The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 1390

Chapter 1390 Still Father And Son? 1

The chilly downpour lasted very long, but today there were finally hints of a warm sun. The wind was quite strong, and the wet ground was almost dry now.

At the entrance of the Grand Lake Villa area, a luxurious black car slowly drove along the clear road, and along the curved trail, it soon stopped before a posh villa.

The car door slowly opened, and a man dressed in a tailored suit got down. He looked like an assistant or a secretary. Quickly, he went to the back seat and opened the door.

"Master Qi, were here. Ive just checked earlier, and Second Master is home!" the secretary said.

Qi Qiming slowly got down from the car and looked up to squint at this villa before him. He could vaguely remember that Wang Qin had bought this villa a while back, and then given it to Qi Lei to live in. It had quite a pleasant environment.

Qi Qiming stood there and looked on for a while before walking in. "Lets go in. Get him to open the door."

"Yes, CEO Qi!"

When he heard the doorbell ring, Qi Lei was leisurely making lunch in the kitchen.

Actually, a while back, Qi Lei had set his mind to being a good self-reliant man. It had been quite some time since he became very interested in culinary arts, and gradually, the food that he made smelled, looked, and tasted great.

The kitchen in his villa went from being an open kitchen to a closed kitchen. It was huge, so it was easier to move around in. Right now, there was soup on the stove while two plates of side dishes were set aside. Everything looked quite delicious.

The doorbell rang for quite a while. He unhurriedly scooped up the third dish from the pan, and then put it onto the dining table before strolling slowly to the door.

When he saw that it was Qi Qiming outside the door through the screen, he raised his brows slightly. He thought about it for a moment, then pressed the button for the door to open before he turned around to return to the kitchen.

In front of the door, Qi Qiming had waited for quite a while, but he did not see Qi Lei opening the door, so he began to look unhappy. He kept his annoyance in for a while and was about to call Qi Lei when the door opened automatically. Then, his expression eased before he quickly went in.

He had just walked into the living room when he saw that it was empty. Qi Qiming looked around and soon saw the few plates of dishes on the dining table which were still steaming. He walked over to take a look, noticing that everything appeared quite appetizing even though it was just a few simple dishes and soup

Qi Qiming was stunned. He looked around again but did not see Qi Lei. He hesitated for a moment and was about to walk to the kitchen when he heard a sound from inside. Before he could react, a tall figure suddenly greeted his sight.

Qi Lei was walking out of the kitchen with a dish and a pair of bowl and chopsticks to Qi Qimings surprise. His serene gaze followed Qi Leis movements until the younger man put the dish on the dining table, and elegantly wiped his hand with a wet towel. Then, he snapped back to his senses.

When did Qi Lei learn how to cook?

Even though Qi Qiming was usually quite indifferent about Qi Lei, he did know his son a little.

Wang Qin was a very powerful person. She had long thought of how she could cultivate their son, Qi Lei, to be like her, so when it came to things like the culinary arts, she did not seem to agree to him spending too much on it. Instead, she let Qi Lei allocate more time for business and work though Wang Qin herself was a great cook.

Qi Lei sat down calmly and took the sake from the side. When he saw that Qi Qiming remained standing across him, he said coldly, "Do you want some?"

Qi Qiming did not expect him to offer the drink, so his mind blanked out momentarily. He looked down at Qi Lei who had a calm expression, and felt distant from him. He did not know why his heart sank slightly as if he could not breathe easily.

After a while, he sat down. His assistant swiftly went to get him another pair of bowl and chopsticks from the kitchen and served Qi Qiming the sake.

"Wait for me outside," Qi Qiming waved and said to the assistant.

"Okay, CEO Qi!" The assistant left the living room quickly.

Qi Lei did not seem to react as he silently held up his drink and sipped it with ease. After that, he picked up his chopsticks and began eating.

Qi Qimings gaze remained on him. He examined him for quite a while and felt as if he was quite different now

After a long time, Qi Qiming picked up the drink and slowly had a taste. Upon seeing that Qi Lei was silently eating and seemed to plan on ignoring him, he struggled for a bit, then asked softly, "When did you get back?"

Actually, Qi Qiming knew the answer to this, but he still could not help asking.

Qi Leis hand slowed down to a pause, yet he did not look up at Qi Qiming. Instead, he said calmly, "Its none of your business. You shouldnt have come over either."

Qi Qiming stiffened. When he saw that Qi Lei continued what he was doing, he sighed. This response was within his expectations. He had actually prepared lengthily before going over today. Because he had been thinking hard about many things recently, he admitted that apart from being harsh to this son of his, he wondered if it was because he always thought of Wang Qin, but he felt the guilt increasing by the day, so he had to have a good talk with Qi Lei.

"I know youre unhappy with me about the incident this time. In fact, its probably not just because of this. As your father, I owe you too much. Im not qualified to be a father." Qi Qimings tone was soft and slow while his voice seemed to carry hints of fatigue.

However, when Qi Lei heard him, a dim light flashed across his eyes. He then looked up nonchalantly at Qi Qiming indifferently before saying, "You seem to be quite self-conscious, but from what I see, youre a very qualified father, but only to Qi Feng. Thats got nothing to do with me."

After he finished, Qi Lei looked away and continued to eat with his head down.

Qi Qimings expression darkened. He sighed to himself, picked up the drink, and took a reluctant sip. He silently looked at the tempting dishes, and suddenly remembered that these seemed to be the very ones that Wang Qin used to always make. They were all dishes that Qi Lei liked.

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