"

Qi Qimings mood darkened. He paused, then continued, "Doris was responsible for what happened this time. Why did she kidnap you?"

"What do you think? Why did she kidnap me? The gangsters almost killed us, so what do you think? Why did they take us to the deep mountains and still want to hold us prisoners?" Qi Lei turned around as he snapped at Qi Qiming condescendingly.

Qi Qiming seemed conflicted. Although there was a trace of doubt in his heart, there was no evidence to prove it.

"You are afraid to find out the answer. Why would you come and ask me?"

Qi Qiming was speechless, and for a while, he did not know what to say.

"Well, with all thats said and done, its actually not bad. Its tiring to hide what I want to say. I blame myself for that, but I realize it now. I have been giving in, considering the relationship, but maybe they wont let me go. Next time, hed better kill me, or he will die a terrible death." Qi Lei was still calm as he went on while his gaze was devoid of any malice.

"If he doesnt believe it, Ill show him!"

"Qi Lei, youCan we still be father and son?" Qi Qimings hoarse voice sounded weak.

"I dont know. I think and I hope I cant!" Qi Lei left immediately. His tall figure disappeared at the corner of the stairs.

Qi Qimings whole body went limp and he collapsed into the chair behind him. He glanced at the food on the table, and after a long time, he reached out for the wine bottle and poured himself some.

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