The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 1389

Chapter 1389 Realization 4

From a distance, Xi Xiaye could be seen waiting in her black coat. Just as the car came to a stop in front of her, Mu Yuchen had already reached out to help her open the car door. She got into the car, her body still chilly.

"Cold?" Mu Yuchen thoughtfully grabbed a Thermos flask, poured her half a cup of hot water, and handed it to her.

Xi Xiaye brushed her messy hair and then reached out for the cup of water. "Its okay. Fortunately, today isnt as cold as yesterday, but it is rather windy."

"Have the procedures been completed?"

Xi Xiaye nodded. She had gone to the bank to deal with some financial affairs today. Coincidentally, Mu Yuchen was going to the hospital to see Gu Qiwu, so she went along with him.

"What did Gu Qiwu say? You seem to have something on your mind." She quickly noticed that something was wrong with him. After all, she seemed to be able to read his thoughts more easily now.

He listened and glanced up at her. His tone was very calm as he said, "Its about Aunt and Lingshi."

"Hes someone that is hard to read. Im afraid hes the only person who understands himself. If I were Lingshi, Im afraid there would be no way to convince myself to forgive him, Mr. Mu. However, this matter should be up to Lingshi to decide for herself. Theres only so much we can do, alright?" Xi Xiayes tone was also very calm as she focused on him.

Mu Yuchen nodded. "She makes her own decision."

She finished the water in the cup and returned it, then pulled Mu Yuchens big hand onto her lap and held it gently. "This is also a happy matter. Years of being restrained and tolerating have finally come to light."

Upon hearing this, Mu Yuchen gave a chuckle and replied, "I know. Its not this that Im worried about. Its Qi Lei. If his affairs cant be solved, Xi Xinyis matters will be affected."

Xi Xinyi

Upon hearing this name, Xi Xiaye was startled. She had almost forgotten about her.

"Lets wait and see how it goes. After this incident, its really hard to tell how bad Qi Qimings relationship with Qi Lei will get. Based on the current situation, Qi Lei is already independent. Qi Kai is most likely going to be Qi Fengs. Do you really expect Qi Feng to retreat? In my opinion, thats simply impossible."

"How do you know thats impossible?"

Right after Xi Xiaye said that, Mu Yuchen immediately looked at her while he was deep in thought.

"Well, do you have any ideas?" Xi Xiaye looked at him, unconvinced.

Mu Yuchen smiled mysteriously. "Why do you think Doris took Qi Lei this time? Obviously, she couldve just taken Ah Mo."

After the incident between Ah Mo and Qi Lei, everyone was just busy looking for them. No one really went into detail about the root cause of this problem.

Now that this was brought up, Xi Xiaye was also taken aback and bewildered. She stared at Mu Yuchen in a daze.

"Doris and Qi Lei arent worth much. Moreover, unlike us, they dont have many grievances. Initially, I didnt realize this problem until Li Si reminded me about it. This time, Doris was determined to take Lingshi with her and perish together, and I suddenly understood something."

"Do you mean that the reason why Doris kidnapped Qi Lei is very likely because of Gu Lingsha? No, it should be because of Qi Feng! Because Qi Feng and Gu Lingsha are still husband and wife! As long as Qi Lei collapses, Qi Feng will mean no threat to Qi Kai, just like this time. If something happens to Lingshi, then Hui Gu will be in Gu Lingshas back pocket, is that right?"

Xi Xiaye understood Mu Yuchen immediately and she stared wide-eyed at the man beside her.

As he smiled and nodded, he glanced at her admiringly and wrapped his long arms around her shoulders before saying proudly, "Missus, you are really getting smarter by the day. Im such a lucky husband!"

"Hey" Xi Xiaye could feel her face flushing when he said that.

"Its a compliment!"

As she shyly turned her head away and looked out of the car window, he chuckled and explained, "Thats just my guess. I heard that he suddenly got very close to Doris some time ago. I think his relationship with her was a little unusual compared to before."

"Unusual means that something must be going on! Mr. Mu, now that Doriss matter has been resolved, and Gu Qiwu is also stable for the time being, we dont have to worry that much. Lets do a thorough investigation of Qi Feng. Qi Kai is about to convene a shareholders meeting later this year, and Qi Leis company will also be formed, so there is no room for mistakes."

"You care about his matters more than you care about me." He glanced at her sourly.

She could not help but turn her head and look at him. "You mentioned it first. I also feel like you are more interested in him than you are in me. Does that mean that theres something unspeakable going on between you?"

As she said this, her slightly jealous tone made Mu Yuchen pleased. He quickly held her so that she was pressed up against his chest. He smiled. "Nonsense, you know me best. Qi Lei is rugged and stout. How could he be my type?"

"Rugged and stout? Qi Lei? Arent you like that too? Otherwise, you" Xi Xiaye gulped as she said, and a beautiful image came into her mind. Yes, she was imagining Mu Yuchen with

When Mu Yuchens eyes sensed something dangerous, he grabbed her wrist. "Ill prove to you that only you can satisfy me."

"Ahem! Cough cough!" When Li Si heard this from the front, his eyes widened, and he was shocked to overhear the conversation between Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye!

He did not recognize this Master, certainly not his icy cold Master! Absolutely not!

Was the Masters restless hand actually touching the Missus? He could see it clearly in the rearview mirror from the front!

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